Compare Nationwide vs. State Farm Auto Insurance

Comparing potential car insurance providers starts with casting a wide net and evolves to more specific, even head-to-head auto insurance provider comparisons. That brings us to Nationwide and State Farm, two experienced auto insurance companies with attractive discounts and high customer service ratings. Which is best for you? Read on…

Why Compare Nationwide vs. State Farm?

You could write the names of the top 20 or so car insurance companies on a dartboard, turn off the lights, and hope for the best policy match. But this method is just as short-sighted as choosing purely on reputation, a company’s commercials or a single friend’s recommendation. You need to find the best auto insurance policy for you and your vehicle, which can take a little time and effort. When breakdown companies such as Nationwide and State Fsarm, you need to separate the facts and fiction. We’re here to help.

About Nationwide

Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1925, Nationwide formed when the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation incorporated the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Back then, the auto insurer began with just 1,000 policyholders, but today Nationwide is No. 91 on the Fortune 100 list, boasting more than 30,000 employees. The title sponsor of a professional gold tour, Nationwide is also responsible for bringing an NHL franchise, the Columbus Bluejackets, to its hometown.

Advantages of Nationwide

Of all the major car insurance providers, Nationwide may very well offer the most unique financial incentives and most inclusive policies. On the financial side, Nationwide offers policyholders the Vanishing Deductible program, which reduces deductibles by $100 for every year customers maintain a safe driver status. Additionally, the On Your Side Review program gives drivers an agent to work one on one with to help determine the best coverage for their budget.

Nationwide has also chosen to adopt inclusive policies that not only benefit its workforce, but attract passionate customers, too. The car insurance company’s equal opportunity policy protecting gender identity and sexual orientation is unique within the industry.

All of this adds up to a 95% customer satisfaction rate and a solid reputation as a company that understands the value of customer service, retention and referrals.

Nationwide’s Top Discounts

Like all car insurance companies, Nationwide works hard to develop policy discounts that will be attractive to its customers and prospective new policyholders. These Nationwide discounts include:

  • Accident Free Discount – Up to 10% for five years of safe driving
  • Good Student Discount – Up to 15% discount
  • Affinity Discount – Save up to 10% (for members of business partner organizations)
  • Farm Bureau Discount – Save up to 10% (for Farm Bureau members)
  • Multiple Policy Discount – Up to 25% discount

About State Farm

One of the most venerable car insurance providers around the world, State Farm is also the largest. The car insurer was founded nearly 100 years ago in 1922 by G.J Mecherle, and today with its 65,000-strong global workforce, plays the role of good neighbor for more than 80,000 policies.

Advantages of State Farm

Size matters in the world of auto insurance. It allows you to grow your technology, undercut the competition with competitive rates, and build a seamless customer service network that makes it easy to join and hard to leave. Additionally, because State Farm has deeply expanded into other insurance and financial services niches, it makes it convenient for policyholders to seek multiple offerings from the company, which drives convenience and cost savings. State Farm’s customers give the company a big thumbs up: 93% of policyholders state that they’ll renew their policies and a whopping 85% recommend their family and friend to the auto insurance provider.

State Farm’s Top Discounts

Remember, the car insurance premium is just half the battle when it comes to determining the most attractive rate. Auto insurance providers also offer discounts that all drivers should be eyeing to get the most competitive rate possible. State Farm’s top discounts include:

  • Multiple Automobiles – Up to 20% discount
  • Drive Safe & Save Discount (for using a telematics device) – Up to 50% discount
  • Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount (a program for drivers under age 25) – Up to 15% discount
  • Good Driving Discount (three years without moving violations or accidents) – Up to 10% discount

Nationwide vs. State Farm: Which One Works for You?

Even if you thought either Nationwide or State Farm was the better match for you a few minutes ago, and now the research proves otherwise, trust the cold hard car insurance facts over your gut.

Ready to Compare Car Insurance?

Game, set, match. Not only are you ready to compare auto insurance quotes, but you’re ready to make a decision between Nationwide and State Farm. Make that decision confidently and boldly. And then start thinking about what you’ll do with that money you’ll be saving for choosing so wisely.

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