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You’re looking to save some money on your next insurance policy, but is EverQuote right for you?

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You may already be familiar with EverQuote as another way to get quotes for car insurance online. This fast, free, and secure option offers a more natural approach to shop for various insurance policies. If you need a quote for home, auto, renter’s, life, or health insurance, you can get the information you need from EverQuote.

EverQuote was founded in 2011 by Seth Birnbaum and Tomas Revesz. The online insurance marketplace is based in Cambridge, Mashttps://www.compare.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=pagesachusetts. The company began as a marketplace as a car insurance comparison site, but it later expanded to offer multiple forms of coverage.

According to EverQuote, they can help match you with the best insurance products that fit your specific needs. But are they legit? How do you know if their services are the right choice for you and your wallet?

How Does EverQuote Work?

Everquote's home page

You may have recently bought a new or used car or are interested in finding a cheap car insurance policy that better fits your needs and budget. Whatever your reason may be for searching auto insurance quotes online, you go into the process already knowing it’s going to be stressful. Luckily, finding the best auto insurance quotes doesn’t have to be much of a hassle these days thanks to comparison websites such as EverQuote.com and others.

But how does it work? What do you need to get started?

When looking for auto insurance quotes on EverQuote.com, you first need to click on auto at the top of the screen, then “Shop Now.” That will take you to the screen where you begin to put in your information. You will need to enter basic information on you and your car, like those listed below.


  • Your car’s make, year and model
  • How you use your car, whether it is commuting back and forth to work or school, or for ridesharing, for example
  • Mileage
  • Do you lease or own your car?


  • The name of all drivers
  • When you were born
  • Primary phone number
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Email
  • Driver’s license status
  • Education level completed
  • Current auto insurance coverage and how long you’ve had it
  • Any claims, accidents, or tickets that you have in the past
  • If you rent or own your home

For our sample of an auto quote, we have used the profile of a 30-year old female driver who owns a 2017 Honda Accord LX and is financing it. The driver is a renter and is single. She lives in the zip code 90001. Her driving record includes one at-fault accident over the last three years. Her insurance is currently up to date, and she has been insured for more than five years.

The process of entering information into the EverQuote forms took less than 10 minutes to complete.

How to Compare Quotes

Once you enter your information, the site loads your results, which can take several minutes, depending on your internet connection. You will be shown the top results for car insurance in your area based on your provided information. You may have the option to click to learn more about your quote online or to call the insurance company if they do not offer quotes online. Results page on Everquote

After everything was loaded, we received two results, one from Esurance and the other from Best Auto Insurance. But we didn’t receive any actual quotes with a price attached, which was very disappointing.

After clicking “View my quote,” we were taken to the Esurance website, where we were asked to input our data all over again to get our actual quote. Far from quick and easy.

Esurance did provide an estimate of how low our car insurance could be, but that wasn’t the reliable quote that we were looking for. The alternative option would be to call Best Auto Insurance and speak with an agent for a quote, which would possibly end up taking even longer than filling out another online form since the data does not automatically transfer to either company when you fill out the information. Esurance's page after clicking their ad

At the end of the day, we were pretty disappointed with our journey on EverQuote. We didn’t get any prices on car insurance and only received two results in total. All we got were ads for other car insurance companies. Even then, we would have had to input all of our information multiple times just to get an estimated quote.

Luckily, there are better options out there – ones that let you compare multiple options in one place and give you real, actual quotes in just minutes.

Compare real quotes, not just ads

You have other options to compare car insurance rates side-by-side

Remember that your journey to find the best auto insurance quote doesn’t end with EverQuote. Since there are dozens of comparison tool websites out there, it is easy to receive quotes that are inaccurate or perhaps not the best deal. Or, in EverQuote’s case, not receive quotes at all, just ads.

You don’t want to waste your time filling out forms and calling around to insurance providers to find out you are missing out on the best possible deal out there. That’s where Compare.com comes in.

Here at Compare.com, we understand how important it is to save. That is why we only ask the right questions when you are filling out the forms to get you the most accurate and affordable auto insurance quote. And we don’t show you ads, just real, unbiased quotes on the car insurance policy that’s right for you, your vehicle and your wallet.

It’s our mission to provide our customers with the best options and the best quotes out there. And we are happy to continue to serve our customers in this fashion.

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Google Review Rating 4.8 stars 1.6 stars
BBB Accredited Yes Yes
Results with Actual Quotes* 10 out of 10 0 out of 2

Find your next car insurance policy with the industry’s top rated comparison tool

EverQuote Reviews – Find Out What Customers Are Saying

EverQuote reviews range from 4 stars on Glassdoor to 3.72 and 3.6 on sites such as Clearsurance and Consumer Affairs. The Better Business Bureau has given EverQuote a B rating, even though it has a 2-star customer rating for its online services. Below are a few examples of the quotes that you can find for this comparison website.

Glassdoor Reviews

Top reviews of EverQuote on GlassdoorNegative reviews of EverQuote on Glassdoor

Glassdoor has a mixed bag of reviews for EverQuote, but overall gives it a 4.0 rating. As you can see from the 107 reviews for the comparison tool website, some of the current or former employers for EverQuote would highly recommend the company to their friends and family. In contrast, others would clearly warn them to go elsewhere with their quote search.

Clearsurance Reviews

Everquote gets negative reviews on ClearsuranceEverquote gets negative reviews on Clearsurance

Clearsurance reported a 66% positive user experience with EverQuote. It has a 3.72 positive rating out of 584 reviews. Less than 60% of Clearsurance users gave the website a positive rating on how their information and data were used. And only 59% of users would recommend EverQuote to a friend in need of a car insurance quote.

It’s important to look at the reviews recently left by users. You can see that several people are wary about using EverQuote and are unsure how safe their private information is with the website. Users also mentioned the hassle of re-entering their information a second time, which wasn’t as quick and easy as EverQuote claims on their website. These experiences largely echo our own.

Consumer Affairs Reviews

Consumer Affairs gives EverQuote mixed reviews

Consumer Affairs gives the comparison website a 3.6 rating out of 516 reviews. Those who left a review liked that the site was quick to process their information, offered a wide variety of insurance types, and provided information from several providers. But they did not like that not every company showed its price. Consumer Affairs states that EverQuote helps you compare insurance policies and connect customers with auto insurance carriers. However, you may still need to re-enter your information or provide your details when speaking with an agent on the phone.

Better Business Bureau Reviews

BBB gives Everquote lower reviews than the restConsumers were not happy with EverQuote

The Better Business Bureau has accredited EverQuote since February 9, 2011, and it has a B rating with the BBB, which is a bit of a red flag. However, the customers who have left reviews seem to be largely frustrated with the company. Many people have left complaints that EverQuote has invaded their email inbox when they haven’t even bothered to use the service.

Platform Rating Total Reviews
Glassdoor 4.0 107
Clearsurance 3.72 584
Consumer Affairs 3.6 516
BBB 2.0 279

Does EverQuote Have a Mobile App?

While EverQuote does not offer an app that allows users to compare car insurance quotes, they do provide a safe driving app. The EverDrive app provides users with a safe driving score that helps them learn how to drive better and make the roads safer for everyone. Safe drivers can usually qualify for special discounts with their auto insurance providers. And while EverQuote may fail in some areas of providing quotes in a fast and secure manner, they are helping to keep drivers safe while on the road with this useful app. Everquote's safe driving app is called EverDrive

All you have to do to use the app is download it to your Android or Apple device, then take it along with you as you drive. The app will monitor your driving habits and provide you with diagnostics that you can review later. It allows you to easily adjust your driving habits so that you can improve your score. To make things even better, the EverDrive app features a driving skills contest where users can win their share of up to $50,000 for becoming the top EverDriver.

EverQuote FAQs

How Can EverQuote Help Me?

Finding the right insurance policy can be frustrating. There are so many coverage options out there to consider. EverQuote can help you by saving your time and money to provide you with a single starting point for insurance shopping. To date, EverQuote advertises that they have saved customers up to $536 each year on auto insurance by recommending the best and most affordable companies. They can also help you find the best quotes for life or home insurance as well.

How Does EverQuote Work?

Once you fill out a simple form that takes less than ten minutes to complete, the technology behind EverQuote matches you with the best options. You may receive a quote by phone or by email from insurance agents in your local area. Then you can decide how you want the agents to contact you. EverQuote’s technology uses the information that you provided to match you with the insurance companies that can meet your coverage needs. Although you won’t get many actual quotes with EverQuote, which can be frustrating for many.

How Much Does EverQuote Cost?

EverQuote services are free to use by consumers.

How Long Does the Process Take with EverQuote?

Filling out the form takes around ten minutes to complete. You will start to receive quotes from local agents within minutes of filling out your form. Afterward, you will also receive online quotes from insurance agencies. Some of these may require you to fill out an additional form and re-input your information.

When Will I Be Contacted About My Quotes?

Most consumers begin to receive callbacks about their quotes within minutes after their form is submitted. Filling out additional requests for online quotes will usually take a few more minutes of your time and ensure that you receive more valuable quotes by phone or email.

Is EverQuote a Legit Company?

Yes, EverQuote is a legit corporation. The company operates the largest online marketplace for insurance shopping in the country. They have handled more than 35 million quote requests from consumers. The employees are also dedicated to helping all customers save both time and money.

How Will My Information Be Used?

The information and details that you provide are shared with insurance agents and companies. They intend to help you with insurance quotes and coverage information. EverQuote states that they will not sell or redistribute their customer' information to any other third party other than those in compliance with their privacy policy.

What Do Consumers Say About EverQuote?

Reviews are mixed. Some sites give EverQuote as high as 4 stars, but many users across the web complain of not receiving any prices on their quotes, having to give out information multiple times, and being spammed by EverQuote and its partners.

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