A Road Map to the Big Game — Infographic

February 02, 2017

Can you believe the Big Game is this weekend already? The Atlanta Falcons will be facing off against the New England Patriots on February 5, 2017 at 6:30 PM in Houston, Texas. Sunday night won’t be the first time the Patriots play the Big Game in Houston, either. The last time the Big Game was in Houston was 2004, which featured the Patriots taking on the Carolina Panthers.

While there are some parallels of the 2004 game — like the location and the Patriots — let’s compare just how much has changed from  2004 to 2017’s Big Game. Road to the big game infographic

A (Very) Brief 2004 History

Things have changed a lot since the last Big Game in Houston. That was 2004. Twitter was still two years away from being invested. Facebook was days away from launching. Smartphones weren’t a thing yet. And remember MySpace? In 2004, MySpace was the king of social media.

Usher’s “Yeah!” was topping the charts. Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-syncing on SNL, and then weirdly dancing a jig as her performance fell apart. And George W. Bush beat John Kerry for a second term in the Oval Office.

But the biggest 2004 cultural event arguably happened at the 2004 Big Game, thanks to Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Yup, 2004 is when ‘wardrobe malfunction’ became a nationally recognized term.

Compare 2004 Big Game to 2017: By The Numbers

There’s no easier way to notice the difference between Houston’s 2004 Big Game and this weekend’s than by comparing some statistics:compare big game

  • Cost of a 30-second commercial:
    • $2.2 million (2004)
    • $5.02 million (2017)
  • Cost of Big Game tickets:
    • $50-500 (2004)
    • $2,500-5,000 (2017)
  • Pregame Festivities:
    • 200,000 ‘NFL Experience’ participants (2004)
    • 1 million participants (2017)
  • Houston Population:
    • 5.1 million (2004)
    • 6.6 million (2017)

Things to do in Houston

If you’re in town for the 2017 Big Game, get ready! Not only will you have a seat to Lady Gaga’s Halftime show, but there are many fun attractions in Houston, and Texas at-large. Maybe you’ll even get a chance to experience a true Texas tailgate in honor of the Big Game.

Grab some Texas BBQ from Blood Bros BBQ, Brooks Place BBQ, Corkscrew BBQ or Hickory Hollow. Once you finish up your meal, make it a point to grab a cocktail at Bar Boheme, Absinthe Brasserie or Anvil Bar & Refuge. Keep your eyes peeled for some real Texas trucks while you’re out-and-about too!

How to Avoid Houston this weekend

Are you a Houston-native and don’t want anything to do with the Big Game? If you’re trying to avoid all the mayhem of Houston for the weekend, check out these awesome Texas getaway spots. Or, if the crowds scare you, but haunted houses don’t, these are some superbly spooky Texas destinations.

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