How to Cancel Your Progressive Car Insurance Policy in 3 Easy Steps

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Although Progressive is one of the best auto insurance companies, there might come a time when you need to cancel your coverage. You can’t cancel your Progressive car insurance online, but you can request cancellation by mail, email, or phone call.

Below, we’ll walk you through the steps to cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy. You’ll also find tips on when to cancel, what to consider before canceling, and alternative solutions to canceling your policy.

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3 Steps to Cancel a Progressive Car Insurance Policy

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Progressive offers several options to cancel your policy, including by mail and over the phone, but the fastest way to cancel your Progressive insurance policy is by phone or email. Here’s the step-by-step process to cancel your Progressive policy.

1. Review your current insurance policy

Take a look at your current policy before you cancel it. If cost is an issue, there may be things you can do — like changing or eliminating coverages — instead of canceling. Speaking with a Progressive agent can help you decide what adjustments are best for your unique needs.

But if canceling your Progressive auto insurance coverage still makes sense, you’ll need to gather some information. Have your policy number and cancellation date ready before contacting Progressive to cancel.

2. Contact Progressive customer service

You can call Progressive at 1 (866) 749-7436 to speak with a customer service representative to cancel your policy. Since you already have the necessary details ready, canceling should be easy. Provide your policy number and the day you want to cancel your plan.

Ask the representative if you need to sign a cancellation form to process the change. Also, find out if you’ll receive a refund for the unused portion of your policy and how much it is. There shouldn’t be a cancellation fee to process the change, but confirm if there isn’t before you end the call.

3. Get your cancellation confirmation

Progressive should send you a cancellation confirmation by mail or email. The confirmation will include important information, such as:

  • The vehicle policy number you’re canceling
  • The effective date of the cancellation
  • Any refund money owed to you

The cancellation process usually only takes one or two business days. If your account is set up for automatic payments, make sure you cancel it to prevent future withdrawals from your account while the cancellation is in progress.

When to Cancel Your Car Insurance Policy

A few reasons it might make sense to cancel your car insurance policy with Progressive include:

  • You’re switching car insurance companies. Progressive offers cheap auto insurance, but that doesn’t mean it has the lowest rates for all drivers. Switching companies may be worth it if you find a better deal with a new insurance company.
  • You no longer drive. You may not need auto insurance if you no longer have a vehicle in your name and won’t be driving or getting a new car in the future.
  • Someone else is providing car insurance coverage. Life changes, like getting married, divorced, or moving to a different state and not taking a car with you may mean you no longer need your old policy. Canceling to combine policies, especially if you can get a better rate, makes sense in this instance.
  • You’re moving to a new country. Progressive offers car insurance nationwide, so you can take your policy with you if you move to a new state. But if you move out of the country, you’ll need to get new insurance that complies with the state laws where you’re moving.

What to Consider Before Canceling Your Progressive Auto Insurance Policy

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Before canceling your Progressive car insurance policy, things to consider include:

  • First, compare rates to see which company offers the best coverage at the lowest premium.
  • Switch to the new insurer and get your replacement policy in place before you cancel your old one to avoid a lapse in coverage.
  • Progressive usually doesn’t charge a cancellation fee, but check to see if you’ll pay a percentage or flat rate if you cancel before the end of your policy term. If you have to pay a fee, factor that into the quotes you’re receiving to ensure canceling is still the best option.
  • Bundling auto insurance with another insurance policy can offer significant savings. But if you cancel your car insurance policy, your premium will increase on the other policy. Keep that in mind when comparing rates with other auto insurance companies.

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Alternatives to Canceling Your Progressive Policy

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Before canceling your Progressive policy, consider these alternatives:

  • Review your current policy with a Progressive insurance agent. They can help you determine if you need new coverage or can adjust your policy to better meet your needs.
  • Some types of coverage, like collision and comprehensive coverage, may no longer be necessary if you have an older car that’s paid off.
  • Check for discounts to see if you can get a lower rate without making other changes.
  • Verify your policy details are correct, like your date of birth, ZIP code, and other factors that affect your premium.

Canceling Progressive Policy FAQs

We answered the most common questions people ask about canceling Progressive car insurance below.

Can you cancel your Progressive policy online?

No. Progressive doesn’t allow policy cancellations online. If you want to cancel your Progressive auto policy, call, mail, or email your request. A Progressive insurance agent will process your cancellation based on the date you request.

Will you get a refund if you cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy?

It depends. You should get a refund if you paid your Progressive auto insurance policy in advance. The amount you’ll receive depends on how close you are to the end of your policy period. For example, if your policy ends in two months, you should receive money refunds for the remaining two months.

Can someone else cancel your Progressive policy for you?

No. Only policyholders can request auto policy cancellations from Progressive. If you can’t call Progressive to cancel, consider filling out a cancellation letter and sending it by email or regular mail.

Will Progressive cancel your policy if you just stop paying?

Yes. Progressive will cancel your policy once the money you’ve paid runs out. However, that can cause a coverage lapse, which means you won’t have coverage if you get into a car accident. It can also mean you’ll pay a higher rate when you get a new policy with a different insurer.

Does canceling car insurance affect your credit?

No. Canceling car insurance won’t affect your credit. But not paying your policy could mean the insurer sends you to collections for non-payment. This can negatively affect your credit and even drop your credit score if you don’t resolve the debt.


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