Horace Mann Insurance Company

Why choose Horace Mann Insurance?

  • You can sign up to Easy Pay and don’t worry about missing a payment again
  • They’ve been recognized by Forbes as one of ‘America’s Most Trustworthy Companies’
  • You can add emergency roadside assistance to your policy

Did you know...?

  • Many of Horace Mann’s agents used to be educators themselves
  • Horace Mann helps school districts reward good student attendance and scholastic achievement
  • They are named after the father of the American public education
  • Customer Service: 800-999-1030
  • Claims: 800-999-1030
  • Roadside Assistance: 877-272-0030
  • Horace Mann, 1 Horace Mann Plaza, Springfield, IL 62715

Founded by Educators for Educators® in 1945, Horace Mann believes educators work hard taking care of our children’s future, and they deserve someone to look after theirs. That’s why they provide special auto insurance rates, discounts and coverages for educators. Customers also receive a personal service from experienced agents, many of whom are former educators themselves.

They’ll also be able to take advantage of a reliable, 24/7 claim service delivered by caring professionals. There are a variety of convenient payment options, including electronic funds transfer and (where available) automatic payroll deduction.

Policyholders can download Horace Mann’s free mobile app on iPhone or Android. Once logged in, you can submit a claim, view your information and even display your insurance ID. No need to worry about pieces of paper clogging up your glovebox!

As Horace Mann is an insurance company aimed specifically at educators, they offer unique coverages that teachers can take advantage of.
Horace Mann is passionate about the nation’s educators. They give back to teachers, donating school supplies and classroom materials to those who need it most. They also have giveaways to outstanding teachers and have regular recognition awards. Although they primarily offer insurance, Horace Mann hosts financial awareness workshops, offering advice on student loan forgiveness and retirement planning.

Horace Mann Customer Reviews

“We have had Horace Mann’s auto insurance policy since my wife became a teacher 6 years ago. They hands down had the best rates of anyone we discussed, even a lot of the big guys out there, and knew that they would be on our side as they exist primarily to work with teachers.”

“I was introduced to Horace Mann when I became a teacher. After comparing the rates and coverage of auto to many large national as well as small local ones, Horace Mann’s stats blew them all out of the water.”

“I have this insurance through my dad who is a teacher and it’s actually really good. I have only been in two minor fender benders but this insurance policy really covered everything. I was reimbursed for all damages to my vehicle in a very timely manner. No complaints here!”

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