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Updated March 11, 2022

The Chrysler Corporation has long been dedicated to producing quality family vehicles, starting with its very first Chrysler Six, produced in the early 1920s. The company’s innovative engineering meant it was the first to bring many new developments to the automotive market. Models like the PT Cruiser and the Pacifica have helped to define Chrysler’s unique style and reputation for creating reliable yet affordable vehicles. 

Whether you’re planning to buy a new Chrysler or need to insure your current used vehicle, understanding the average Chrysler car insurance rates can help you to find the best plan for your needs. Multiple factors affect your car insurance costs, but by comparing rates from different insurance companies, you can potentially save money on your car insurance. 

At we make it easy to compare auto insurance rates. Just enter your zip code below and we’ll show you auto insurance rates from over 60 companies to help you find the best rate for your Chrysler.

Cost of Chrysler Car Insurance

On average, it costs $106 per month to insure a car in the United States. Insuring a Chrysler costs an average of $100 per month, which is 6% less than what most drivers pay – and good news for your wallet!

These figures are averages, and there are many factors that can affect your insurance premiums and monthly payments. Your insurance can vary depending on the company you choose, your vehicle’s age, its safety features, your driving history, and much more.  

Chrysler Car Insurance Rates by Model

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PT Cruiser

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Town & Country

While average Chrysler car insurance rates are $106 per month, the model of the vehicle that you’re driving can also affect your rates. Chrysler models that cost less to purchase new will usually have lower rates than models that are more expensive to buy, since replacing that more expensive vehicle will also cost more. If you’re thinking of buying a Chrysler but haven’t yet decided which model you want, understanding the average rates of each model might help you narrow down your choices. 

Below are the average monthly premiums for popular Chrysler models. 


The Chrysler 200 is a four-seat midsize sedan manufactured from 2011 to 2017. It was available with a four- or six-cylinder engine, and featured unique cabin storage and decent fuel economy. The 200 costs an average of $130 per month to insure. 


The Chrysler 300 is a five-seat sedan that offers a refined and comfortable ride. It’s available in three trim levels and is powered by a six- or eight-cylinder engine. With the ability to accommodate three child seats, it’s a popular choice for families. Insuring the 300 will cost an average of $121 per month. 

Town & Country 

Chrysler’s Town & County is a spacious minivan that was manufactured from 1992 through 2016. It featured seating for seven and a front-wheel drive design, and was available in six trim levels. Plan to spend about $84 per month to insure the Town & Country. 

PT Cruiser

The distinctive Chrysler PT Cruiser featured a bold retro style and seating for five. It offered a comfortable ride and was highly maneuverable. The PT Cruiser was manufactured from 2001 to 2010, and insuring this model costs approximately $71 per month. 


The Chrysler Sebring is available as a convertible or a sedan, and was manufactured from 1995 to 2010. The sedan came equipped with side curtain airbags, and the convertible was available with two convertible roof options. The Sebring featured seating for four and a four-cylinder engine. Insurance costs an average of $83 per month. 


With seating for seven, the Chrysler Pacifica is a top choice for larger families. This minivan is highly maneuverable and features Stow ‘n Go seats for plenty of storage. Insurance costs an average of $98 per month. 


Manufactured from 2005 to 2018, the Chrysler 300C was a top choice for families. This full-size sedan delivered a comfortable ride and could accommodate three child seats. It was powered by a six-cylinder engine and featured an eight-speed automatic transmission. Monthly insurance premiums for the 300C cost an average of $117. 

These averages give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay, but the best way to know how much your insurance should be is to compare insurance rates of different car insurance companies. We make it easy! Just enter your zip code below to get started.

Chrysler Car Insurance Rates by Insurance Company

Car insurance companies develop and use their own algorithms to calculate your premiums, and that means you will pay different prices for insurance on the same vehicle from company to company. These differences mean it’s important to get and compare quotes from multiple companies before you decide which is best for you. 

We’ve highlighted Chrysler car insurance premiums from five different insurance companies below. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Commonwealth Casualty $60
Mercury $66
Sun Coast $67
MetroMile $78
Kemper $80

As you can see, the premiums vary significantly between these five companies. At $60 per month, Commonwealth Casualty’s insurance is the least expensive, but Kemper’s insurance is $20 more, coming in at $80 per month. Mercury and Sun Coast, at $66 and $67, respectively, are right in the middle, while MetroMile also offers a more expensive plan at $78 per month. If you opted for the Commonwealth Casualty policy, you would save approximately $240 per year when compared to what you would pay for the Kemper policy. 

Remember, too, that you need to choose an insurance company that you’ll be comfortable working with, and can trust. You’ll want to consider factors like the company’s overall reputation, the quality of their customer service, and the ease of their claims process. Some companies are largely conducting their customer service and claims processes online and through apps, so consider how you’re most comfortable interacting with a company, and make sure that the insurance company you choose supports those communication methods. 

Chrysler Features That Impact Insurance Cost

When car insurance companies determine your premium rates, they rely on multiple factors. In addition to the model of your vehicle, its age and trim level can also affect its value, which impacts your premium, in turn. Other upgrades, such as heated seats or entertainment systems, can also increase your vehicle’s value. 

Safety Features

But there are some upgrades that can pay off with insurance discounts. Safety devices, like airbags and car alarms, can help to reduce the injuries that result from an accident or prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Since these devices reduce the risk that the insurance company assumes by insuring your vehicle, you’ll often see a discount for these features. 

In some cases, you may be able to install aftermarket safety devices and receive that discount, but be sure to check with your insurance company to verify that you’re installing an approved device that qualifies for a discount. 

Loan Amount

If you’re planning to buy a Chrysler, minimizing the amount of the car loan you have to take out can save you money on your insurance. In addition to paying less interest on that smaller loan, a smaller loan and a larger down payment may help eliminate the need for GAP insurance. GAP insurance may cover the difference between your vehicle’s value and the amount that you still owe on the loan. This type of insurance helps to avoid a situation where you owe more on a loan than what your insurance company pays you if your car is totaled. 

Buying a less expensive vehicle that you can more easily afford may avoid your needing to take out gap insurance. 

Additional Ways to Save on Your Chrysler Car Insurance

As you shop around for car insurance, consider the discounts that each company offers. Many car insurance companies offer a wide array of discounts, including good driver, multi-vehicle, multi-policy, low-mileage, paperless billing, automatic bill payment, and defensive driving course discounts. You may be eligible for multiple discounts, and those can add up to significant savings of up to 40%! 

The coverage you need for your vehicle will also affect its costs. If you want to save money, you can consider taking out a policy with a higher deductible. Your monthly payments will be lower, but if you ever need to make a claim, you’ll have to pay more upfront before repairs are made. 

What’s the best insurance company for you? We help you make a decision when you compare auto insurance rates amongst over 60 car insurance companies. You can start by seeing who can offer the best rate, then determine which company also meets your other needs.

FAQs About Chrysler Car Insurance

Are Chrysler cars more expensive to insure?

Insurance for Chrysler cars costs approximately 6% less than insurance for your average vehicle. That decreased cost is due to the lower value of most Chrysler vehicles, as well as the affordability of replacement parts and repairs.

Does Chrysler have their own car insurance?

Chrysler does not offer their own car insurance at this time. 

How much does Chrysler insurance cost?

The cost of insuring your Chrysler vehicle will depend on many factors, like the vehicle’s model and trim level, age, safety features, and your driving history. The level of coverage that you choose will also affect your insurance costs. To get the most accurate idea of what you’ll need to pay for insurance, it’s best to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. makes the process of collecting those quotes easy. Rather than having to contact each insurance company individually, lets you receive up to 65 quotes after filling out just one request. You can compare those quotes side-to-side to easily see how they truly stack up, and then you can choose the insurance company and policy that’s best for your budget and your coverage needs. Get started with today to see just what it will cost to insure your Chrysler. 

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