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Updated February 14, 2022

Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer that specializes in high-performance luxury vehicles. While Porsche is well-known for its sports cars, the company also produces quality SUVs and sedans. Porsche was founded in 1931 and was initially tasked with designing what became the Volkswagen Beetle. In 1933, they developed a mid-engine P race car, the start of the company’s involvement in racing. Today, Porsche is known for its luxury designs, dedication to innovation, and the performance capabilities of its vehicles. 

You might already have a Porsche that you need to insure, or you might be on the cusp of making your dream of owning one reality. Understanding average Porsche car insurance rates can help you budget for your insurance and find the policy that’s best for you. 

The more you understand about typical car insurance rates as well as the factors that influence what you’ll pay, the better you’ll be able to find a policy that’s within your budget and that fits your needs. 

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Cost of Porsche Insurance

Insuring a vehicle in the United States costs an average of $106 per month. Porsche car insurance costs an average of $126 per month, which is 19% more than most people are paying to insure their vehicle.

That increased insurance cost is due to the fact that Porsches are luxury vehicles that carry a significant value. Replacing or repairing the vehicles after an accident costs more than other makes, and insurance companies charge you more to cover that increased risk that they assume by insuring your car. 

Porsches also cost more to repair than other makes. Because they are imported from Germany, most replacement parts also have to be imported, which increases the repair cost. 

Porsche Car Insurance Rates by Model

Porsches are high-end luxury vehicles, but their value varies depending on the model, age, and trim level and features. A less expensive model will typically cost less to insure, while some of the more expensive models will have higher monthly premiums. 

If you’re thinking about buying a Porsche but don’t yet have your heart set on a specific model, understanding how premiums vary from model to model might affect your decision. Reviewing the information below could help you to save money on your car insurance by choosing a less expensive model or simply understanding that you could possibly be paying less to insure your vehicle. 


The Porsche Cayenne is a luxury SUV. It’s available in all-wheel drive and features seating for five, making it a popular choice for families. The 2022 Cayenne is available in nine trims with MSRPs ranging from $69,000 to $180,800. Monthly insurance premiums for the Cayenne average $115. 

718 Boxster 

Sleek and sporty, the Porsche 718 Boxster is a two-seat convertible with rear-wheel drive. It’s available in five trims with MSRPs ranging from $62,600 to $100,100. This eye-catching luxury sports car costs an average of $79 per month to insure. 


The Porsche Panamera is a luxury vehicle that’s been manufactured since 2010. This hatchback is a popular choice for small families, but its sleek style makes it a popular sports vehicle, too. Plan to pay about $142 per month to insure the Panamera. 


A compact SUV, the Porsche Macan offers seating for five and all-wheel drive capabilities. The 2022 Macan is available in three trims with MSRPs ranging from $54,900 to $79,00. This luxury vehicle will cost approximately $146 per month to insure.

Porsche Features That Impact Insurance Cost

Every car insurance company uses its own algorithm to calculate your vehicle’s premiums. While the algorithms are all just a bit different, they often rely on the same core information to determine your rates. 

Trim Level

While different Porsche models vary in value which can affect your rates, there’s also variation within models that depends on the trim level you choose. Base trim levels will have the lowest rates, because they cost the least. Higher, more expensive trim levels will drive up your insurance rates, since they make your vehicle more valuable. 

Vehicle Condition

Your vehicle’s age, overall condition, and mileage all impact its value, and that, in turn, affects your car insurance costs. If you’re trying to decide between buying a new or a used vehicle but you’re worried about high premiums, opting for the older, used vehicle that costs less will usually get you lower premiums, too. 

Safety Features

The safety features in your vehicle may help to reduce your insurance costs. Features like collision prevention systems and anti-theft devices reduce the chance of your vehicle being stolen or involved in a serious accident. As a result, most insurance companies will pass that reduced risk on to you in the form of lower premiums. 

In some cases, you may be able to install aftermarket safety devices and make your vehicle eligible for those discounts. You’ll need to contact your insurance company to verify that you’re using approved equipment that will qualify for the discount. 

Keep in mind that if you’re installing equipment just for the discount you’ll receive, the cost of the equipment may outweigh the savings that you’ll see overtime so be sure to do your research. 

How to Save on Porsche Car Insurance Costs

While the vehicle that you own and your insurance company will affect your car insurance rates there are additional ways to help reduce your premiums. 

Minimize Your Loan Amount

If you’re buying a new or used Porsche and need to finance a sizable portion of the purchase cost, you may need to take out gap insurance. If your vehicle is ever totaled, gap insurance may help to cover the difference between what your insurance pays you and the remaining balance on your loan.This type of policy helps to ensure that you aren’t left making payments on a car loan for a vehicle that has been totaled. 

Gap insurance is an additional cost on top of your standard car insurance policies, so it will increase your costs. If you are able to buy a less expensive vehicle, put more money down, and reduce the amount of your car loan, you may be able to avoid having to take out gap insurance, saving yourself money in the process. 

Look for Discounts

Car insurance companies offer many discounts, so be sure to consider the discounts offered by any company you’re considering. Common discounts include multi-vehicle, multi-policy, automated bill pay, paperless billing, good driver, and defensive driving course discounts. 

You can also look for discounts that support your driving habits. If you drive less than 10,000 miles per year, consider looking into companies that offer pay-per-mile insurance rates, or low mileage discounts. Some companies offer good driving discounts after you track your driving habits with an app for a certain length of time. When you’re eligible for multiple discounts, you could see the savings add up. 

Carefully Choose Your Coverage

As you start to request quotes, think carefully about the car insurance coverage that you want. Higher coverage limits will increase your costs, and opting for comprehensive coverage will cost more, but will also minimize your expenses in the event of an accident. 

You may be able to lower your premiums by choosing a policy with a higher deductible, but it’s important to think carefully about this strategy. While opting for a higher deductible will mean lower monthly payments, if you ever need to file a claim, you’ll have to pay more money upfront for your vehicle repair or replacement.

Build Your Credit

Some car insurance companies consider drivers with a lower credit score higher risk drivers, and they charge them higher premiums, as a result. If your credit rating is low, look for ways to boost it. This is a gradual process, but making all of your payments on time, using small portions of your available credit, and keeping your oldest accounts open can help to increase your credit and may result in lower policy costs. 

Improve Your Driving History

If you have a history of at-fault accidents and speeding tickets, insurance companies will see you as being a higher-risk driver. Focus on developing good driving habits to demonstrate that you’re not high-risk. Establishing a clean driving record takes time, but it can reduce your car insurance costs. 

FAQs About Porsche Car Insurance

Are Porsche cars more expensive to insure?

Because Porsches are expensive luxury vehicles, they cost more to insure than your average car. They cost more to purchase, replace, and repair than many other vehicles, and other factors, like your driving history and coverage, will also affect your insurance rates. 

Does Porsche have their own car insurance?

Porsche Auto Insurance is currently available only to vehicles in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, and Oregon. However, Porsche notes that the insurance’s availability is expanding, and you can join the Porsche mailing list to find out when insurance is available in your state. We recommend using to compare auto insurance rates before settling with one company. 

How much does Porsche insurance cost?

The average cost to insure a Porsche is $126/mo. Though you should keep in mind that many factors will affect how much your Porsche car insurance costs, including the age and condition of your vehicle, your state of residence, your driving history, and more. The level of coverage that you need, as well as the coverage limits and your deductible, will also affect what you pay in monthly premiums. Because car insurance costs can vary significantly, it’s best to get quotes from multiple insurance companies to get the best sense of what your insurance will cost. makes it easy to quickly gather those quotes. You only need to fill out one request and you can receive up to 65 personalized auto insurance quotes at a time. You can easily compare those quotes to determine which option gives you the best value and is the right fit for your insurance needs. Get started with to find the best insurance plan for your Porsche. 

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