Your Guide to Cheap Louisiana Car Insurance in 2022

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Updated February 28th, 2022

Whether you are driving in New Orleans, Shreveport, or somewhere in between, all Louisiana drivers want to lock in the most affordable car insurance rates. After all, no one wants to pay more than they have to for car insurance. 

Although finding the most affordable car insurance rates in Louisiana may be easier said than done, the good news is you are in the right place. We can help you find the best car insurance rates for your situation. 

Let’s explore the car insurance requirements for Louisiana. Plus, how you can lock in the most affordable rate whatever your driving record or lifestyle may look like. 

Car Insurance Requirements for Louisiana Drivers

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Like just about every state, Louisiana requires drivers to carry a certain amount of liability insurance.

The minimum auto insurance requirements for Louisiana drivers are 15/30/25. What does that mean?

  • $15,000 per person for bodily injury liability and $30,000 per accident for bodily injury liability: This type of insurance pays for other people’s damages (like medical bills, lost wages, legal expenses, or pain and suffering) as a result of an accident you cause. It also can pay for your legal defense, if you’re sued by someone hurt in an accident.
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage liability: This pays for damages to other people’s physical property (usually their vehicle) in an accident that’s your fault.

State law also says that Louisiana insurance policies must include uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily liability, unless the policy holder rejects this coverage in writing. It protects you if you’re hurt in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Your UM/UIM coverage matches your bodily injury/property damage limits: 15/30, if you opt for state minimum insurance.

Louisiana insurance policies also must include $25,000 in uninsured motorist property damage, with a $250 deductible, unless your policy includes collision coverage.

Car Insurance Penalties in Louisiana

About 13 percent of Louisiana drivers are uninsured — this is in line with the nationwide average. But that doesn’t mean you should do it as well. If caught driving without insurance, you may have your registration revoked, your license plates canceled and your vehicle impounded. You may also have to pay a fine of $500 to $1,000.

You can even be punished if someone else hits you and you don’t have insurance. Louisiana has a “No Pay, No Play” law that prohibits uninsured motorists from collecting the first $25,000 in property damage and the first $15,000 in personal injury losses, no matter who caused the accident.

So don’t drive uninsured! If you’re having trouble finding auto insurance you can afford, can help. We’ll show you accurate, personalized and impartial Louisiana auto insurance quotes so you can choose the one that fits your budget. Enter your zip code to get started now.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Louisiana

Young drivers typically pay more for auto insurance than they will later in life. Although young drivers can expect to see a drop in their car insurance rates when they turn 25, there are opportunities to save before hitting that milestone birthday. 

Specifically, Louisiana drivers who are 18 to 24 years old may be able to find the most affordable rates with Clearcover. On average, Clearcover drivers ages 18 to 24 will pay $190 per month. 

Clearcover is able to offer lower rates based on its streamlined operating costs. You’ll find responsive customer service in addition to affordable rates when working with this insurance company. 

Affordable Auto Insurance for Single Drivers in LA

Unfortunately, if you’re single in Louisiana you should prepare to pay more for auto insurance than your married peers. The same is true across the country. Thankfully, you can still find affordable coverage. 

If you haven’t put a ring on it yet, you won’t have to overpay for car insurance as a single driver in Louisiana. Here’s a look at where you can turn for the cheapest car insurance premiums in the Bayou State. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $148
The General $195
Kemper $202
SafeAuto $228
Direct Auto $259

As a single driver in Louisiana, Clearcover can offer the most affordable car insurance rates with a monthly premium of $148.

After Clearcover, there is a big jump in price to the next most affordable insurance company. You’ll pay $195 per month with The General and $202 per month with Kemper for unmarried drivers.  Premiums continue to climb with SafeAuto at $228/mo and Direct Auto at $259/mo. 

Cheap Car Insurance for Men and Women in Louisiana

As a general trend across the nation, women pay less than men for car insurance. With age, that difference tends to shrink. But in Louisiana, you don’t see a major difference in average auto insurance rates for men and women. 

Affordable Auto Insurance for Men in LA

As a male driver, you generally expect to pay more for car insurance. But in Louisiana, men can find a more affordable car insurance option than women with Clearcover Insurance Company. 

If you choose to get coverage with Clearcover as a male driver in Louisiana, then you should expect to pay an average of $146 per month for car insurance. 

Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in LA

As a woman driving in Louisiana, you’ll pay slightly more for auto insurance than men. The most affordable option we found was Clearcover at $148/mo. 

The difference in car insurance premiums for men and women in Louisiana is very minimal through Clearcover. But every little bit counts!

Although men may be able to save $2 per month with Clearcover, this is just an average. Keep in mind that there are plenty of factors that impact your insurance costs. You’ll need to shop around to ensure you secure the best rate for your needs. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Louisiana Drivers with Spotty Records

man upset because hes getting a ticket from the police

It can be challenging or impossible to maintain an absolutely perfect driving record. After all, everyone makes mistakes now and then and sometimes accidents happen. Unfortunately, if you end up with a ticket or accident on your driving record, that can lead to a significant increase in your insurance costs. 

Louisiana drivers with spotty driving records can find the best rates at the companies below. 

Affordable Car Insurance for Louisiana Drivers with a Ticket on Their Record

If you have a ticket on your driving record, some companies may not be as forgiving as others. Luckily, Clearcover is one of those forgiving companies that still offers relatively affordable rates to drivers with a ticket. 

As a driver with a ticket, you’ll pay an average of $182 per month for car insurance when insured by Clearcover. 

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with an Accident on their Record

Most insurers view accidents as a bit more problematic than a run-of-the-mill ticket. If you have an accident or two, finding affordable car insurance can be a real struggle. But luckily, it is not impossible!

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $188
Kemper $244

You can easily see that an accident or ticket on your record will increase your insurance costs. But even with a spotty record, you shouldn’t have to overpay. Mistakes happen, and some insurance companies demonstrate they understand that principle by offering relatively affordable rates to drivers that have been involved in an accident. 

Again, Clearcover comes to the rescue with cheap car insurance premiums for drivers with accidents in their past. If you are a driver with an accident on your record you can expect to pay an average of $188 per month for car insurance. But the next affordable rate comes at a major premium increase to $244/mo with Kemper. 

Cheapest Louisiana State Minimum Insurance

One way to strip down your car insurance costs is to keep your insurance coverage at the bare minimum. You stand to save money each month when you choose to go with state minimum car insurance coverage. 

Here’s a look at the insurance companies that offer the most affordable state minimum coverage in Louisiana. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $133
Kemper $162

You can lock in the minimum state coverage in Louisiana for as little as $133 per month with Clearcover. Another good option is Kemper, which offers the same coverage at a slightly higher  average of $162 per month. 

Although each of these companies offers attractive rates, you’ll want to run a comparison when your own unique details are taken into account. Comparing your options can lead to significant savings based on your driving record. Plus, don’t forget to take any particular discounts you may qualify for, such as multi-policy bundling, safe driver rewards, or good student rates, into account. 

You can get started by entering your zip code below and we’ll guide you through a simple 5 minute process to make sure you’re getting the best rate possible. 

Top Rated Car Insurance Companies for Louisiana Drivers

J.D. Power and Associates conducts a customer satisfaction survey each year to identify the top auto insurance companies in various regions. The rating is given on a 1,000 point scale. 

Within the survey, Louisiana is included in the Southeast region. Below you’ll find the best-rated companies from the survey that operate in Louisiana:

  • State Farm – 859

State Farm is the only company that scored above the regional average for satisfaction, which was 847 points. The following companies also offer quality insurance and customer care, but not at quite the same level. 

  • GEICO – 843
  • Allstate – 838
  • Alfa Insurance – 837
  • Liberty Mutual – 831
  • Nationwide – 831
  • Travelers – 831
  • Progressive – 828
  • Safeco – 820
  • Farmers – 818
  • National General – 803

When selecting an insurance company to work with, great rates are a top priority. After all, your car insurance premium needs to fit into your budget!

But you’ll also want to consider the reputation of the insurer.  If you have to file a claim you’ll want a pain free experience. That means checking out the customer reviews before committing to a particular insurance policy. The goal is to find a company that allows for easy claim filing and manageable payment options.

Common Auto Insurance Discounts for Louisiana Drivers

An important option to consider when shopping around for affordable car insurance rates is available discounts. Finding the right discount can lower your car insurance premiums significantly to make your rate even more affordable.

The exact discounts available to Louisiana drivers will vary based on your insurance company. As you compare auto insurance rates, check to see if the insurance company you are interested in offers any discounts you might qualify for. 

Here’s a list of some of the most common car insurance discount options to keep in mind on your search. 

  • Anti-theft discount. If you have a car alarm or vehicle tracking system, then you may be able to save a bit on your insurance coverage. 
  • Good driver discount. If you have a track record of safe driving, some insurance companies want to reward you with a big discount. Although you may have to agree to using a tracking system, saving up to 40% is possible! As a safe driver, this tracking test can be well worth the inconvenience. 
  • Good student discount. As a student with good grades, you may qualify for a discount on your car insurance premiums. Although not offered with every company, this is one worth looking into. 
  • Light usage discount. If you are an infrequent driver, then you might be overpaying for car insurance without this usage-based discount. In general, this option works by paying a low base rate that may increase based on the number of miles you drive. 
  • Defensive driver’s course discount. Adding this less than thrilling task to your to-do list might not be your first choice. But taking a defensive driver’s course can earn you a discount on your car insurance. Before signing up for a course, make sure that it is approved by your insurer. Otherwise, you could be wasting your valuable time. 
  • Multi-car insurance discounts. If there are multiple vehicles on your insurance policy, you may be able to save big through a multi-car discount. It is not uncommon to save 25% with a multi-car discount through some insurers. 
  • Multi-policy discount. It is likely that you’ll need more than one type of insurance to protect your assets. A few other insurance types you might need include homeowners insurance, renter’s insurance, and life insurance. If you bundle these policies with your car insurance policy, you may be able to save. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
  • Pay in full discount. Instead of paying for your car insurance each month, paying for a full term in advance could lead to a big discount. If you can afford this hefty payment up front, ask your car insurance provider for a discount. 
  • Vehicle safety discount. Most insurance companies will give you a discount if you are driving a vehicle with the latest and greatest safety features. Check to see what safety features your car may have to qualify for a discount. 
  • Customer loyalty discounts. Some insurers will offer a customer loyalty discount to drivers that stick with them for a long time. Although these discounts can be worthwhile, it is still a good idea to compare your options to ensure you are getting the best available deal. 

Want more information about the potential discounts you can pursue as a driver in Louisiana? Check out this full piece with all of the details you need to know. 

Recent Louisiana Car Insurance Rate Trends

Car insurance rates in the state of Louisiana are relatively high compared with nearby states. In the last few years, lowering car insurance rates in the state has become a top priority for the state Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon. 

Back in 2020, new legislation was introduced at the state level that is designed to lower the amount of money insurance companies are required to pay to accident victims as a result of court judgments. 

With these lower payouts, the bill’s backers have claimed that the cost savings will be passed from the insurance companies to their customers in the form of reduced premiums. While pushing for the bill to pass, proponents of the legislation claimed that drivers could expect to see rates decrease by 10% to 25% within a year. 

The bill was passed. But so far, insurance premiums have not fallen for customers in the state of Louisiana. Instead, Donelon has found that insurance premiums have risen at an average rate of 2% this year. 

As things currently stand, it looks as if car insurance premiums will not fall the expected amount. But only time will tell if the recent legislation changes will result in real savings for the drivers of Louisiana. 

For now, the best thing that budget-conscious Louisiana drivers can do is to comparison shop for the best available rates. With Compare, you can tackle that task in just a few minutes to lock in the best possible car insurance rate. 

Compare Car Insurance Rates by Louisiana Cities

map of louisiana

The area you live in is one of the main factors that determine how much or how little you pay for car insurance. If your area has a high auto theft rate, you may pay more. If there is very little traffic on your way to work, you may end up paying less. To help you see how rates vary from city to city, check out our rate comparison table below.

City Average Monthly Car Insurance Premium
Alexandria $185
Baton Rouge $195
Denham Springs $197
Gretna $243
Houma $191
Kenner $172
Lafayette $161
Lake Charles $174
Marrero $189
Metairie $189
Monroe $155
New Iberia $152
New Orleans $191
Pineville $192
Shreveport $140
Slidell $176

Click on the name of each city in the table above to find detailed breakdowns on all the factors that go into calculating your monthly premium. Here, you’ll find all the information you need on how things like driving record, age, gender, vehicle make and model, and more will affect how much you pay for car insurance in each locality.

And if you want to jump right in and see how much you’ll pay, simply enter your ZIP code below and find your best rate in minutes!

Louisiana Vehicle Registration Fees and Other Costs

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, you’ll need to budget for more than just the vehicle’s sticker price. You’ll be on the hook for basic DMV fees like title, license plate, and registration fees no matter where and how you purchase your new car, truck or SUV, as well as buying a new car insurance policy for your car. But some buyers will find themselves with additional fees such as sales tax, documentation fees, personal property tax, emissions and inspection fees, hybrid and electric vehicle fees, lien recording fees and a slew of other costs.

Check out’s comprehensive vehicle costs breakdown to make sure you account for all the added fees you might be on the hook for when buying a car in Louisiana.

Louisiana Auto Insurance FAQs

What car insurance is required in Louisiana?

Louisiana drivers are required to have 15/30/25 liability limits. That means that your coverage will include $15,000 per person in bodily injury liability insurance and $30,000 per accident for bodily injuries. These funds will cover damages, including medical bills, lost wages, legal expenses, and more.

The last piece of the puzzle is $25,000 per accident for property damage liability. These funds would cover the damages to a vehicle or other item of property in an accident where you are at fault. 

How much is car insurance in Louisiana?

The cost of car insurance varies dramatically based on your location, driving record and demographics among other factors. But on average, drivers in Louisiana can expect to pay $177 per month for car insurance. 

What happens if you drive without car insurance in Louisiana?

Not all drivers in Louisiana are insured. In fact, about 13% of drivers in the state are uninsured. But this choice can be expensive in the long run. If you are caught driving without insurance, you may have your vehicle’s registration revoked, your license plate canceled, and your vehicle impounded. Plus, you may face fines in the range of $500 to $1,000. 

Even if you stay under the radar, uninsured drivers involved in an accident will be punished severely under the current state laws. The ‘No Pay, No Play’ law means that uninsured drivers in Louisiana cannot collect the first $25,000 in property damage or the first $15,000 in personal injury losses. Whether or not you are at fault, these rules could lead to big financial consequences for uninsured drivers. 

Does Louisiana require full coverage insurance?

Louisiana doesn’t require comprehensive car insurance. However, you’ll still be required to buy 15/30/25 liability insurance before taking your vehicle out for a drive. 

With that, the bare minimum coverage includes $15,000 per person in bodily injury liability insurance and $30,000 per accident for bodily injuries. Plus, this insurance includes $25,000 per accident for property damage liability.