The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Philadelphia, PA, in 2024

The average cost of car insurance in Philadelphia is $251 per month, but you can find cheaper policies if you know where to look. Companies like State Farm may offer much cheaper rates.

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Philadelphia drivers pay an average car insurance rate of $251 per month, according to data. But no matter what you pay now, you can still find a great deal — as low as $108 per month — with the right company.

State Farm is just one of the car insurance companies offering affordable rates in the City of Brotherly Love. In this guide, we’ll explore the cheapest car insurance companies in Philadelphia for different types of drivers and discuss best practices for lowering rates.

Key Takeaways:

  • State Farm is Philadelphia’s cheapest auto insurer, at $148 per month on average.
  • The average Philadelphia driver pays around $163 per month for liability insurance, and $339 for full coverage.
  • Pennsylvania requires 15/30/5/5 in minimum-liability coverage.

In This Article:

How Much Is Car Insurance in Philadelphia?

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On average, Philadelphia drivers pay $251 per month for auto insurance, but this average should only be considered at the surface level. Rates will vary based on your unique driving profile, including your age, driving record, ZIP code, and more.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the cheapest insurers in Philadelphia.

Compare Quotes from Philadelphia’s Cheapest Insurers

Philadelphia’s Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Drivers in Philadelphia pay some of the highest average rates in the country — but drivers still have ways to save. Comparing quotes from a wide range of car insurers can help you find a policy that works for your needs and budget.

The following table lists the cheapest car insurance companies in Philadelphia and their average monthly premiums.

Company Average Monthly Premium
State Farm $148
Safeco $168
Erie $171
Auto-Owners $184
Travelers $191

State Farm’s rates are the lowest in Philadelphia, at $148 per month, according to data. Remember, these are just averages — and your specific driver profile will affect your rates.

In the next few sections, we’ll highlight the best auto insurers in Philadelphia for different types of drivers.

Top 3 Best Philadelphia Insurance Companies of 2024

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Different factors affect car insurance rates, including your driving history, choice of vehicle, age, marital status, the local crime rate, and more. So no single car insurance company is the “best” — what works best for you depends on your specific profile.

We picked the following companies based on a combination of average rates, available discounts, customer reviews, and coverage selections.

Best overall value: State Farm

  • Average premium: $148 per month
  • rating: 4.90 out of 5


  • Among the cheapest rates in Philadelphia
  • Above-average J.D. Power customer satisfaction score


  • Doesn’t offer gap insurance
  • May lack the personalized attention of smaller insurers

State Farm is the largest car insurance company in the country by market share — and Philadelphia drivers who choose the insurer pay some of the lowest rates in the city. The company also has some of the lowest average across age groups and among drivers with mixed driving records.

State Farm’s average rate is $148 per month, according to our data. You can save even more when you take advantage of State Farm’s many discounts or enroll in Drive Safe & Save, the company’s telematics program.

Best for full coverage: Safeco

  • Average premium: $206 per month
  • rating: 4.59 out of 5


  • Discounts for safe driving
  • Highly rated mobile app


  • Not the cheapest option available
  • Below-average J.D. Power customer satisfaction score

At $206 per month, Safeco offers some of the cheapest full-coverage auto insurance rates in Philadelphia. Full coverage can be a good idea if you drive a newer or high-value car and want some added protection on the road.

Aside from its main insurance products, Safeco offers several additional coverages, including new vehicle replacement and rental car reimbursement. Unfortunately, Safeco has one of the lowest J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores of any midsize insurer.

Best for young drivers: Erie

  • Average premium: $171 per month
  • rating: 4.75 out of 5


  • Above-average J.D. Power customer satisfaction score
  • Many discounts for young drivers


  • Not the cheapest option in Philadelphia
  • Only available in 12 states

Philadelphia teens pay an average of $567 per month for car insurance, so they’re definitely looking for any chance to save. Luckily, Erie offers discounts for drivers away at college and those who take a driver training course. Drivers who go a year or more without an accident or traffic violation can also get a discount.

Parents can add their young adults to their policies to save. Luckily, Erie’s Rate Lock feature means your rates won’t go up when you add a new driver to your policy. Plus, Erie policyholders can earn a discount when they insure multiple cars.

Find the Best Insurer for You in Minutes

Cheapest Company for Liability Insurance: State Farm

The coverage levels you choose influence your insurance rates — and more coverage means higher rates.

On average, Philadelphia drivers who choose liability-only insurance pay $163 per month. Liability-only coverage at the state minimum is the cheapest type of policy you can buy, but the coverage is minimal. If you cause an accident, your policy covers only the other driver’s medical bills and vehicle damage.

The table below highlights the cheapest car insurance companies in Philadelphia for liability-only insurance.

Company Average Monthly Premium
State Farm $108
Foremost $111
National General $122
Erie $124
Safeco $129

State Farm’s average liability-only rate of $108 per month is the lowest in Philadelphia, according to data.

Now, let’s explore the cheapest full-coverage insurance policies in Philadelphia.

Cheapest Company for Full-Coverage Insurance: State Farm

Full coverage is more expensive but the most robust coverage option. On average, drivers in Philadelphia who choose full coverage pay $339 per month.

Along with liability insurance, full coverage includes collision insurance and comprehensive coverage. These coverages kick in to cover your own vehicle repairs after a collision or non-collision event (e.g., severe weather or vandalism).

The table below lists the cheapest companies in Philadelphia for full coverage.

Company Average Monthly Premium
State Farm $188
Safeco $206
Erie $219
Travelers $221
Auto-Owners $235

State Farm is the cheapest company for full-coverage car insurance in Philadelphia, with an average premium of $188 per month, according to data.

Compare Philadelphia Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Young Asian smiling while driving

Your driving record can also influence your auto insurance rates. Drivers with at-fault accidents and traffic violations on their records tend to pay higher insurance premiums than people with a clean driving history. When you get these types of infractions, insurers view you as a higher risk and increase your rates to make up for the added risk of insuring you.

The following table shows how much drivers in Philadelphia pay for car insurance based on driving record, as well as the cheapest insurance company for each group of drivers.

Driving Record Citywide Average Monthly Premium Cheapest Insurer Cheapest Insurer’s Average Monthly Premium
Clean record $339 State Farm $188
Speeding ticket $446 State Farm $237
At-fault accident $428 State Farm $247
DUI $514 State Farm $285

Now let’s dive deeper and highlight the cheapest car insurance company in Philadelphia for each infraction.

Cheapest car insurance in Philadelphia after a ticket: State Farm

Your car insurance rates will go up after a speeding ticket. Car insurance rates increase by an average of 27% after one ticket, according to data.

State Farm is the cheapest car insurance company in Philadelphia for drivers who get a ticket, with an average rate of $237 per month.

Cheapest car insurance in Philadelphia after an accident: State Farm

Your car insurance rates will also increase after an at-fault accident. On average, drivers see their rates go up by 34% after one at-fault car accident, according to data.

State Farm is once again the cheapest car insurance option, with an average monthly rate of $247 for Philadelphia drivers with an at-fault accident.

Cheapest car insurance in Philadelphia after a DUI: State Farm

Getting a DUI is one of the most serious traffic infractions — and leads to a 50% increase in car insurance rates on average, according to data.

State Farm’s average rate of $285 per month for drivers with a DUI on their record is the cheapest in Philadelphia.

Compare Philadelphia Auto Insurance Rates by Age

Your age is a major rating factor when it comes to car insurance. Generally, younger drivers pay the highest car insurance rates on average — but these rates decrease as you age and gain more experience on the road, with rates slightly increasing as you reach your 70s.

Here are the average car insurance rates in Philadelphia by age, along with the cheapest insurers for each age group.

Age Group Citywide Average Monthly Premium Cheapest Insurer Cheapest Insurer’s Average Monthly Premium
Teens $567 State Farm $314
20s $411 State Farm $228
30s $337 State Farm $187
40s $296 State Farm $164
50s $263 State Farm $146
60s $247 State Farm $137
70s $231 State Farm $128

In the next two sections, we’ll explore the cheapest coverage options for teen drivers and senior drivers in Philadelphia.

Cheapest car insurance for Philadelphia teens: State Farm

Teens pay the highest rates in Philadelphia by far, with an average rate of $567 per month. Teens are considered high-risk due to their higher rates of accidents — so car insurance companies charge them higher car insurance rates to offset the risk of physical damage or medical expenses.

State Farm is the cheapest option in Philadelphia for teen drivers, with an average rate of $314 per month, according to our analysis.

Cheapest car insurance for Philadelphia seniors: State Farm

Senior drivers are on the other end of the spectrum, with the most affordable car insurance rates in Philadelphia. As you enter retirement, you generally drive less. This lower mileage means you’re at a lower risk for accidents — leading to lower rates on average.

State Farm is the cheapest insurer in Philadelphia for senior drivers, with an average rate of $128 per month, based on our data.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Requirements

Pennsylvania law requires all drivers to have car insurance. If a cop pulls you over and you don’t have insurance, you may face a fine of $300, restoration fees, and three-month suspensions of your license and registration.

Drivers in Pennsylvania must purchase the following amounts of car insurance at a minimum:

Pennsylvania is a fault state, so uninsured motorist coverage is optional. You can choose between “limited tort” and “full tort” insurance. If you get in an accident where you aren’t at fault, “full tort” gives you unlimited rights to recover financial damages.

For more on Pennsylvania’s car insurance requirements, read the Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Guide.

How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance in Philadelphia

Snowy street view of Philadelphia

You don’t need a master’s degree in economics to see Philadelphians pay a lot for car insurance. Philadelphia drivers can save on car insurance with the following strategies:

  • Take advantage of discounts: Ask your insurance agent or visit your insurer’s website to see if you qualify for any discounts.
  • Choose a safe car: Vehicles with strong safety records and advanced safety features are usually cheaper to insure.
  • Raise your deductible: When you raise your deductible, your monthly premiums will decrease. Just make sure you can afford the extra expense if you need to file a claim.
  • Bundle policies: Consider bundling your car insurance with home insurance or life insurance to save.
  • Improve your credit score: Insurance companies offer better rates to drivers with high credit scores — so having good credit can lead to savings.
  • Practice safe driving: Drivers with a clean driving record have an easier time finding cheap car insurance.
  • Compare quotes: You’ll find plenty of different rates while shopping for insurance. Comparing car insurance quotes from at least five insurers is the best way to find the cheapest insurance coverage.

Get Cheaper Car Insurance in Minutes

Philadelphia Auto Insurance FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about car insurance in Philadelphia.

Which company has the cheapest car insurance in Philadelphia?

State Farm offers the lowest rates in Philadelphia, at $148 per month — $108 for liability insurance and $188 for full coverage, according to data. Keep in mind that the best car insurance companies aren’t always the cheapest option for everyone.

How much is car insurance in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia drivers pay an average of $251 per month for car insurance, according to data.

How much car insurance does Pennsylvania require?

Pennsylvania requires drivers to purchase $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident in bodily injury liability insurance, $5,000 in property damage liability insurance, and $5,000 in medical payments coverage.

What happens if you get caught driving without insurance in Philadelphia?

If an officer catches you driving without car insurance, it can have a lasting effect on your driving record. The Pennsylvania DMV will suspend your driver’s license and registration for three months, issue you a fine of $300, impound your vehicle, and charge you fees to restore your license and registration.

What is the cheapest full-coverage car insurance in Pennsylvania?

The cheapest full-coverage car insurance in Pennsylvania is State Farm, which offers an average rate of $188 per month, according to our data.

Data Methodology:

Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance quotes from more than 75 partner insurers in order to compile the rates and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information.

All the rates listed in this article have been collected from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to provide readers with insights into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.


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