Jerry Insurance: Auto Insurance Review 2021

by Quiana Darden Updated October 1, 2021
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What is Jerry Insurance?

Jerry Insurance prides itself on being the new way to compare car insurance quotes. Founded in 2019 by Art Agrawal, Lina Zhang, and Musawir Shah, Jerry was created to help consumers find affordable car insurance easily. While other car insurance comparison companies direct you to their insurance partner’s website to finalize your insurance purchase, Jerry allows you to complete the entire process inside their app. 

They say they provide customers with hassle-free, customized quotes from more than fifty smaller and name-brand insurance carriers across the nation. According to their website, Jerry Insurance helps customers save an average of $800 a year on car insurance with a new policy. 

But, is Jerry Insurance the best choice for you or are their claims too good to be true? Let’s find out. 

How Does Jerry Work?

While you get the general premise of how Jerry Insurance works, you’re probably wondering how you get started and what to expect. Here are the 3 primary steps.

Step 1

To kick off the process, you’ll answer six simple questions about yourself and your driving history. Jerry inquires about:

  • The type of insurance you want
  • If you currently have insurance
  • Your claims history in the last five years
  • Recent tickets or violations
  • Your name 
  • Your phone number 

Step 2

Once you input your personal information, with the tap of a button, Jerry contacts your insurance company and analyzes your policy and current coverage details. 

Step 3

Using their AI and machine-based learning process, Jerry compares the prices of a bunch of different companies. It also compares their prices to your current policy to see if they can locate a better deal out there for you. Then, at each renewal period, Jerry presents drivers with their top three picks for the best possible policy and price.

They also promise you won’t get endless phone calls or emails from salespeople. Jerry also claims to use a non-identifiable phone number to contact insurance companies and get quotes. 

Shopping for car insurance with Jerry doesn’t affect your credit rating. In some states, a credit check isn’t required to give you accurate car insurance quotes. If the state where you live does require a credit check, Jerry Insurance does what is known as a “soft pull.” While this check is necessary to show you quotes, you don’t need to worry about it affecting your credit rating. 

Why Choose Jerry Insurance?

So, why should you choose Jerry Insurance? Besides being a quick way to find coverage, Jerry offers several benefits for drivers of any age:

  • Protects your privacy with bank-level encryption
  • Automatically shops for better rates before renewal
  • Provides users with quotes from reputable insurance companies
  • It gives users digital insurance cards for easy and fastest way to access your documents
  • Does all the paperwork for switching insurance

However, this doesn’t mean all drivers should go to Jerry Insurance for their next car insurance policy. Other sites (like work with a larger number of insurance companies, so you can compare rates from even more insurers, which could save you additional money. Also, for people who are annoyed by automated chat bots or unwanted notifications, Jerry might end up being a bit of a hassle to use.

Jerry Insurance Payments

Jerry doesn’t charge its customers a commission to use their platform, instead, they earn commissions from their insurance partners. As a result, customers only pay for the insurance policies they acquire through the Jerry app.

Jerry Insurance Discounts

Jerry is designed to search for the most affordable coverage and car insurance discounts for your needs. You’ll get competitive quotes that already consider discounts.

  • Good student discount: High school and college students under 25 who are insured under their parent’s policy can save on car insurance. 
  • Low-mileage discount: Is your annual mileage less than 7,500? If so, you might qualify for the low-mileage discount. 
  • Green-car discount: Is your vehicle a hybrid, alternate fuel, or completely electric car? If so, you’ll qualify for a discount thanks to your environmentally friendly car. 
  • Professional discount: This discount applies to professionals working as teachers, doctors, nurses, and even emergency responders. You can also qualify for a discount if you are an alumni of a college association, sorority, or another professional organization. 
  • Automated payment discount: Sign up for automatic payments through your bank account or credit card and enjoy car insurance premium discounts. 
  • Legacy discount: If you’re a new driver applying to get car insurance through your parent’s insurance company, you can qualify for the legacy discount. 
  • Multi-policy discount: Save up to 12% on your policy by bundling your car and home or car and renters insurance together. 

Jerry Insurance Coverage Options

Jerry offers drivers both mandatory and optional coverages, including:

Who is Jerry Insurance Good For?

Jerry Insurance is great for young, tech-savvy drivers looking to decrease the time spent on the phone with insurance agents. If you’re looking to get the best rate on car insurance but want to avoid the traditional way of searching, Jerry Insurance might be a good choice. However, Jerry Insurance might not be the best fit for all drivers.  

Who is Jerry Insurance Bad For?

While Jerry Insurance can help users save money on car insurance rates, it may not be great for those who would rather not go through an app-like experience to shop for car insurance. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to use Jerry without giving your cell phone number, which may turn off some users.

Lastly, since Jerry automatically shops around for you at the time of renewal, some users may get annoyed at the overall process. It can make the insurance buying process very impersonal, since Jerry Insurance relies heavily on machine learning and automated processes.

There are similar services out there that you can use to compare car insurance quotes that have a bit more personalized touch. Check out our breakdown of the best (and worst) car insurance comparison sites and see for yourself.

Where is Jerry Available?

Jerry Insurance isn’t an insurance provider, but they generate quotes in all 50 states from national and regional car insurance companies. Just enter your zip code and Jerry Insurance will find insurers who provide coverage in your area. 

Jerry Insurance Customer Reviews

Jerry Insurance receives mixed reviews across the board, depending on where you look. 

Platform Rating
Apple App Store 4.7/5
Glassdoor 3.9/5
BBB  3.32/5 (F Rating)

Some customers have left glowing reviews of Jerry website, lauding the company’s simple forms and straightforward approach. This helped earn Jerry a 4.7/5 rating on the Apple App Store. 

But, that’s where the glowing reviews end. Glassdoor, which allows current and former employees to review companies gives the company a 3.9/5. 

Also, they were awarded an F as their BBB rating with 3.32/5 stars and it seems their company is not yet BBB accredited. 

Pros and Cons of Jerry Insurance

As with any car insurance company, Jerry Insurance has both its pros and cons. If you’re on the fence about Jerry Insurance, it’s good to consider the following factors:

Pros of Jerry Insurance 

  • Simple Interface: The simple interface is easy to navigate. Jerry’s signup process takes an average of 45 seconds, and you’ll never need to enter your information again. 
  • Guaranteed Savings: Jerry Insurance starts shopping for lower rates before your policy hits the renewal date, so you always get the lowest car insurance rates.
  • Repeated Quote Checks: Every few months, Jerry will search for and provide you with new rates to keep you in the know and give you the option to switch to cheaper insurance. 

Cons of Jerry Insurance 

  • Automated Interactions: Some consumers may be turned off by the lack of real human interaction during the signup process. If you have a question that can’t be answered through automation, you can contact Jerry’s customer service team by email or phone. 
  • Limited Insurance Options: At this time, Jerry doesn’t offer business or life insurance. While they may offer it in the future, you can only check free car insurance quotes for now.  

How to Cancel a Jerry Insurance Policy

Jerry isn’t an insurance carrier, so you don’t need to cancel your policy directly with them. Instead, when you’re ready to cancel your policy, simply go directly to your carrier and start the process there. Then you can find a better deal with another car insurance comparison site like

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jerry Insurance?

Jerry Insurance is an artificial intelligence-based car insurance comparison platform that helps you compare the auto insurance rates of different companies.

Who is a good fit for Jerry Insurance?

Anyone looking to save money on their car insurance is a good fit for Jerry, but older drivers may find navigating the entirely automated platform challenging. 

What kind of vehicles does Jerry insure?

Jerry insures all kinds of vehicles. You can find an entire list of the cars they insure on their website. 

Is Jerry safe to use for car insurance?

Yes, Jerry promises to protect all of its user’s privacy, and they never share or sell your information to other parties.

Will comparing car insurance with the Jerry app affect your credit rating?

No, it won’t. Looking at car insurance rates on the Jerry app won’t affect your current credit rating. Your credit is only affected when you apply for a policy and even that impact on your score is only temporary.

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