Insurify Reviewed: Is Insurify the Best Choice for Car Insurance?

They say you can find the best cheap car insurance in 2 minutes, but how does Insurify stack up to the competition?

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You’re familiar with the name, but how does work, and what should you expect? Should you use it to compare car insurance quotes?

Founded by Snejina Zacharia and launched in 2013, is one of many popular car insurance comparison sites that allow visitors to compare car insurance quotes online. The site claims to offer simple, transparent, and secure comparison quoting for car, life, and home insurance.

According to Insurify, they’ve helped customers save over $10 billion on coverage to date, but are their services right for you?

How does Insurify work?

Insurify's homepage

You’re searching for a car insurance policy and decide to check to compare quotes, but where do you start? How does their process work, and what should you expect?

First, Insurify will ask for your zip code. Then, you’ll need to provide information about your car and the drivers. You can expect to enter the following relevant details.


  • The make, model, and year of your car
  • How you primarily use your vehicle (commuting to work, school, vacation, or ridesharing)
  • Your average mileage
  • Whether or not you own or lease


  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Address
  • Email
  • License status
  • Whether you rent or own your house
  • Level of education
  • Your current insurance and length of coverage
  • Any accidents, claims, or tickets

The entire process, from entering your information to receiving Insurify’s quotes, took less than 10 minutes.

*Our sample quote uses the profile of a 30-year-old female driver insuring a 2017 Honda Accord LX sedan with a CVT transmission. This hypothetical customer has one at-fault accident on her record, a high school diploma, average credit score, and full-time employment.

I’ve entered my information. Now can I compare quotes?

After entering your data, the site will load your insurance quotes, which should only take a few seconds. Next, you can choose your desired level of coverage, from state minimum, standard, asset, premium, or custom protection on the left side of the screen.

For our example, we chose “Standard” protection, which includes $50k/$100k in Bodily Injury coverage and $50k in Property Damage.

After selecting your coverage rate, your results will load instantly, and you’ll see a list of insurance companies along with their quotes.

Insurify's results page

Once the results finished loading, we received quotes from nine different insurers. Three other companies were listed without rates. Instead, visitors are encouraged to get a quote directly from the insurer’s website. Unfortunately, when you’re redirected to the insurance company’s site, you have to reenter all of your information.

In the image above, you’ll see that the most affordable offer is available through National General. Other companies charge more than three times this price. For this reason, we decided to start with the most competitive option.

Insurify's result page showing the top quote

Next, we had the choice to reserve the quote without having to pay immediately. You’ll be asked to complete the payment when your policy begins.

The site asks for your phone number to schedule an appointment with an agent. You can choose what time of day the insurer may contact you. Finally, we selected “Reserve This Quote” to finish the process.

All you need to do is wait for a call back from the insurance agent. Alternatively, you have the option to call the agency yourself. If you select this option, Insurify will show you the number to call, the insurer’s opening hours, and your quote number.

While waiting for contact from a National General agent, we decided to check out the offer from SafeAuto, which should be available for purchase online. Unfortunately, Insurify was unable to transfer our information to other insurers’ websites, except for Travelers.

Our information was automatically filled in on the Travelers website, but after clicking the “Yes, start my quote” button, we were surprised to find out that the form is not functioning.

As a result, none of Insurify’s prices could be confirmed online. Shoppers’ only option is to call the individual insurers to confirm rates and purchase coverage.

Want a more accurate and hassle-free quote process? Give a try!

Insurify Reviews: What do customers and employees have to say?

Insurify reviews are mixed and range from one star from the Better Business Bureau to nearly five stars from Glassdoor. Websites such as Shopper Approved and Google also give Insurify high ratings. Meanwhile, the site received mediocre reviews from Clearsurance and HighYa.

Clearsurance Insurify Reviews

Insurify's one-star review on ClearsuranceInsurify's five-star review on ClearsuranceInsurify's three-star review on Clearsurance

On Clearsurance, most of the reviews give either five stars or one star. Some users had a very positive experience finding coverage, while others had difficulty getting results from the site. One common theme among unsatisfied visitors is that they were unable to find the information they were looking for.

These negative reviews seem to echo our own experience, but your results may vary.

Shopper Approved Insurify Reviews

Insurify's five-star reviews on Shopper Approved

The majority of Insurify reviews on Shopper Approved are positive. Site visitors say the quoting process is straightforward and offered significant savings on their car insurance.

Better Business Bureau Insurify Reviews

Insurify's one-star review from Better Business Bureau

Insurify is not accredited by the BBB and only has one customer review. Based on a single opinion, we couldn’t get an accurate idea of the overall user experience.

HighYa Insurify Reviews

Insurify's one-star review on HighYaInsurify's five-star review on HighYaInsurify's two-star review on HighYa

Insurify’s reviews on Highya are mixed. Visitors who gave five-star reviews say they were satisfied with the quotes they received and saved on their car insurance. The common theme among consumers that gave low scores was the inaccuracy of quotes and a lack of results.

For our search example, we couldn’t confirm the accuracy of the quotes we received without contacting an agent. Our inquiry also returned a limited number of results with affordable rates, but your location is also a contributing factor.

Glassdoor Insurify Reviews

Insurify's five-star review on GlassdoorInsurify's second five-star review on GlassdoorInsurify's third five-star review on Glassdoor

Glassdoor reviews from current and former employees at Insurify are overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers give praise to the close-knit team and an exceptional work environment. Comments also suggest that their jobs are fast-paced, and employees need to know how to work self-sufficiently.

Platform Rating Total Reviews
Google 4.5/5 44
Clearsurance 3.8/5 129
Shopper Approved 4.8/5 2,743
BBB 1/5 1
HighYa 3.5/5 11
Glassdoor 4.9/5 8

Is Insurify mobile friendly? Do they have an app?

Most of us want to use our mobile devices to browse and compare our options. Although doesn’t have a mobile app, its website is mobile-friendly. The landing page is relatively straightforward to use and looks like a simplified version of the desktop site.

Insurify's website on mobile

You’re unlikely to have difficulties navigating the mobile website. After filling in your information, you’ll receive a list of quotes just as if you were using a Mac or PC. One difference you’ll find on the mobile website is the ability to track rates and receive notifications when a better deal is available.

Another option you have to access quotes from Insurify is through their Facebook Messenger chatbot. A virtual agent guides you through the quoting process and displays a list of policy results. You can also get real-time updates when lower rates are available, or set up a schedule for periodic coverage reviews.

Your car insurance journey doesn’t need to end with Insurify

All the hype surrounding makes it appear to be one of the best insurance comparison websites out there, but it isn’t the only option. Many insurance companies might not advertise on Insurify but could potentially offer lower prices and better coverage.

With many comparison websites, you often end up with inaccurate or misleading quotes. You could waste hours calling insurance agents and waiting for actual quotes. In reality, these rates could be more than twice as much as you were expecting.

At, seeing is saving. We ask the right questions to get accurate quotes on affordable car insurance. Our mission has always been to provide consumers with the cheapest and most reliable quotes on the market, and we do just that.

Insurify vs. How do they stack up?
Google Review Rating 4.8 stars 4.5 stars
BBB Accredited Yes No
Results with Actual Quotes* 10 out of 10 9 out of 11
Average Quote* $181.40 $232.44
Cheapest Quote $131 $170

*Quoting profile: 30-year-old female, 2017 Honda Accord LX, one accident, proof of insurance, single and renting

Get the most accurate quotes from the industry’s best comparison platform

Insurify FAQs

What is Insurify?

Insurify is a car, home, and life insurance comparison website. By entering the driver’s details and information about the vehicle, you can receive an instant list of quotes for coverage in your area.

Is Insurify legit?

Yes, Insurify is a legitimate place to compare rates and shop for car insurance. However, users may sometimes find quotes are not always accurate and others may end up receiving spam from some third-party companies. Similar sites, like, might be a better choice for many users.

What are the pros and cons of Insurify?

Like, Insurify allows you to compare and shop for car insurance without having to call every insurance company in your area. Your privacy is protected at both sites, but you may receive some unwanted solicitations when using Insurify. You can also use Insurify to shop for your next home or life insurance policy. However, some reviewers say they received few, if any, quotes. Other users said the quotes were inaccurate or unavailable from particular insurers.

How does Insurify protect your personal information?

Insurify’s privacy policy says that they don’t sell your personal information to third parties. While we, like many reviewers, didn’t receive any unsolicited emails from Insurify or its partners, we found that their claims to not sell our personal information was only slightly true. About two months after first submitting a quote, we received multiple letters in the mail from companies trying to sell us extended vehicle warnings. If you don’t want unwanted solicitation, Insurify may not be your best bet.

How is Insurify different from

Both comparison shopping sites have similar features. The primary difference is in the accuracy of quotes. asks additional questions that impact your rates and help you save. You also have more options to complete your insurance purchase online without having to speak with an agent.

Is Insurify an insurance company?

No. Insurify isn’t an insurance company. The platform allows site visitors to compare quotes from different companies. Insurify doesn’t write its own policies. Instead, the website directs users to other insurers where they can purchase coverage.

Does Insurify have physical offices?

No. If you want to compare insurance rates, you’ll have to use Insurify’s online platform. Insurify’s headquarters are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at 222 Third St, but quotes aren’t available from Insurify’s physical offices.

What platform is best to compare car insurance?

When you compare policies on, you can be sure that you’re getting the most affordable and most accurate quotes with no unwanted spam. You’ll benefit from the maximum savings on your next policy and save time in the process. Our company works just like Insurify’s, only better.

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