Auto Insurance Quotes Don't Have to Be a Letdown

Let’s call it savings fatigue. Or, more accurately, marketing fatigue.  A recent J.D. Power survey concludes that insurance shoppers are shopping for car insurance less often and that those who do continue to get auto insurance quotes online don’t feel like they are getting the savings they were promised.

upset female with strong headacheThe survey shows a decline in customer satisfaction with promised savings.  It’s not that consumers aren’t saving money (most auto insurance shoppers save about $300 on average), but that consumers don’t feel like they are saving enough. So why aren’t customers finding the savings they are looking for when getting auto insurance quotes online?

Mistakes You Make When Getting Auto Insurance Quotes

There are several factors that affect the rate an auto insurance company returns when you get auto insurance quotes online. We can’t stress enough that every field is important and the more info you can provide, the better. Getting a quote from a website that only asks for your ZIP code and your car’s make and model probably won’t deliver the most accurate quote and there’s a good chance you could be saving more by getting an auto insurance quote from a company or website that asks for more specific information.

Common Auto Insurance Mistakes

1. You’re married, but have individual auto insurance policies.

Married drivers actually pay less for car insurance on average. If your policies are separate, try combining them for greater savings.

2. You aren’t telling the insurance company that you own your home.

Homeowners get lower auto insurance rates. If you own your home, don’t bother with sites that don’t ask you about home ownership. You could be missing out on some serious savings.

3. You don’t realize your credit score matters.

Your credit score, in most cases, plays a role in determining how much you pay for your auto insurance. This can actually get a bit complicated, so if your credit score isn’t great, we have some info for you that could help.

4. You’re incorrectly telling the insurance companies when you drive and how far.

On many auto insurance quote forms you’ll see two questions. The first asks how your car is used (commuting, driving for work, driving for pleasure). Knowing the difference between these can save you money. If you work from home or if you are a stay at home mom (or dad) then the commuting and work options don’t actually apply to you. In your case, “driving for pleasure” is the best option and will save you some serious money. For all the commuters out there, you’ll also see a question asking how long your commute is (something like, “how far is your commute”). We highly recommend using something like Google Maps or Mapquest to put in your home address and your work address, as well as your route to work, to get an exact number. Most people overestimate their commuting distance and it can cost you.

You aren’t comparing quotes.

It might seem like shameless self-promotion, but was created to do just this. It’s hard to compare auto insurance quotes and it’s massively time-consuming. We’ve worked hard to make it as simple as possible. To find the best price on auto insurance you need apples to apples comparison and you need to compare four or more auto insurance quotes (ideally from different sized insurance companies) in order to find the best price.

Stop Overpaying for Car Insurance

The savings that are advertised by most auto insurance companies really are out there. The thing is, you have to do the work to get them. It’s not easy, but we’re working hard to make it easier. If you still aren’t convinced that can make finding the right price for auto insurance easier, read some of our research—or start a quote now and see for yourself.

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Based on a survey of 100 California Residents. Average savings determined via a comparison of their selected policy against their self-reported annual premium.