The 7 Best Car Mods, from the Normal to the Weird

January 03, 2017

weird car modifications

You get a new car – or a new used car – and want to make it your own. Why stop with just a spoiler when you can make a bigger car modification? We’ve collected a list of the best (okay – maybe just the weirdest) car mods and their prices.

From the most normal to weirdest car mods, here are our top picks.

car flame pain

7. Custom Flame Paint Job

If you want to be daring, but not unusual, get some flames painted on your car. Flames are a great car modification for those who want to be perceived as fast, but don’t want to actually speed. Getting a custom flame paint job might get pricey, though, with estimates coming in between $3,500-6,500.

6. Custom Rims

custom car rims If flames aren’t really your taste, maybe some custom rims are the car modification for you. Rims and new tires can give your car a more polished and lifted look. Or, you can use your rims as an expression of your personality, like neon orange rims for the bold character. Custom rims vary greatly in price depending on what size you get and quality but expect to pay at least $600 per rim and tire.

5. All-Pink Interior

custom car interior Just because your car comes with a black interior, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. A custom dashboard, wheel and rug can give your car the energy the standard interior was lacking. Getting the interior of your car redone can run up a big bill, though, with Angie’s List warning that total internal car modifications should have a budget of $15,000-$20,000.

4. Taxidermy Car Doors

taxidermy estimates Sometimes, car modifications come out of necessity. For example, if you’re in an accident and need a new car door on a budget, you might end up with a door in a different color than the rest of your car. Or, you might own a Jeep and decide to go door-less.

Our number 4 pick for weird car modification decided to replace their Jeep door with a stick and some taxidermy. Depending on what kind of animal you’re seeking for your new door replacement, prices can range from $375 for a taxidermy squirrel to $6,000 for a brown bear.

3. Custom Quilt Paint Job

parade car This quilted paint job features a custom rim job, custom paint job, plastic hands, fake legs and plenty of action figures. Pricing on a custom job like this gem from Portland’s industrial area is hard to come by, but we’d estimate it’s a steal in comparison to some of our earlier car modifications because it’s done outside of a typical body shop.

2. The Grass Car Custom Car Modification

best car modification No car has ever looked greener! Admittedly, this car modification is not the most practical choice, as it’s probably pretty difficult to see through a windshield totally covered in grass. However, this is probably a pretty cheap car modification. 2,000 square feet of sod costs between $160-$600.

1. Fruit Roof

car modifications Not only can you paint your car to look like a series of polaroid’s, but you can also grow life on the roof. The jungle of fresh fruit, leaves and pinwheels is complemented by garland and a grill of gems. Estimating prices on this parade-ready car is rather difficult, but let’s try it:

  • Christmas garland: $20
  • Fruit seeds: $2/package
  • Pinwheels: $15.99 for 8
  • Bulk acrylic paint: $92.50 for 6 colors

While the supplies might be cheap for this car modification, the time cost seems to be the biggest investment, seeing as how the artwork was hand-painted.unicorn car

Honorable mention: The unicorn mobile can’t quite be on the list, as it’s not a real car, but it sure is weird.

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