Short-Listed: Our Top 5 Car-Related Guinness World Records

September 26, 2016

Guinness world record car

You can find a lot of weird records in the Guinness World Records – like the largest human mattress dominoes (2,016 people) or the most people getting married at the same time (35,000 pairs). The more you look through the book, the more you’ll probably realize: there is a record for pretty much everything. The car section alone is daunting, ranging from longest and lightest cars to most fuel-efficient models. Then you’ve got parades of electric cars, Volvos, Scions and feats of skidding, kissing and wheel changing.

Here are our top five favorite car world records.

5. Fastest Land Speed Reached in a Car

If you’ve sat through any of The Fast and the Furious movies, you’ve probably dreamed (at least a little bit) of speeding. Andy Green did just that, and did it well. He is the record holder for the fastest land speed of a car, hitting 763.035 miles per hour on October 15, 1997. That speed also put him in the car that was also the first to break the sound barrier.

fastest car on landAndy achieved this face-melting speed in Thrust SSC, which looks more like a plane bound to the ground than a car. The vehicle features two giant jets and a rather pointy nose.

4. Longest Distance Driven in a Car Doing a Side Wheelie

The first most interesting aspect of this record is that someone actually came up with this record in the first place, plus made modifications for his car to be able to handle the trip. The second most interesting thing is that a car doing a side wheelie can be stable enough to drive hundreds of miles.

On February 26, 2009, Michele Pilia drove a car on two wheels for 230.57 miles. If you’re visiting the Guinness World Records website for Pilia’s achievements, there is a video of the journey, which is quite entertaining to watch.

3. Car Race with the Most Participants

Our number three pick is laced with beautiful intentions. John Lamm organized a race to beat this record – and to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The event drew 216 cars to clinch the record for, ‘Most participants in a car race.’

The race was held on September 13, 2014, took 14.5 hours and raised $5,000 for the foundation. Not a bad day at the racetrack, that’s for sure.

2. Most Cars Pulled by a Human Male

Everything about this record is pretty fascinating. Most people can barely rock a car into motion, but Kevin Fast was able to pull 15 new Mazda3’s at once. Kevin’s impressive feat occurred on October 25, 2014 in Cobough, Canada.

But why stop with one award? Kevin, a priest, has almost two full handfuls of world records. He’s successfully pulled the heaviest plane ever, dragged a fire engine 100 feet and set the record for pulling a house – a house – almost 40 feet.  Another favorite is the record he set while dressed as Santa and dragged a sled full of donations to a local food bank.

car world record1.Hairiest Car

Yes, your read that correctly. Someone won the hairiest car record, and we’re not talking they let a litter of fluffy pups in the backseat that shed a lot. We’re talking about a Fiat 500 fully covered in human hair that Maria Lucia Mungo imported from India. Maria spent over 150 hours decking out her car, weaving braids down the front and completing the exterior with a bit of a mullet. The interior is also covered from floor to ceiling, complete with a hairy steering wheel.

Think spending the time to do this is weird? Well, it gets a bit weirder. Maria actually drives the hairy car on a regular basis. It’s kind of like traveling everywhere inside a fur ball.

Which car-related records would you add to our list? Tell us on our Facebook thread about this article!

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