6 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Fall

Fall is time for change. So why not channel your penchant for pumpkins and all things orange into decorating your car? Here are six tips to get your car ready for the fall.

1. Handle the boring stuff first

At the start of every season, take an inventory of your vehicle. How are the wiper blades? Are all the fluids filled to the brim? Do you need to take your car to emissions? Figure out what has to get done and take care of car repairs before winter descends on your city. Bostonians, this advice is directed at you.

2. Please your nostrils

Once you’ve gotten past a car inspection, it’s time for the fun stuff. Because fall is such a sensory season, aim for the nose to fill your heart with nostalgia. There’s a seemingly endless line of fall air fresheners, including scents like vanilla, apple pumpkin, harvest, cinnamon and more. Steer clear of burning any candles in your car. People love the smell of burning leaves, but face it: No one wants to set their car on fire.

3. Hang up some spook-tacular decor

Nothing says Halloween like some creepy decorations. But there’s a fine line you don’t want to cross when hanging gory decor in your home and your car. When you’re deciding what to display in your window, ask yourself, “Is this legal?” Moreover, consider whether the decor will obstruct your view of the road and how other drivers may perceive your orange-and-black swag. It’s obviously not a good idea to hang a scarecrow from the ceiling.car gourd

4. Get gourds, gourds and more gourds

When it comes to fall, you can never have too many gourds. Fill your dash, back seat and trunk with as many odd-shaped fruits as your heart desires. Just think: It’s another excuse to carve more pumpkins with the family. You can place any extras in the car for some fall flair, making road trips to see relatives a little more festive.

“When it comes to fall, you can never have too many gourds.”

5. Make some new playlists

From Spotify to Apple Music, there’s really no excuse to neglect some holiday-appropriate playlists. Start by crafting a list of the classics, like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and “The Monster Mash.” If you’re a diehard Halloween fan, you can download soundtracks from some of your favorite scary movies including “The Orphan,” “The Ring” and “Saw.”

6. Fill a bucket with candy

Who says you have to wait until Oct. 31 to fill your belly with sweet treats? Pick up a plastic jack-o-lantern and fill it with bite-sized chocolates and hard candies. Halloween only comes around once a year, and you’ve done a great job keeping up with your beach bod this summer. Feel zero guilt about reaching your hand into the bucket for a treat to reward yourself for navigating a traffic jam or tackling a daunting errand. Plus, candy is the perfect way to bribe your kids to behave while you’re driving.

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