’s Holiday Car Name Generator

November 30, 2016

Naming your car is pretty much a right of passage as soon as you get it. Just like we have nicknames for each other, it’s about time your car not only got a name, but also a nickname. We’ve devised a Holiday Car Name Generator to help you give your car a holiday-themed car name. Use the first initial of your first name to get your car’s first name, and then use your first initial of your last name to get your car’s last name. What name does your car get this season?

Holiday Car Name Generator

holiday car name generator

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Why name your car?

You might have found yourself on our holiday car name generator, and are wondering to yourself, why do people name their cars?

Autos Cheat Sheet humorously explains that this trend has become popular based on the relationships we build with our vehicles. We’re working as one together through traffic and moving in tandem. “After all, it is a modern man’s horse and carriage,” Cheat Sheet says.

Scrolling through Quora, people share lots of other rationale explanations. For the wealthy, naming your cars helps when you’re explaining to your spouse which Porsche you’re taking out for a spin, offers Stan. For the more average citizens with zero to one Porsche, Dan explains that naming your Porsche personalizes it. Many people have Porsche’s, but only one has Penelope Cruise the Porsche.

Lee offers trust as a reason to name your car. You’re in it every day, taking on the world together. Shouldn’t something that important have a unique name? Tarun also points to the fact that a car highlights your personality, so it deserves an identity.

Whatever the rationale, naming your car is pretty typical. About 36 percent of 18-34-year-olds name their cars, according to Nationwide.

Whether your car has a full-time name or not, it’s the season of giving…giving your car a festive holiday name, especially when you’re tying a Christmas tree to the top of your car.

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