The Importance of Insurance: How At-Risk are You?

risk of driving infographic

The Importance of Auto Insurance: How at-Risk are You?

Who do you perceive to be most dangerous drivers on the road? Is it the new teen driver who just got their license, or maybe the distracted mom? We are just as curious as you, and have been able to pull out some interesting statistics from our own customers’ experiences.

In the last six months, out of 448,333 self-reported drivers — 77,441 auto accidents occurred in the United States. Of the 83,799 drivers between the ages of 18 and 24, 24% reported being in an accident. The percentage drops 4% for people between 25 and 34. Only 13,755 people reported accidents for the ages of 35 through 44, meaning only 16% of that population was in a wreck. In between the ages 45 and 54, only 14% reported accidents, and keeping the trend between 55 and 64 dropped another two percent. Only 10% of drivers 65 and older reported an accident.

So there we have it. If these numbers were on a chart, it would just be a simple downward trend: as you get older, you report less accidents.

All data of this infographic is from self-reported accidents from a sample of auto insurance consumers. The study was conducted by For more information, please email

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