How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

It seems that everyone is telling you to compare car insurance to get the best price, but what do you look for and what should you compare? There’s a lot more to it than simply getting the lowest price. It can be a complicated process, especially if you aren’t familiar with how car insurance works. We’ve got some tips to help you identify the key items to compare when comparing car insurance quotes online.

Start with Your Coverage

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The first step is to figure out just how much coverage you need. This differs from person to person based on factors such as your car type, how new your car is, and the area in which you normally drive (is it more urban, suburban, or rural?). We recommend discussing this with your current agent as they will be familiar with these factors and can advise you accurately on which insurance coverages you’ll need and what level of each coverage you should carry.

Compare Special Programs

To compare car insurance, the next things you’ll need to look for are extra services or special programs. Some car insurance companies have offerings that are unique to them such as Allstate’s Accident Forgiveness, or Nationwide’s Vanishing Deductible in which your deductible diminishes over time . It’s common to have to compare car insurance quotes with just a small price difference between them, but these sorts of features may warrant paying a slightly higher price at first for greater savings or greater convenience later on. Having this information can make your decision that much easier.

Consider Additional Coverages

If you plan to compare car insurance quotes, then be sure to take a close look at what they include. Some policies may include extras such as roadside assistance  or a greater allowance for car rental when your usual ride has been damaged and is in the shop. Different companies have different approaches to these “extras” so it isn’t uncommon to see one company offer an extra coverage option that another company might exclude, even though both are offering you a car insurance policy at the same price.

Know What You Need

It’s important to know what coverages you need and what coverages you don’t need if you plan to compare car insurance. It’s also important to remember that price isn’t always the best factor for finding the best value. Take a look at the fine print and see what each company can offer you and take that into account as well. You might be able to find better savings by leaving off coverages you don’t really need or you may get a better value and better protection by adding a coverage that you don’t currently have. Either way, knowing what you need is crucial if you’re going to compare car insurance quotes.

Know Where to Compare

Not all car insurance quoting websites are the same. They may advertise multiple quotes, but only let you purchase from a single company. offers the most accurate car insurance quotes available in addition to providing a variety of car insurance companies. You can even compare their quotes side by side to see who is the best value for you. Compare car insurance quotes now.

Buying auto insurance can be a confusing and disoriented process. We want to make sure that our users can make informed choices about their car insurance, selecting from as many options as possible. Read our Auto Insurance Buying Guide to educate yourself before you start a quote.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

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