Texas State Fair: By the Numbers

May 01, 2018

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and the Texas State Fair is no exception. But just how big is Texas-big? The only way to really grasp how much bigger The State Fair of Texas is compared to other state fairs is to compare it! Check out the infographic below to compare normal sized fair items to Texas-sized fair items.

State Fair Infographic

The biggest State Fair Weekend is here! Three million people attend the Texas State Fair each year over 24 consecutive days. With nearly 250,000 compare.com Texas customers this year to date, we pulled together some of the most exciting and interesting facts about The State Fair of Texas to celebrate our comparison-minded Texas friends!

For you foodies, prepare your “Fair fried food bucket list,” as there are 225 concession stands throughout the fairground. If you can imagine a food, you’ll probably find it fried at the fair, ranging from nachos to Jell-o. If corn dogs are more your thing, do your part to help out-eat the 500,000 consumed in 2014.

Share your Texas State Fair Stories

If you’re heading to the Texas State Fair this year, we’d love to hear about your experience! Did you wave ‘hello’ to Big Tex, who is decked out with 100 pounds of denim and a 95 gallon hat? Did you rock out at one of the 85 free concerts? How many of the 140 games and rides did you enjoy? Did you take a test drive at the Chevrolet Ride-and-Drive? Or better yet, maybe you were one of the 6,000 seasonal employees making the Fair possible. Whatever your Texas Fair style is, we want to hear about your time at Fair Park!

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