Test-Driving the Toyota Camry

By Erin

My husband and I are looking to add another car to our family. Right now, we’ve got a Toyota 4Runner, which we knew we wanted way before ever actually buying it. The 4Runner has been amazing, just as we’d hoped, but we’re looking for our next addition to be a bit more practical. Our criteria for our new car is rather simple: we just want a reliable car that will get from point A to point B.

I’m currently playing school bus driver, dropping him off at work before starting my own day at work, then having to pick him back up after work or making him Uber home. We’re ready for another ride.

I landed on wanting to test drive the Toyota Camry because we are looking for a reliable sedan that is better on gas than our SUV.

Test Driving the Camry

Toyota_Camry_interiorLike I’ve mentioned, I’m currently driving a Toyota 4Runner, which is a monster compared to the Camry.  The 4Runner rides like a truck, while the Camry is a smooth typical sedan ride.  What I liked about the Camry is that its interior is laid out the same way as my 4Runner. It was easy to navigate all of the options while driving and no part felt foreign.

The biggest con of the test drive was that the breaks were a bit more touchy compared to the SUV, which is probably just because I’m not used to driving a sedan yet. I wasn’t quite comfortable during the test drive either. I sat straight up and drove like a robot because I was really nervous driving a car that I didn’t own yet. The sales rep put me more at ease when he laughed and told me that is exactly why they have insurance.

Overall, I found that the Camry delivered a smooth and comfortable drive. I never thought I would be excited to drive a Camry, but being in my early 30’s, I’ve gotten to a certain stage in my life where I can’t wait for a dependable ride. I’ve owned unreliable cars that cost a fortune to fix in the past (not the 4Runner), and I’m confident that the Camry won’t be the same trap.

While I may be falling into the “basic” category with a Camry, I have never been so happy to be this basic.

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