Best Valentine’s Gifts for the Practical Loved One

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Stores everywhere are already decked out with cutout hearts, floating cupids, chocolates, flowers, and other romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. For some, the sight sets their hearts aflutter, but for others, it’s a waste of time. They prefer something a little more practical, and it makes them difficult to shop for. You don’t want this year of gift-giving to be another sentimental fiasco. Consider this list of practical gift-ideas your loved one will adore.

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Who wouldn’t love to be told that they could save hundreds a year on their expensive car insurance bill? This year for Valentine’s Day, try doing some research for your loved one and find them some cheaper rates.

As a gift that keeps on giving, compile a list of useful websites and present it on nice paper or in a well-designed email. These websites should include ones that are both entertaining and useful. For example, in the same vein as giving cheaper car insurance, you might suggest where users can compare their own insurance rates. Other useful and entertaining websites include interesting blogs like BuzzFeed or video streaming sites like HuluPlus or VidAngel.

Gifts for practical loved onePhone Accessories

Everyone likes accessories that go with their favorite devices. Consider something unique they probably don’t have, like a charging stand that holds your phone while it charges. Phone cases are also popular, like one with a Swiss army knife built in or one that stores ear buds.

Yoga Mat and Other Workout Supplies

If your loved one has a penchant for exercising, find them a piece of equipment they don’t already have. A really nice yoga mat, for example, is a thoughtful gift that can be easily customized to a specific person. You might also consider a fancy weight set, an exercise video, a stretch band, or a workout outfit.

Travel Deal for Valentine's DayA Great Travel Deal

Whether you travel an hour a way or across the world, everyone loves a good getaway. For the pragmatic Valentine, look for great deals to save you money. Comparing travel prices is a great way to find discounts on travel anywhere. If you’ve expended all your resources to find the best deal possible, your significant other won’t be able to refuse.


There’s no denying a calendar is useful. It can also be sentimental if you choose a style your loved one adores. The great thing about this gift is that you need a new one every year.

Car Accessories

There are always useful gadgets that can help a car function even better. Car mats, seat covers, and steering wheel covers can be both handy and personal. Caddies and storage compartments for inside the vehicle also make great gifts. For the loved one on the go, get a car swivel tray that hooks into the middle console and can hold items like a cell phone or your lunch.


Pay for a subscription to a magazine, video streaming service, gym membership, or audio book service. These kinds of subscriptions are often practical luxuries many people aren’t willing or able to pay for.

Emergency Preparedness Items

Stocking up for a rainy day or the next apocalypse seems to be a popular trend in practicality right now. From hand crank radios to dry food goods to flashlights, you can fill their storage room for Valentine’s Day.

Lap Desk

Most American citizens own a laptop, but the problem is they often overheat when sitting on your lap for too long. The solution is a lap desk. This provides a flat surface to allow for proper cooling while your laptop is in use. Some lap desks come with a fan to cool your laptop even faster.

Kitchen Tools

Have you ever been to a kitchen store? There are so many utensils, gadgets, and fancy tools in there that could never fit into a single kitchen. There’s more than likely something unique in one of those shops your practical partner will love. For example, a chop and clear cutting board is a great gift that’s a cutting board with easy clean up. There’s also an all-in-one bartender tool equipped with tools to open bottles and mix drinks. Feel free to get creative with this one.

socks for your practical valentine Socks

Everyone needs socks. Missing socks are a strange phenomenon that seem to affect everyone, everywhere. Gifting a pair of socks can be both thoughtful and sensible. You might also take it to the next level with a fancy pair of socks that may never get a hole.

Desk Supplies

Fancy pens, organizing caddies, desk calendars, charging stations, and the like make great gifts for those who work in an office. Get a little creative here and think of what your loved one might really like. Some people may love a set of coasters while others will find them useless. Consider their tastes and interests before purchasing something in this line of thought.

Gift Card to a Favorite Restaurant

Everyone has to eat, which makes a gift card to their favorite restaurant a great move. Maybe they’ll even take you along.

Mixed Playlist

No, this trend didn’t die in the 90’s. A mixed playlist is a very thoughtful gift, even for the most practical of people. It gives them something to listen to while working out, driving to work, or waiting at the dentist’s office, and all the while, they’ll be thinking of you.

Organizing Caddy

Whether your partner needs something to straighten up the clutter of keys and mail by the door or a container that will hold their bathroom supplies, this is the gift that will keep on giving.

A Loaded Metro Card

For those who take the subway every day for work, fill a metro card with enough to cover transport for several days or even a month. Free transport is always a plus, and it means that much more when it comes from someone they love.

coffee for a monthCoffee for a Month

Find out their favorite coffee shop, if you don’t know already, and load a gift card with enough money to pay for their drink for a month. If your significant other is the kind of person who can’t begin their day without a strong cup of caffeine, this is the ideal gift.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t disappoint your practical sweetheart. There’s an entire world out there of useful gifts for the no-nonsense heart. All you have to do is start shopping.

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