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May 20, 2018

compare car insurance is unique. We work directly with car insurers to compare customized rates online, helping you save money. Other price comparison sites don’t work directly with insurers, so they can’t give you real prices. Instead, the best they can do is provide estimates. They also pass your information to other companies, which leaves you open to spam emails and phone calls. We hate that practice, and never share your information. We only contact you with information on how to complete a quote so you can save money.

Below are ways the other price comparison sites generate quotes, which will help you see just how different we really are.

Car Insurance Quotes From Screen-Scrapers

One common practice of car insurance comparison websites is called screen-scraping. You enter all your personal information in a form, which then gets sent to a number of car insurance sites. The ‘screen scrape’ crawls visible data on various websites, and then sends you back the information you requested, which in this case is car insurance estimates.

The problem here is that the information you enter usually isn’t very specific and your quotes could end up being very different to what you end up paying. What’s the point of comparing if you’re not getting accurate prices?

Car Insurance Quotes Using an Estimator

Another method of comparing car insurance prices that some sites use involves looking through information that insurers make publicly available to estimate your quotes. However, a 3 percent margin of error is common. There are lots of consumers who are being quoted one price, then purchasing the policy for another.

Imagine how much time you waste on this process, plus there should be no room for error when you’re making a big purchase like car insurance.

What You See is What You Pay has a unique approach to car insurance comparison. Our system is the most accurate method to compare car insurance in the United States.

By working directly with auto insurance carriers, we take the information you provide and send it to multiple car insurance companies. Insurers review your information in real-time and return an accurate quote to you just seconds.

We collect the quotes returned by each of the car insurance companies. Then you can compare them on one page, side-by-side. If you see a quote that’s right for you, you can purchase the policy from the insurer either online, over the phone or through a local agent.

It’s that simple. Stop wondering where to compare car insurance and get your free car insurance quote online today at

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

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