Where are the worst roads in the world?

Worst Roads in the WorldYou thought calling your insurance agency because you hit a pothole was bad? Try driving on a road with a thousand-foot drop on one side, or ride on one made up of mostly ice and snow. Those are the really tough roads.

This got us thinking – which roads are widely considered the “worst” in the world? Where are the roads that are truly difficult drives?

Here is our list (including a couple here in the U.S.!):

I-15 in California

The first road on our list is right here in America: I-15 in California. This highway has led to a number of serious accidents and fatalities, in part due to its geography, road quality and aggressive drivers. Heading toward Las Vegas, I-15 is home to many a gambler and a lot of vehicles, which makes the twisting road all the more dangerous.

Worst Road in the WorldJames Dalton Highway

The next road on our list is also in the U.S. – although this time, the state of Alaska. The James Dalton Highway is home to many truckers and long-haul vehicles making their way through the state, and severe weather is the problem on this road. Temperatures often drop well into the negatives, and there are barely any stops along the route. This means if drivers have any type of problem, they are often on their own until the next vehicle comes by.

Passage de Gois

The next road on our list takes us outside the U.S., where driving conditions can get downright terrifying. Up next is Passage de Gois, at home in France. This road is dangerous because of its height, but not because it is up a mountain. Passage de Gois is under sea level at some points, which means that when the tide comes in, the road floods – whether or not you are on it. So, make sure you are driving on Passage de Gois at the right time of day.


Next, we’ll head to Brazil, where the road that got the nation on our list is called BR-116, or the “Highway of Death.” Unlike our other perilous roads, BR-116 isn’t dangerous for its height or weather – it is dangerous because of the number of vehicles and the poor road maintenance. As one of the longest roads in Brazil, upkeep can be difficult, and that makes for some dangerous driving conditions.

“Sheer drops make the North Yungas Road the most dangerous.”

North Yungas Road

The final road on our list is the North Yungas Road, found in Bolivia. This is the road affectionately known as the “Death Road,” and for several reasons. One is the height. The road is thousands of feet up a mountain. The second is the sheer drop off of the side of the road, with nothing to stop vehicles from sliding off. The third is the traffic. The road is incredibly narrow, but vehicles travel in both directions.

Overall, the North Yungas Road is widely considered to be the most dangerous road in the world. Makeshift memorials dot the cliffs where vehicles have fallen off in the past, and the road is so infamous that the government has been forced to take action and begin construction on safer alternatives. Even so, the Death Road is often the most direct way to get through this section of Bolivia.

That’s our list! While the U.S. is home to its fair share of dangerous roads, it is often the drivers that make them tricky. When looking at other roads throughout the world, the weather and locations make for much more difficult drives. So then, which road do you think is the most dangerous?

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