Crash Test Results Show Best Car is Subaru Forester

subaru forester blue carThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released the crash test results of a recent study designed to determine which vehicles can best sustain one of the most common types of accidents referred to as “small overlap”. The study pitted small SUVs from top brands in the U.S. against one another in an effort to determine the best car for protecting drivers from harm in small overlap accidents. The crash test results were both surprising and disconcerting.

Crash Test ResultsCrash Test Results Based On Common Type of Accident

According to IIHS, small overlap accidents account for nearly 25 percent of all accidents in the U.S. These types of accidents occur when a driver impacts an object or another vehicle with only a small portion or corner of the car’s front bumper. Such an impact bypasses most of the impact safety features put in place by auto manufacturers, creating conditions that are extremely hazardous to the driver and front passenger.

Subaru Forester Proves to Be Best Car in Small Overlap Crash

Of the 13 small SUVs the IIHS tested, the Subaru Forester proved to be the best car in the small overlap crash. More concerning is that of all the vehicles tested, only two produced results that proved to protect the driver and front passenger. The other vehicles tested did not pass the test, earning a “poor” or “marginal” rating.  The vehicle with the lowest safety rating in the crash test results was the Ford Escape.

In the crash test results, the Subaru Forester received high marks for restraints, structure, and kinematics (a measure of how objects in motion act- used to observe how vehicle passengers move in the event of a crash). The Subaru Forester also received the highest rating for all four injury measurements, meaning the passenger represented by the crash test dummy would have received only minor injuries.  To learn more about how other vehicles performed in this test, or to learn more about the crash test itself, view the report in the IIHS website or watch the video below.

Crash Test Results Could Mean Savings

These tests are great news to the owners of 2014 Subaru Foresters, not just because they’ll be safer, but because they could result in lower car insurance premiums. Crash test results and vehicle safety ratings factor in how much you pay for auto insurance, with safer cars earning lower car insurance premiums. A little research before you purchase could save you some money when it comes time to ensure your vehicle. If you’re planning on buying a new (or used) car soon, we recommend reading our car shopping tips for keeping your insurance premiums low.

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