What is the Jeep Easter Safari?

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The Jeep Easter Safari is happening this week.  What is it, and why should Jeep owners care?

Jeep Easter Safari – The Mecca of 4-Wheeling

The Jeep Easter Safari (sometimes referred to as the “Moab Jeep Safari”) is a week-long four-wheeling event in Moab, Utah.  This event is for Jeep (and other 4-wheeling) enthusiasts to spend a week playing in the desert with their favorite vehicles. Moab is sometimes referred to as “the Mecca of 4-wheeling”.  It has trails for all types of vehicles, from rugged 2-wheel drive to heavily modified off-roading vehicles.  The Easter Jeep Safari is run by members of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc., a group of enthusiasts who are familiar with the local trails.  The event is the entire week before Easter every year, and participants have a vast array of trails available for their 4-wheeling pleasure.

Who Comes to the Moab Jeep Safari?

The Red Rock 4-Wheelers have access to and knowledge of a host of trails in and around Moab, and people from all over the country can sign up to ride through the desert on trails of varying difficulty. All vehicles that participate in the Easter Jeep Safari must have a top steel roll bar, a bar running up the sides and top of the vehicle to protect the driver, and be street-legal in their respective state.  Furthermore, it is recommended that each vehicle carry a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tow strap, spare tire, and jack.  This is their way of saying that they have no idea what’s going to happen, but you’d better be prepared for pretty much anything.

As part of the festivities, Jeep unveils a handful of concept cars at the Easter Jeep Safari.  These aren’t your standard Jeep Wranglers, though. In past years, these cars have been concepts only – monstrosities designed specifically to crawl all over Moab and leave nothing but tire marks in their paths.

New 2014 Moab Jeeps

Jeep’s six concepts for 2014 are less off-the-wall than in past years, but they still achieve their goal of being unique, interesting concepts for the discerning Jeep connoisseur. For 2014, the engineers at Jeep scaled back a bit, focusing more on modifications that a Jeep gearhead could manage on his own (depending on his skill level, of course).  Because the entire point of the Jeep Safari is to play in the dirt, these vehicles are optimized for off-roading, but might also function as your daily commuter vehicle (though, perhaps, this isn’t a place for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.)

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