How to Cancel Your Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Policy

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If you decide to cancel your Liberty Mutual insurance for any reason — like if you’ve found a cheaper car insurance policy — you can do so easily and at any time. Liberty Mutual’s rules differ depending on your state, but no matter where you live, you’ll need to cancel it over the phone.

Keep in mind that canceling an auto policy can be tricky as you’re juggling the policies and procedures of two companies. Doing it the wrong way can result in a double payment or (worse) a costly lapse in coverage.

Below, we’ll walk you through the steps to cancel your Liberty Mutual auto insurance policy and how to avoid common cancellation pitfalls.

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3 Steps to Cancel Your Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Policy


If you’ve found a better deal elsewhere, you’ll need to cancel your car insurance policy over the phone with Liberty Mutual. But cancellation is fairly easy — but keep in mind that your customer service agent will do their best to entice you to stay.

Here are three steps to cancel your car insurance policy with Liberty Mutual.

1. Review your car insurance policy

You should understand what your current auto policy covers, its discounts, coverage terms, and other important details. Ensure your new policy meets or exceeds the value of your current policy.

Next, get your policy number and its renewal date. Make a note of whether you’ve prepaid for any portion of your policy. You’ll also want to know the start date of your new policy.

Finally, read the fine print. You’ll want to know if your insurer has any special terms for cancellation or if you need to send a cancellation letter. Gathering this information beforehand ensures you’re not surprised during the call.

2. Contact Liberty Mutual customer service

Cancel your policy anytime with Liberty Mutual by calling 1 (800) 290-8711 — the insurer is open 24/7. Your customer service agent should be capable of answering your questions. The cancellation process varies depending on your state, so ask about what you should expect.

Set the cancellation before or on the start date of your new policy to avoid a lapse in coverage. Ask if you should expect a refund, its value, and when you’ll get it. And find out how and when you’ll receive your cancellation confirmation.

If you need to send a written cancellation request, ask where and how to send it — and make sure you send your letter right away.

3. Get your cancellation confirmation

Liberty Mutual should send your cancellation confirmation by email or mail. If you don’t receive it as expected or if the cancellation differs from what you’ve requested, follow up with customer service.

If your account is set up for automatic payments, you can cancel that in your online portal.

When to Cancel Your Car Insurance Policy

Besides getting rid of your car entirely, there are two primary scenarios where you’ll want to cancel your car insurance policy:

  1. You found the same coverage for a cheaper rate. If you compare rates from several insurers and find cheaper premiums for the same level of coverage, you’ll likely want to switch to save money.
  2. You found better coverage for the same or cheaper rate. You may find a company willing to offer more coverage for the same price as your current policy — maybe even a cheaper premium. Switching will get you better value for your money.

Some common life events can alter the cost of car insurance, so you’ll want to shop around and compare quotes after them. These include:

What to Consider Before Canceling Your Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Policy


Before canceling your Liberty Mutual auto insurance policy, consider the following to ensure a smooth transition.

  • When shopping for a new policy, compare coverage limits, coverage types, benefits, customer service, and other pertinent details.
  • Before switching your policy, ensure everything is ready for your new insurance policy to start.
  • Check to see if you owe money or if you’re entitled to receive a refund for the unused portion of your paid-in-full policy.
  • Ensure you don’t have a lapse in coverage by making sure your new policy starts the day of or before your cancellation date.
  • Liberty Mutual may charge a cancellation fee depending on where you live, so it’s best to call to find out if a fee applies in your state.
  • If you bundle car insurance with other insurance products (renters, condo, or home insurance), consider the loss of that discount when comparing prices.

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Alternatives to Canceling Your Liberty Mutual Policy

If you’re considering canceling your Liberty Mutual auto insurance policy, here are some alternative options to explore.

  • Policy adjustments: Changing insurance coverage levels or deductibles can influence your rate. Explore your options with an agent.
  • Additional discounts: Review discounts with an agent to find out if you’re getting every discount you’re eligible for.
  • Payment plans: Paying your premium in full will lower the total amount you pay.
  • Discussing your concerns with an agent: If you aren’t sure whether to switch to a cheaper policy, review your new quote with a Liberty Mutual agent to see if you can get a better rate without switching.

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Canceling Liberty Mutual Policy FAQs


Though Liberty Mutual has been in business for over a century, customers still have questions about how policy cancellation works. Here are some quick answers to the most commonly asked cancellation questions.

Can you cancel your Liberty Mutual car insurance policy online?

No. Liberty Mutual requires policyholders to cancel their car insurance policies over the phone by calling 1 (800) 290-8711. You can cancel your policy at any time, but keep in mind that you may be charged a penalty for early cancellation depending on the rules in your state.

How can you confirm your Liberty Mutual insurance policy is canceled?

Liberty Mutual should send confirmation of your cancellation by mail or email. Be sure to ask your customer service representative how you’ll receive your confirmation when you call to cancel. If you don’t receive it, call again to ask for confirmation.

Can someone else cancel your Liberty Mutual policy for you?

No. The policyholder (not other insured drivers) needs to cancel a Liberty Mutual policy — you can add a spouse to your policy as a policyholder, but be sure to designate them as such. If the primary policyholder has passed away, the next of kin can cancel the policy by providing a copy of the death certificate.

Will Liberty Mutual cancel your policy if you just stop paying?

Yes, Liberty Mutual (and virtually all car insurance companies) will cancel your policy if you stop paying. Liberty Mutual gives policyholders a grace period of 10 to 14 days — as much as 20 days in some states — to pay late. You’ll get a late payment notification within five days after the missed payment.

Does canceling car insurance affect your credit?

No, canceling your insurance policy yourself generally doesn’t result in any change to your credit score. But if your car insurance company cancels your policy due to lack of payment, you may see a change. It depends on whether the insurer reports your lack of payment to credit bureaus.


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