COUNTRY Financial Review: Is It the Right Choice for You?

COUNTRY Financial stands out for its competitive rates and unique offerings. It’s a great option for drivers with a variety of backgrounds, but families with teen drivers and people with poor credit potentially save the most.

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COUNTRY Financial insurance logo Rating ?


  • Cheap average rates for most drivers
  • Higher-than-average customer and claims satisfaction
  • Lower-than-average customer complaints


  • No accident forgiveness or vanishing deductible
  • Gap insurance not available
  • Can’t buy policies online

Bottom Line

COUNTRY Financial excels at customer service and offers a solid range of coverage options and discounts on its already inexpensive policies. Its huge range of insurance products makes it ideal for one-stop shoppers in search of a bundling discount. But its app and website user experience may lag behind some competitors, and it’s available in only 19 states.

Established in 1925, COUNTRY Financial offers many insurance and financial products, including auto, home, and life insurance, retirement planning, and college savings. Standout auto insurance features include the DriverIQ Program, which rewards safe driving with discounts, and The Keeper coverage, which replaces new cars totaled in accidents.

COUNTRY Financial also offers substantial discounts for good students, engaged couples, and drivers bundling multiple policies, making its already cheap car insurance even less expensive. No wonder customers rank the company among the best in the country. That said, COUNTRY Financial offers policies in just 19 U.S. states, and Android users have noted difficulties with its mobile app.

We cover everything you need to decide if COUNTRY is your best option.

Is COUNTRY Financial a Good Choice for Auto Insurance?

Yes, COUNTRY Financial is a solid choice for car insurance. We’ve summarized COUNTRY Financial’s performance across five key metrics, each on a scale of one to five. Based on our research, it performs well in every category — as you can see in the table below.

Category Score
Cost 5/5
Customer satisfaction 4.7/5
Ease of use 4.6/5
Availability 3.7/5
Industry reputation 3.3/5
Overall Score* 4.75/5
*Company ratings for each category are determined using our proprietary, objective rating formula. You can find more information on our unique scoring methodology at the bottom of this article.

Where COUNTRY Financial stands out

COUNTRY Financial offers low average rates and a unique set of discounts — including the legacy discount, which allows you to pass your discounts on to the next generation. Plus, the company outshines many competitors in customer and claims satisfaction.

Where COUNTRY Financial falls short

COUNTRY’s coverage options have crucial limitations — especially if you want valuable extras like accident forgiveness, custom equipment coverage, or key replacement. You also can’t get pay-per-mile car insurance from COUNTRY Financial.

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COUNTRY Financial Reviews: What Real Customers Are Saying

While COUNTRY earns excellent scores from J.D. Power for claims and customer service, online review sites could be more consistent. The company gets a great score on Clearsurance but low scores (and few reviews) on Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs.

Notably, several longtime customers testify to a kind and attentive customer service team. The customer below has stayed with COUNTRY for five years (and doesn’t plan to switch) because customer service is fast, thorough, and knowledgeable.

COUNTRY Financial 5-star review

The long-term customer in the screenshot below notes that their agent is always quick to help with claims, questions, and emergencies.

COUNTRY Financial 5-star review

But a few recent reviewers complain about sudden price hikes that come without warning or explanation. That was the below customer’s experience — when they called for more information, they were met with unempathetic customer support.

COUNTRY Financial 1-star review

What You Can Expect to Pay for COUNTRY Financial Car Insurance

Although COUNTRY Financial’s average premium is $34 per month, rates vary by coverage level. Liability-only policies are cheaper, covering only injuries or property damage you cause to others. Full coverage, which includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, costs more.

The table below shows COUNTRY’s average monthly rates for liability and full coverage.

Liability Only Full Coverage
$22 $45

You can likely save a lot with COUNTRY. Its average rates are much lower than the national averages of $92 and $176, respectively — but broad averages don’t account for the many factors influencing costs.

We cover several of those factors in later sections.

COUNTRY Financial vs. the Competition

It’s helpful to consider how COUNTRY compares to its closest competitors in terms of cost and other key metrics. Here’s how COUNTRY Financial’s average rates and Rating stack up with some of its closest competitors.

Company Rating Average Monthly Rate Average Monthly Savings*
COUNTRY Financial 4.75/5 $34 $101
GEICO 4.65/5 $88 $47
Liberty Mutual 4.62/5 $146 -$11
Progressive 4.73/5 $119 $16
State Farm 4.90/5 $85 $50
*Savings are calculated based on the difference between each insurer’s average monthly rate and the national average for all insurers.

Despite its small size, COUNTRY costs less on average than four of the largest insurance companies in the country.

We found that it also outperforms all but State Farm based on its Rating. But while State Farm has higher scores for availability, ease of use, and industry reputation, COUNTRY scores significantly higher for customer satisfaction.

Be sure to consider which factors are most important to you when deciding which is the best insurance company.

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Breaking Down COUNTRY Financial’s Average Car Insurance Costs

Your driving record is the strongest indicator of potential future claims and significantly affects your insurance costs. Additionally, your credit history affects your rates (in most states), as insurance companies associate poor credit with a higher risk of car accidents.

Let’s examine how COUNTRY Financial rates change based on your driving record.

Driver Type COUNTRY Financial Average Monthly Rate National Average Monthly Rate Average Monthly Savings*
Clean driving record, good credit $35 $138 $103
Clean driving record, poor credit $35 $162 $127
Recent speeding ticket, good credit $41 $171 $130
Recent at-fault accident, good credit $45 $181 $136
Recent DUI, good credit $53 $203 $150
*Savings are calculated based on the difference between COUNTRY Financial’s average monthly rate and the national average for all insurers.

Our research found that all driver types can likely save on premiums with COUNTRY Financial. The company offers cheaper-than-average rates compared to national averages in each profile outlined above. Interestingly, rates are the same for drivers with clean records, whether they have good or bad credit, suggesting that people working to improve their scores may find a fair deal.

Age and location are other top factors influencing insurance rates, so let’s review those next.

COUNTRY Financial’s Average Rates by Age

Your age has a huge effect on your car insurance rates. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that teens and young drivers are more prone to at-fault accidents, leading to higher premiums for that age group. Senior drivers are the least likely to cause accidents and typically enjoy the lowest average rates from insurance companies because of it.

In the table below, we’ve broken down the average rates COUNTRY Financial charges based on your age.

Age Group COUNTRY Financial Average Monthly Rate National Average Average Monthly Savings*
Teens $36 $232 $229
20s $39 $156 $117
30s $31 $124 $93
40s $31 $117 $86
50s $28 $104 $76
60s $28 $99 $71
70s $23 $103 $80
*Savings are calculated based on the difference between COUNTRY Financial’s average monthly rate and the national average for all insurers.

Somewhat surprisingly, COUNTRY’s average rates don’t follow national trends where teens pay the highest rates. Teen drivers pay an average of $36 per month with COUNTRY — slightly less than drivers in their 20s. The insurer offers special deals for teenagers, including discounts for completing the Simply Drive course and a state-approved driver training course.

Rates are lowest for older drivers, especially people in their 70s. Though there aren’t any senior-specific discounts, older drivers can still save significantly with COUNTRY.

COUNTRY Financial’s Average Rates by State

Car insurance rates vary by state due to state regulations, accident rates, crime rates, the percentage of uninsured motorists, and more. Each insurer has a unique way of determining its risk and rates within each state.

For example, most insurers charge more in Georgia — which has expensive claims costs and high uninsured driving rates — than Illinois, which has lower claims losses and uninsured rates, for example.

The table below shows how rates change with COUNTRY Financial based on your state and how each compares to the statewide average.

State COUNTRY Financial Average Monthly Rate Statewide Average Monthly Rate Average Monthly Savings
Alabama $61 $118 $57
Arizona $150 $145 -$5
Georgia $88 $191 $103
Illinois $61 $128 $67
Nevada $50 $248 $198
*Savings are calculated based on the difference between COUNTRY Financial’s average monthly rate and each state’s average for all insurers.

COUNTRY’s rates are cheaper on average in four out of the five states above. This is why you should consider other factors when evaluating car insurance costs.

COUNTRY Financial Car Insurance Discounts

Car insurance discounts can lower your insurance costs substantially. Keep in mind that savings will vary by insurer and state.

COUNTRY Financial offers the following 12 discounts:

  • Advanced quote: Discount for getting a quote before the policy starts.
  • Anti-theft: Discount for having anti-theft devices installed in your car.
  • College graduate: Discount for recent college graduates.
  • Defensive driver: Discount for completing a defensive driving course.
  • DriverIQ Program: Save up to 25% for participating in the DriverIQ telematics program.
  • Engaged Couple: Discount for engaged couples.
  • Good driver: Discount for maintaining a clean driving record.
  • Good student: Save up to 35% with this discount if you have a student with good grades.
  • Legacy: Pass down your multi-car and multi-policy discounts to unmarried drivers under 25 in your family (whether they live with you or not).
  • Multi-car: Discount for insuring multiple cars with the same company.
  • Multi-policy: Discount for bundling your auto with another policy, such as life or homeowners insurance, disability income, or a bank account or annuity product of over $1,000.
  • Occupation: Save up to 15% with this discount if you belong to specific professions or occupations.

COUNTRY Financial’s Available Auto Insurance Coverages

Nearly every state requires liability insurance, but most insurers offer more coverage for greater protection. COUNTRY Financial offers the following options.

How to Purchase a Car Insurance Policy From COUNTRY Financial

To buy a COUNTRY Financial policy, you can start your quote online, but you’ll need to customize and buy your policy with an agent’s help. I went to the auto homepage to get my policy and clicked “Start a Quote.”

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 1

Then, I entered my ZIP code and provided some of my contact and personal information.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 2

I also entered information about my driving history.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 3

Next, I provided more personal information: my address, age, gender, and relationship status, plus additional driving history.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 4

And then, I got my quote, which was lower than I expected — just $75 per month, even though I have a recent speeding ticket on my record.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 5

The quote page was easy to understand. My default coverage limits were high, and my deductibles were low, making my low rate more impressive.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 6

The page also listed my eligible discounts, which included the telematics program, though I hadn’t agreed to participate.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 7

Each coverage option and discount had an information button I could click for further information.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 8

I needed to call customer service to customize the policy or buy it as is. This is a bit cumbersome, but for such a good price, I’d jump through the extra hoop.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 9

As a final note, I wasn’t able to generate my quote with my home address (I used my parents’ address to move forward). There wasn’t an explanation, but a form appeared requesting a phone call.

It’s possible that you’ll meet this roadblock in your quote process, so it’s a good idea to be aware of it.

COUNTRY Financial purchasing policy step 10

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What to Expect When Filing a Claim With COUNTRY Financial

Submit an auto claim online or over the phone, and COUNTRY Financial will assign you a claims agent and adjuster to handle your claim and reimbursement.

COUNTRY earns high marks from J.D. Power for claims handling, and online customers agree. Customers, like the ones below, talk about the quick and detailed claims process, with COUNTRY handling most of the details.

COUNTRY Financial 5-star review

COUNTRY Financial 5-star review

But I found some reviews, such as the one below, detailing denied claims or a long wait to get their payout — so long it outlasted rental car coverage limits.

COUNTRY Financial 1-star review

More About COUNTRY Financial Insurance

Founded 1925
Available in 19 states
Owned by Policyholders (mutual insurance company)
National average premium $34 per month
Mobile app Android, iOS
Customer service 1 (866) 268-6879
Claims 1 (866) 268-6879
Primary competitors Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, State Farm

COUNTRY Financial’s other insurance products

COUNTRY Financial offers a large selection of insurance products to protect you, your loved ones, your business, and your property, including the following:

  • Motorcycle coverage
  • Boat insurance
  • Recreational vehicle policies
  • Home insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Landlord insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Business coverage
  • Business owners policy
  • Commercial package policy
  • Winery insurance
  • Craft brewery policies
  • Crop insurance
  • Farm, livestock, and country estate policies
  • Pet insurance

Work with your COUNTRY Financial insurance agent to learn more about each product and get fully covered.

In addition to insurance, COUNTRY also offers the following financial planning products:

  • Personal retirement
  • College savings
  • Annuities
  • Business retirement
  • Investment management

DriverIQ Program

COUNTRY’S DriverIQ Program app is part of a usage-based telematics program that provides driving feedback for safer driving and insurance discounts. Enroll to save 10% initially, with up to 25% at renewal based on driving performance. But keep in mind that your premium could go up between initial enrollment and renewal if you don’t earn a discount of 10% or more.

The app measures phone usage, braking, and speeding to evaluate your driving and determine your score — and subsequent discount.

The Keeper

Sometimes called “new-car replacement,” this coverage safeguards new vehicles. Typically, insurers pay only your car’s current market value if an accident severely damages it. But COUNTRY Financial will pay for a new car of the same make and model if it declares your vehicle totaled.

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COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance FAQs

Below are answers to the most common questions people ask about COUNTRY Financial.

Does COUNTRY Financial have cheap car insurance?

Yes, COUNTRY Financial has significantly cheaper rates than the national average. It has cheaper-than-average rates in nearly every state, based on data.

Does Country Financial offer other types of insurance?

Yes. COUNTRY Financial offers over a dozen other insurance products and provides financial savings products, such as retirement, investment, and college savings.

Is Country Financial a big insurance company?

No. COUNTRY Financial is a midsized insurance company available in 19 states.

Is COUNTRY Financial the same as Country Mutual Insurance?

Yes. COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company is part of the larger COUNTRY Financial family.

Data Methodology:

Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance quotes from more than 75 partner insurers in order to compile the rates and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information.

All the rates listed in this article have been collected from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to provide readers with insights into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.

Rating Methodology:’s mission is to help our readers make more informed decisions about their personal finances. Our editorial staff has crafted a proprietary, objective rating formula — the Rating — to make it easier for our readers to analyze and compare many of the industry’s most well-known insurers. The score you see referenced in this article is based on several factors, including:

  • Cost: How the insurer’s average rates compare to its direct competitors and the industry as a whole. This includes available savings opportunities, such as discounts and other factors.
  • Customer satisfaction: How satisfied existing customers are with the service they receive. This includes the insurer’s scores among various third-party studies, such as the J.D. Power U.S. Insurance Shopping and Claims Satisfaction studies, and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index, among others.
  • Ease of use: How easy it is for policyholders to utilize their policies. This includes mobile app availability, customer service availability, payment flexibility, and other related factors.
  • Availability: The overall scope of the company’s insurance offerings. This includes available coverage types, national footprint, and other related factors.
  • Industry reputation: A measure of the insurer’s overall standing within the industry. This includes its AM Best financial strength rating, BBB accreditation, and other related factors.


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