Home State County Mutual

Why choose Home State County Mutual Insurance?

  • Their policies are serviced by Multi-state Insurance Agency, combining experience with great service
  • They are fully licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance
  • Texas is literally their ‘home state’ – they’re based in Waco, Texas

Did you know...?

  • You can choose to have payments automatically taken directly from your bank account
  • Policy terms are 12 months so that your rate is locked in for the year
  • They offer bilingual customer service
  • Customer Service: 214-447-7933

Focused primarily in Texas, Home State County Mutual Insurance have over 60 years of experience in the insurance industry since their founding in 1948. They are based in the state that they serve, which means that Home State truly understand Texans and what they need out of their car insurance.

They have a strong relationship with local agents. Home State utilizes a network of independent agents and brokers across Texas. That way, their policyholders will always have a person to turn to when they need that extra bit of guidance.

Home State wants to get you insured and legal on the roads, whatever your driving history may be. Specializing in minimum limits insurance, they offer a range of payment plans to suit you and your budget. They work closely with TexasSure through the Texas Department of Insurance (DOI). Working closely with the DOI helps to keep uninsured drivers off the road and keep your premiums low.

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