Liberty Mutual and Safeco RightTrack Review: How It Works & What You Should Know

RightTrack is Liberty Mutual’s telematics program that can save you up to 30% on your premiums. We cover everything here.

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Liberty Mutual & Safeco RightTrack Rating ?


  • Initial 10% discount for enrolling
  • One of the highest discounts available
  • Easy to enroll and start tracking


  • Premiums may increase
  • Unclear driving score and discount
  • App may record “phantom” events

Bottom Line

In just 90 days, you could earn a 30% discount on your Liberty Mutual auto insurance premiums. But some enrollees report receiving unclear and incorrect information about how the program works. Be sure to read the terms carefully, and remember that telematics isn’t the only way to get cheap car insurance.

RightTrack is a usage-based insurance program that Liberty Mutual and Safeco offer to new and existing customers. To enroll, all you have to do is sign up, download an app, and allow it to monitor your driving for 90 days. Depending on your final score, you can save on premiums — up to 30% (though we couldn’t find any customers reporting such high savings).

Most people see savings between 10% and 20%, according to insurance agents, but many report earning lower discounts despite high scores for their driving. Because you get an automatic 10% for signing up, any discount lower than that will result in a higher premium after 90 days.

What Is Liberty Mutual RightTrack?

Liberty Mutual RightTrack is one of many telematics programs on the market that could make your auto insurance more affordable — if you’re a safe driver. Telematics technology gathers data from one of two sources: your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics via a plug-in device or GPS tracking through a mobile app.

RightTrack works by tracking driving behavior, like speed, braking, and mileage. It evaluates your driving patterns and rewards you for safe driving habits by discounting your insurance premiums. The safer you drive, the better the discount. Similar programs include Progressive’s Snapshot, State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save, and Allstate’s Drivewise.

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How Does RightTrack Work?

When you sign up for Liberty Mutual’s RightTrack program, you automatically get a 10% discount on your premium. You’ll download the mobile app to track when you drive (RightTrack recommends encouraging all drivers on the policy to participate for the most accurate data). If you live in New York, you’ll just plug a small device into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port of your participating vehicle.

Once you’re set, RightTrack monitors your driving for 90 days. You can check your progress in the RightTrack portal. Liberty Mutual will evaluate your driving and apply your RightTrack discount to your premiums. You can save a maximum of 30%, with the discount applicable for the policy’s life.

Let’s review how the program tracks your driving.

What does RightTrack monitor?

RightTrack can monitor a wide range of driving behaviors, including the following:

  • Mileage: How many miles you’ve driven.
  • Nighttime driving: How often and how long you drive at night.
  • Braking: Hard versus gentle braking, with hard braking indicating risky behavior.
  • Acceleration: Rapid acceleration indicates aggressive driving behavior, while smooth acceleration indicates low risk.
  • Rush hour driving: Time spent driving during peak traffic.
  • Frequency at lower speeds: How long you spend at low speeds, indicating time in traffic.
  • Distracted driving: Driving while using your phone.

What RightTrack observes depends on state laws and the type of monitor installed (plug-in device vs. mobile app).

How does RightTrack know who’s driving?

The app can detect who’s the driver as long as each driver has their own mobile app and uses it. Your trips count toward your score. If you have multiple drivers participating but one doesn’t track their driving, Liberty Mutual will give you a smaller discount.

If you’re a passenger in someone else’s car or on public transportation, you can mark that you’re a passenger through the app. This will keep that trip from affecting your score.

How Much Can You Save With RightTrack?

You can save between 5% and 30% based on your driving behavior — or see a surcharge for risky behavior. Because you get a 10% discount for trying the RightTrack program, your premium will also increase if your final discount is less than 10%.

But there’s confusion and frustration about the process among current participants, especially the connection between driving feedback and the discount.

The Reddit user below allegedly received just a 7% discount, though their driving behavior ranks well.RightTrack reddit review

And this driver saw a drop in their score even though they hadn’t driven their car.RightTrack reddit review

But the insurance agent below reports seeing an average discount of 15%–20% with their clients.RightTrack reddit review

Liberty Mutual/Safeco RightTrack vs. the competition

Telematics and other usage-based insurance programs have become incredibly popular since they offer drivers some of the best insurance discounts available. The table below shows a wide range of similar programs, including the most popular and maximum discount opportunities.

Program Initial Discount Maximum Discount
Liberty Mutual & Safeco RightTrack 10% 30%
Allstate Drivewise Varies by state Varies by state
American Family KnowYourDrive 10% 20%
Chubb SafeLane 10% 20%
Direct Auto DynamicDrive 10% Not disclosed
Farmers Signal 5% 15%
Nationwide SmartRide 10% 40%
Progressive Snapshot Varies by state

Average discount of $94

Varies by state

Average discount of $231

State Farm Drive Safe & Save 5% 30% (may exceed 30% in some states)
The Hartford TrueLane 12% 25%
Travelers IntelliDrive 10% 30% (up to 40% in Nevada)
USAA SafePilot 10% 30%

Liberty Mutual and Safeco offer one of the best discounts in the industry — exceeded only by Nationwide’s SmartRide. USAA’s SafePilot offers the same discount, while State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save and Traveller’s IntelliDrive offer the same or better discounts depending on the state.

But maximum discounts don’t reflect actual savings. The ultimate determining factors are how you drive and how the program tracks you.

How to maximize your RightTrack discount

To maximize your RightTrack discount, you’ll want to keep your driving score as high as possible — the higher your score, the higher your discount. Here are some tips.

  • Take it slow: Avoid fast accelerations and make slow turns around curves.
  • Review your score: It’s a good idea to review how your score changes and flag inaccurate trip data.
  • Avoid driving at night and during rush hour: Try to limit driving during these hours since accident risk increases.
  • Focus on defensive driving habits: Smooth acceleration and soft braking are key.
  • Drive less: You need at least 125 miles over 90 days to lock in your discount, but low mileage keeps your score high.

Can your rates go up with RightTrack?

Yes. RightTrack will increase your car insurance rates based on risky driving behavior. You can earn a lower discount than the 10% automatically applied at sign-up. But your driving data, like mileage, can also increase your car insurance premiums if it’s higher than what you initially reported during your quote process.

Terms of participation vary depending on your state, so read the agreement carefully.

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Is Liberty Mutual RightTrack Worth It? What Real Customers Are Saying

Online reviews of the RightTrack program are overwhelmingly negative. But that doesn’t mean everyone has a negative experience. Still, let’s dig into the primary complaints.

Many Liberty Mutual customers — like the one featured in the screenshot below — complain about the unclear connection between their driving score and the applied discounts.

RightTrack 1-star review

Other RightTrack users report sudden score drops after non-driving events, including software updates and phantom events. This customer’s discount dropped by $107 even though they hadn’t driven the car, and no one at Liberty Mutual could fix or explain it.RightTrack 1-star review

The overwhelming feedback indicates a lack of clarity on how the program works. Several customers report not knowing that the company applied a 10% discount at enrollment, even when asked about it directly.

The customer below was unaware of the initial discount and lost almost all of their discount for no discernable reason. Customer service agents couldn’t explain what happened, and one allegedly hung up on them.

RightTrack 1-star review

How to Sign Up for Liberty Mutual or Safeco RightTrack

Signing up for RightTrack is easy. After you opt in, the company will email you detailed instructions.

1. Get an auto insurance quote with Safeco or Liberty Mutual

If you’re not a customer, start by getting a quote. You can enroll during the quote process.

2. Opt in to RightTrack

Enroll in the RightTrack program through your online account anytime, even if you’re not a new customer.

3. Download the mobile app or plug in your device

Download the Liberty Mutual or Safeco mobile app, depending on which insurer you use (there’s no separate RightTrack app). In New York, drivers who participate in the RightTrack Plug-in program plug a device into their vehicle’s diagnostics port to track their driving.

4. Drive safely

Smooth acceleration, gentle braking, and refraining from rush hour driving earn you a higher score. Driving after midnight can lower your score.

5. Monitor your progress

Use the app to monitor and correct your driving data. Tap the RightTrack tab in the app to find real-time status updates.

6. Collect your discount

Your driving score at the top of the RightTrack tab determines your final discount. The score can change any time you drive.

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Liberty Mutual and Safeco RightTrack FAQs

With so many different telematics programs, it’s no wonder people still have questions. Here are answers to the most common questions about how the RightTrack program works.

What is the Liberty Mutual RightTrack program?

RightTrack is Liberty Mutual’s telematics safe driving program. If you enroll, it will track your driving for a 90-day review period and reward you with a 5%–30% discount on your premiums at the end of the program. You retain the discount for the life of the auto policy.

Is RightTrack worth it?

It depends. RightTrack is a good option if you practice safe driving. It might not be worth it if you have poor driving habits (speeding, hard braking, and driving after midnight) or are uncomfortable with the company tracking your driving. You might be better off using other discounts, like paperless billing, good student (for a high GPA), or auto-paying from your bank account.

What data does RightTrack collect?

RightTrack collects things like your acceleration (how fast you accelerate), braking (hard or soft braking), mileage, time of day, and other specific behaviors. How much data it collects varies by state.

Does Liberty Mutual RightTrack monitor speed?

While Liberty Mutual says it tracks if there’s a rapid acceleration event or low-speed driving (indicating traffic), it doesn’t claim to monitor speed in general. For example, it doesn’t know if you exceed the speed limit.

Data Methodology:

Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance quotes from more than 75 partner insurers in order to compile the rates and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information.

All the rates listed in this article have been collected from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to give readers insights into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.


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