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Why choose Say Insurance Review?

  • Roadside Assistance included in every policy
  • Coverage and discount options to fit your budget and lifestyle
  • All-online car insurance from quote to claim and beyond

Did you know...?

  • The Say mobile app allows for easy policy management on the go
  • Say’s Customer Service Squad is available via phone, chat, or email
  • Backed by Shelter Insurance® and 75 years of experience
  • Customer Service: 800-225-5729
  • Claims: 800-225-5729
  • Roadside Assistance: 866-296-8145

Say Insurance's Discounts

  • Advance purchase: If your policy’s start date is at least 7 days after your purchase day, you can save for giving Say the extra head’s up
  • Paperless Discount: Go ‘green’ and choose paperless. Save the planet and save some cash
  • Continuous insurance: If you have no gaps in your coverage, you can be rewarded with lower premiums
  • Paid in full: One up-front payment can eliminate worry and put extra cash in your wallet

Say Insurance® offers all-online car insurance from quote to policy, to claim, and beyond. They are here with a fresh perspective, the firm belief that insurance should be simple, and are backed by their parent company, Shelter General Insurance Company and 75 years of award-winning customer service.

The perks don’t stop at competitive premiums. Their unique experience includes clear and transparent coverage, discount options for everyone, Roadside Assistance with every policy, and a user-friendly mobile app to make handling insurance needs “on the go” easier.

Say’s approach to car insurance is open and honest because drivers should know what they’re paying for and why. An essential element of being clear-cut is customer service. The Say Service Squad is available via chat, email, phone, and social media, and they have 24/7 claims filing. So, you can reach out in the way that is most convenient for you!

Don’t wait. See what all the hype is about today in our Say Insurance Review.

What is Say Insurance?

Established in 2016, Say Insurance is a subset of Shelter General Insurance, a company with more than 75 years of award-winning service. Say Insurance is dedicated to creating a simple, all-online car insurance experience. 

It offers users a mobile app to manage your policy on the go. The app supports both Android and iPhone users and works as an all-in-one app for all your car insurance needs. You can file a claim, access your ID cards, and make payments on your device. 

They aim to make the auto insurance experience as painless as possible and do this by offering many options to speak with customers. Say Insurance prides itself on allowing drivers to call or chat with a service representative within 5 minutes. 

How Does Say Insurance Work?

So how does Say Auto insurance work? Let’s take a look at the details.

Premium Payment Options

Say Auto Insurance accepts debit, credit, or bank transfers as payment. You can also enroll in autopay with these three options. You can change your payment method at any time online, but they require an autopay method on file. 

The required autopay is designed to help you avoid late fees and reduce the chances of forgetting to pay for your monthly policy. You can also make a one-time manual payment before your bill is due or make an early partial payment. 

Rate Increases 

Like most auto insurance companies, Say Insurance rates can increase for various reasons.

  • Where you live: As the state regulates the insurance industry, your rates could change based on state law or regulation. Rates also vary by zip code. If you’ve recently moved to a new area, you might see a change in your premium. 
  • Your Vehicle: Your rates will fluctuate based on your car’s value and the make and model. To avoid drastic rate increases, look up the insurance cost for your preferred make and model before taking a trip to the dealership. 
  • Insurance Score: Your insurance score is calculated from your credit report and insurance history to predict how much of a risk you may be to insure. As your credit or insurance score shifts, your rates can too. When you join Say, you will begin a separate insurance credit score that impacts your rates. Say adds 50 points to your account every time you renew to help balance out your score in case of fluctuations. 
  • Claims: Depending on the severity of the accident, who’s at fault, and your driving history — filing a claim can impact your rates. 

Anytime your auto insurance rates increase you can use it as an opportunity to compare coverage. We have a free rate comparison tool you can use to compare rates of 75+ top companies. It’s easy and only takes 5 minutes. 

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Claims Process

You can file a claim with Say Insurance in two ways:

  1. Call the Say Service Squad at 1-800-225-5729.
  2. Report a claim through their mobile app. 

What Coverage Options Does Say Insurance Offer?

Say Insurance provides coverage options to help protect you and your vehicle. Which insurance product is right for you?

  • Collision Coverage: Coverage for protecting your vehicle when it collides with another car or object, not including animals or people. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Protects you and your vehicle in the case of certain incidents out of your control. This includes damage from animals, theft, or natural disasters. 
  • Liability Car Insurance: Helps in the case of injuries or damages you cause to other people and their property. This insurance includes Bodily Injury coverage which covers more than medical costs. It pays for lost wages, funeral expenses, and even legal fees. It also includes property damage coverage which takes care of any repair or replacement costs to other vehicles or property involved in the accident.
  • Medical Insurance: Covers ambulance fees, x-rays, hospital stays, and even nursing care that could result from a covered accident- regardless of who was at fault. We often recommend this when you don’t have health insurance, but it’s a good add-on for most drivers. 
  • New Car Replacement: You can qualify for this policy if you have comprehensive or collision coverage and purchased your vehicle within 12 months of the accident. You must meet additional qualifications, such as the vehicle having 15,000 miles or less at the time of the accident. 
  • Rental Reimbursement: Coverage for when you need a rental car because you cannot drive your vehicle due to an accident covered by your Collision or Comprehensive car insurance policies. 
  • Uninsured Motorist: Helps pay what a person who doesn’t have liability insurance owes you. This includes when a person flees the scene of the accident. 
  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage: A low-cost option to protect your vehicle if you do not have Collision coverage. This coverage protects you even if the person who caused the accident does not have insurance. 

Do They Offer Discounts?

Say Auto Insurance offers many discounts to fit your needs, but they differ depending on where you live. Here are some of the discounts they offers to their drivers. 

  • Advance Purchase Discount: When you go through the quote process, you’ll need to put in the date you need your coverage to start. This discount will automatically be deducted from your rate if it’s at least seven days in advance. 
  • Anti-Theft Discount: You’ll save up to 15% if your car has an anti-theft device. Say Insurance accepts devices like a car alarm, GPS tracker, or a disabling device that prevents your vehicle from being driven without the key.
  • Continuous Insurance Discount: If you’re merely looking to switch auto insurance companies, this could save you up to 10%. Say rewards those who have continuous auto insurance until you become a customer. 
  • Defensive Driving Course Discount: The Defensive Driving course is a driver safety course to refresh your knowledge and is available in person or online. After completing the course and providing proof, you can save up to 10% on your insurance policies. 
  • Paperless Discount: Getting your documents sent to your email address instead of mailed to your home can save you up to 10%. Save money and save trees.
  • Pay-in-Full Discount: Paying in one, up-front payment instead of making monthly payments can save you up to 10% on your rate for your full six-month term. You can even pay in full in the middle of your term —whenever it’s right. 

Where is Coverage Available?

Say Auto Insurance is available in six states: Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, and Indiana.

Say Insurance Review

According to the Better Business Bureau, it has only had one complaint in the last three years.

One Say Insurance review states there wasn’t proper communication before canceling a client’s policy. However, Say Insurance was quick to respond and resolve the issue. 

Say Insurance is dedicated to their employees, as well as their customers. Employees report feeling supported to grow and gain knowledge and experience on the job. They also reported that Say Insurance encourages the individuality and creativity of their employees. 

Review Platform Rating
Clearsurance 1.88/5 (8 Reviews)
Glassdoor 4.6/5 (5 Reviews)

How to File a Claim at Say Insurance

Say Insurance allows you to file a claim 24/7 with a 90% customer satisfaction rate in 4 easy steps:

  1. File Your Claim: Sign into your account and go into the claims section to file your claim. Or you can contact the Say Service Squad via chat, email, or phone. 
  2. Adjuster Assigned: A Say Adjuster will look into your claim and assess all the details with you. 
  3. Estimate and Rental: After talking to your adjuster, they’ll be able to confirm if they will cover the estimate for your damages with your policies. They will also let you know if your rental car will be covered if needed.
  4. Finish Your Claim: Your adjuster will walk you through each payment process for any repairs or medical costs.

Pros and Cons

Now you’ve read all the full Say Insurance review. If you’re still unsure if Say Insurance is right for you, let’s check out some pros and cons. 

Pros of Say Insurance

  • User-Friendly: Say Insurance is a good fit for drivers who want to handle their insurance on the go. Their mobile app is perfect because it’s easy to use and navigate for users of all ages. 
  • Payment Changes: Within the app, you can update and adjust your payment method- anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to make manual payments straight from your mobile device. For example, if you receive a bonus at work and want to pay the rest of your auto insurance upfront to get a discount, you can do it immediately.
  • Roadside Assistance: Roadside assistance is included with all insurance policies. Say covers up to $100 worth of Roadside Assistance per incident. This includes towing, a dead battery, locking your keys in the car, or even fuel delivery. It’s easy to call directly through the app and is available 24/7. 

Cons of Say Insurance

  • Auto-Pay Required: All Say customers are required to keep an autopay method on file. Because Say is a small company, this gives them some security. If you forget to pay that month manually, your payment will go through the payment method you have on file. It might cause extra stress if you are over budget that month or your paycheck gets delayed. 
  • Limited Availability: Say Insurance is only available in six states.
  • No Bundling: Say only offers auto insurance coverage. If you want to bundle your home, rental or other insurance policy with your car coverage, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

FAQs About Say Insurance

Does Say Insurance have a mobile app?

Yes, Say Insurance’s mobile app is available for Android and iPhone users. You make payments, customize coverage and discounts instantly, and call Roadside Assistance directly from the app. In addition, you can add new vehicles or drivers at your convenience. 

Who is Say Auto Insurance a Good fit for? 

It  is excellent for those looking for an easy, simple way to get basic coverage for their vehicle. Because they only offer auto insurance, it may not be efficient for the long term as you could get a discount for bundling your policies elsewhere. 

How do I cancel my Say Auto insurance policy?

The only way to cancel your policy is by calling a Say representative at 1-800-225-5729.

How do I file a claim with Say Auto insurance?

You can file a claim with Say Auto Insurance in two ways:

  • Over the phone: Call the Say Service Squad and report your claim  at 1-800-225-5729
  • Mobile app: The mobile app allows all users to file a claim through a simple interface.

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