Brooklyn, NY Car Insurance

The average cost for car insurance in Brooklyn is about $260 a month. Learn more in our handy guide below.
How does Brooklyn stack up to the rest of the area, or even New York as a whole? What rates can residents of Brooklyn expect to pay for their car insurance? Find the average cost breakdowns and determining factors in the charts and writeups below:  

How much is car insurance in Brooklyn?

Area Average Monthly Car Insurance Premium
United States$80

Auto insurance policies in Brooklyn are about $62 a month more expensive than the rest of New York.

If you're considering relocating to Brooklyn from out of state, you may want to budget a little extra for your insurance. It's about $180 more expensive for coverage in Brooklyn than the average rates for the U.S. as a whole.

Although these are the average monthly costs for an auto insurance policy in Brooklyn, that doesn't mean it's exactly what you'll pay. There are a variety of factors that insurance companies consider when determining how much to charge you for insurance. Variables like age, gender, vehicle make and model, driving record, and even credit score (depending on your area) can all be taken into consideration when determining your monthly policy payment.

We've analyzed the average rate for Brooklyn and broken down the different factors to help you understand what exactly you might be asked to pay. To find out if you're getting the cheapest rate, just enter your ZIP below and find out in minutes!

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Average Car Insurance Rates by Age

Age Range Average Premium
Under 18Not Enough Data

Generally speaking, the older you are, the more experience you have driving, right? When it comes to your monthly premium, that experience can really pay off. In this case, 18-24-year-olds pay $169 more than someone who is at retirement age.

Every ten years or so you can expect to see a decline in your monthly premium. Once you hit retirement, however, your rates may rise again in Brooklyn.

Average Car Insurance Rates by Gender

Gender Average

On average, female drivers pay slightly less than male drivers for car insurance. The difference in average rates in Brooklyn totals about $21 a month. As illustrated in the table above, male drivers in the area pay about $264 on average, while female drivers pay around $243 each month.

Average Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Infractions Average Monthly Premium
1 Accident$328
Multiple Accidents$385
1 Ticket$310
Multiple Tickets$369

Depending on your driving record, your rates can vary quite a lot. Drivers who avoid accidents and tickets will pay lower rates than those with infractions. Drivers in Brooklyn with a single accident on their record will usually see rates around $310 a month. In addition, drivers with one ticket can expect to pay around $328 a month on average.

Accidents, tickets, and other driving infractions can really cost you when it comes to your monthly rate. So, if you're looking for cheap car insurance, drive carefully and keep a clean record.

Average Insurance Rates by Vehicle

Vehicle Age Average Monthly Premium
Less Than 1 Year$257
2-3 Years$278
4-5 Years$285
6-7 Years$263
8-10 Years$259
11-14 Years$251
15 Years or Older$240

If you look at the first table above, the cheapest vehicles to insure in Brooklyn are typically trucks and vans, at $218 per month.

Car owners can expect to pay an average of around $280 a month for their policy, while SUVs usually cost around $225 a month to insure.

You may also see different rates based on how old your vehicle is. Newer vehicles are generally going to be the most expensive to insure. However, once your car is a few years old, you might start to see your rates slide back down slightly. In Brooklyn, the most expensive vehicles to insure are vehicles four-to-five years old.

Average Car Insurance Rates by Relationship Status

Relationship Average Monthly Premium
Single (never married)$272

On average, married policyholders will pay slightly less to insure their car. This usually boils down to owners having multiple vehicles on the same policy, something that will often get you a discount.

On a national scale, single drivers typically pay more than married couples do for auto insurance. Brooklyn is no exception, with the difference totaling to around $78 a month.

Average Car Insurance Rates by Housing Situation

Housing Status Average Monthly Premium
Live with parents$243

One other element taken into consideration is your living accommodations. If you rent your home or apartment in Brooklyn, expect to pay around $6 a month more than if you own property. Those who live with their parents, however, can expect to pay a lot more.

If you bundle your home or rental insurance and auto insurance policies, you can oftentimes reduce your average costs, depending on your insurance company.

Car Insurance Companies in Brooklyn, NY

Recent trends in car insurance for Brooklyn drivers

Car insurance rates are frequently changing, so it's in your best interest to understand which way your area is trending before picking an insurance policy.

The cost of car insurance coverage in Brooklyn rose from 2016-2017, before leveling out in 2018. Insurance rates had been increasing again recently, reaching a high of $309 in 2021.

How does Brooklyn compare to neighboring areas?

Why are car insurance rates in Brooklyn different from other areas?

Car insurance companies take in many factors when figuring out how much individual insurance policies will cost. Many factors affecting your policy are based around where you live. These factors include things like:

  • Number of drivers in the area
  • Prevalence of crime
  • Off-street parking accessibility
  • Regional regulations
  • Road Safety (frequency of car accidents)

Having an awareness of these factors is critical when thinking about buying a new policy or potentially moving to a new home. Knowing that different towns and cities will all have different rates, guides like these can be a good way to get a lay of the land of your particular neighborhood.

How can I find the cheapest car insurance in Brooklyn?

Equipping yourself with information about the average costs for drivers in your area will better prepare you for the real deal. The only way to know for sure what your rate will be is by asking for a quote from car insurance companies.

Fortunately, will handle the heavy lifting for you. Just punch in your ZIP Code below, respond to a few questions, and you'll be comparing the cheapest quotes from numerous car insurance companies that offer policies in Brooklyn.

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Brooklyn Insurance FAQs

What factors affect car insurance quotes in Brooklyn?

Auto insurance companies take a wide array of factors into consideration when calculating your monthly payment. These include things like your vehicle's year, make and model, your age and gender, as well as your driving record, credit score, marital status, and address.

Why is the cost of car insurance in Brooklyn different from other neighboring cities?

Your address and the city you live in have a significant impact on how much a car insurance company might charge for your policy. Companies take into consideration things like parking situations, local laws, and crime rates when calculating your quote -- all of which can change from city to city.

Which car insurance company will offer me the cheapest rate in Brooklyn?

Since the factors that car insurance companies take into consideration when calculating the rate you might pay differ from person to person, there is no one insurance company that will offer the cheapest rate to everybody. Things like your driving record, the number of drivers on the policy, and vehicle make and model, plus a number of others, are all taken into account. Because of this, it's a good idea to use sites like to compare multiple quotes at once.

Do I need to change my insurance if I move to Brooklyn?

Any major life event, whether it be moving to a new area, finding a new job, getting married, or any other notable event always presents a good opportunity to re-evaluate your current insurance policy. Regardless of your previous rate, there may be cheaper options in your new location, so it's a good idea to use services like to compare quotes from dozens of companies side-by-side.

Do I need to wait for my policy to expire to switch to a different car insurance company?

No, you can switch companies at any point, no matter how much time is left on your current policy. If you're thinking about moving to Brooklyn or are wondering if you're paying the best rate for your current area, take 10 minutes and visit to find out for sure.

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