10 Cities for the Cheapest Car Insurance in New York

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Updated June 16th, 2022

The state of New York is infamous. There are songs about its cities, it’s the home of countless movies and films, and thousands of visitors worldwide flock to it every year. While there are dozens of things to appreciate about New York, it’s unlikely that car insurance is one of them.

New York has some of the most expensive car insurance rates in the nation, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find affordable insurance in the Empire State. We’ve scoured the entire state for the cheapest (and most expensive) cities for car insurance. Whether you’re looking to relocate or are already a resident of these cities, we’re sure this list will come in handy. 

10. Webster – $89

Webster’s town motto is “Where Life is Worth Living,” and we can’t agree more with insurance prices like these. Founded in 1840, the town is named after statesman Daniel Webster in honor of his eloquence when speaking to the townspeople.  Bordered by Lake Ontario, this small town has lots to offer regarding picturesque lake views and a slower pace of life. Drivers here can expect to pay an average of $89/mo in auto insurance. 

9. Watervliet – $87

Known by the locals as “The Arsenal City”, Waterlievet is located in Albany County, near the capital of New York. The city’s nickname comes from its use as the site of the Watervliet Arsenal. The town is proud to host the oldest continuously active arsenal in the United States, as they produce much of the US army’s artillery here. Its proximity to Albany allows residents to maintain a small-town feel while enjoying the spice of city life that the capital brings. Drivers in Watervliet will pay an average of $87/mo in auto insurance. 

8. Watertown – $85

Located along the Black River, Watertown is literally a water town. Residents enjoy white water rafting in the summers and ice skating in the winter season. Only 30 miles from the Canadian bridge, shopping from Canadian visitors encompasses a large part of Watertown’s economy. History buffs will enjoy the many historic buildings and districts of the city that showcase remarkable architecture. Residents of Watertown pay an average of $85/mo for auto insurance. 

7. Binghamton – $84

Binghamton is known as the Carousel capital of the world. The city is home to six of the remaining antique carousels. The city is also known for its local dish spiedie, which is marinated meat cut into cubes and served in a hot dog bun. Residents enjoy Binghamton’s flourishing art scene, with several galleries and shops to peruse through. Our studies revealed that drivers in Binghamton pay an average of $84/mo in car insurance. 

6. Endicott – $82

Named after Henry B. Endicott, the village of Endicott sits close to the border of Pennsylvania and New York. Endicott is also known as the birthplace of IBM, and the headquarters was based there until the 1940s. A family-centered town, there are several parks and family fun centers for residents to frequent and spend time at. Our analysis shows Endicott drivers can expect to pay a monthly average of $82 for auto insurance. 

5. Troy – $81

The city of Troy, or the Collar City, is located on the eastern bank of the Hudson River, just north of Albany. The city got the nickname from its history of producing shirts, collars, and other textile productions. Troy is home to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the oldest private engineering and technical school in the United States. The city’s motto is Ilium fuit, Troy est, which means, “Illium was, Troy is.” Residents of Troy can expect to pay $81/mo for auto insurance. 

4. Ithaca – $80

Ithaca is home to a diverse citizenry. While many people live in this city to attend Cornell University, others have called it home for years and have no intentions of leaving. Ithaca has much to offer in bustling downtown life but doesn’t fall short in the nature area either. It’s famous for its many waterfalls, boasting over 100 within 10 miles of Ithaca’s downtown. The only thing better than the town’s amenities is its affordable car insurance. Ithaca drivers will pay a monthly average of $80 for car insurance. 

3. Liverpool – $79

This suburb of Syracuse, located on Onondaga Lake, is ranked as one of the best places to live in the Empire State. Originally called “Little Ireland”, the city’s name was later changed to Liverpool, after the city in the United Kingdom. This is probably because Liverpool produced salt, similar to its UK counterpart. Liverpool drivers can expect to pay a monthly average of $79 for auto insurance. 

2. Saratoga Springs – $74

Named after its mineral springs, Saratoga Springs is a city full of history, nature, and great restaurants. A popular tourist destination, this city is a relatively wealthy town and has much to offer to its residents and visitors. Drivers in Saratoga Springs will pay a monthly average of $74 for car insurance.

1. Plattsburgh – $67

Plattsburgh comes in as the cheapest city in New York for car insurance. Situated on the northern tip of New York, this city is right on Lake Champlain. Locals enjoy bird watching, days on the lake, and visits to Plattsburgh City Beach, one of the largest freshwater beaches in New York. Plattsburgh residents will typically pay a monthly average of $67 for auto insurance. 

City  Average Monthly Car Insurance
Plattsburgh  $67
Saratoga Springs  $74
Liverpool  $79
Ithaca  $80
Troy  $81
Endicott  $82
Binghamton $84
Watertown  $85
Watervliet $87
Webster $89

While these insurance premiums give you an idea of what you might expect to pay in these more affordable cities, if you want to know how much you’d pay, the best thing to do is get a quote.

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5 Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance in New York

We’ve seen the cheapest cities for car insurance in New York, but what about the most expensive cities? We’ve rounded up the 5 most expensive cities for car insurance in New York below.

5. South Ozone Park – $274

South Ozone Park may sound like the name of a futuristic city, but this city is located in the Queens area of New York.  It’s minutes away from John F Kennedy airport and boasts a diverse demographic. In the 1880s, this town was marketed as the perfect area for small families to live, with several small homes built near farm fields. Even now, the area continues to attract new families looking to put down roots in New York. Drivers located in South Ozone Park will pay $274/mo in auto insurance. 

4. Rosedale – $283

Rosedale is a dense suburban city in the southeastern area of Queens. The city is home to many coffee shops, small parks, and restaurants. Although the town has a suburban feel, it’s not reached by any subway lines. Rosedale residents can expect to pay a monthly average of $283 for auto insurance. 

3. Richmond Hill -$298

One of the first planned communities in Queens, Richmond Hill’s inception dates back to the early 1900s. The city is typically characterized as a mix between suburbia and inner-city living. What began as farmland slowly developed into a bustling city full of life. The town is quite walkable and has an abundance of public transportation available to its residents. Our study revealed that Richmond Hill drivers pay a monthly average of $298 for liability insurance. 

2. Howard Beach – $300

The second most expensive city for car insurance in New York is Howard Beach. Howard Beach was founded in the 1890s by William J. Howard, a Brooklyn glove manufacturer. He purchased over 500 acres and began laying out streets and homes to invite residents to the city. Fast forward 100+ years, the city is now a bustling mix of beach life, shopping, and Cape Cod-style homes. Although Hurricane Sandy of 2013 hit the city hard, it has made a comeback in recent years and continues to welcome visitors today. Drivers in this city can expect to pay $300/mo for liability insurance. 

1. Hauppauge – $304 

Without further ado, the most expensive city for car insurance in New York is Hauppauge. The town name comes from the Algonquin Native American term for “sweet waters,” as this area is where they would go to get fresh drinking water. Hauppauge is also home to one of the largest industrial parks in the nation, with over 50,000 people employed there. Hauppauge residents pay an average of $304/mo in auto insurance. 

City  Average Monthly Car Insurance 
South Ozone Park $274
Rosedale  $283
Richmond Hill  $298
Howard Beach  $300
Hauppauge  $304 

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