Cheap Car Insurance Companies for Drivers With a DUI

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Driving under the influence comes with significant costs: community service, $10,000 in fees and fines on average, social consequences, a suspended driver’s license, and increased car insurance premiums. Working through the fallout of a DUI conviction takes time, self-reflection, and support. But the good news is that you can recover fully from a DUI.

This article will cover how to get the best cheap car insurance with a DUI on your record. Plus, we’ll review how DUIs impact your insurance and share tips for getting a lower rate. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Auto insurance rates for drivers with a DUI or DWI are significantly more expensive on average than those without one.
  • Several auto insurance companies are known for offering cheap DUI insurance, including Concord Group Insurance, American National Insurance Company, and American Family Insurance. 
  • Drivers with a DUI can save on car insurance by using discounts, switching to a less expensive vehicle, and shopping around for rates. 
  • Maintaining a clean driving record going forward is the best way to ensure your premium continues to decrease. 

Cheap Car Insurance Companies for Drivers With a DUI

Auto insurance premiums can be steep when you have a DUI on your record. Thankfully, you can pay less with these affordable insurers. Below you’ll find the cheapest DUI car insurance providers.

Concord Group Insurance 

 Average Annual Premium: $1,146

  • Pros: Great customer service, highly-rated website and mobile app, lots of customization options
  • Cons: Only available in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire

The Concord Group provides high-quality, low-cost policies to drivers in the Northeast. It uses the agent-based model, meaning you’ll be encouraged to work directly with an insurance agent to activate and manage your policy. Concord Group provides many options for customizing your insurance and the company has won several awards for their customer service team. 

American National Insurance Company 

Average Annual Premium: $1,251

  • Pros: Available nationwide, offers many insurance products, few auto insurance customer complaints
  • Cons: More complaints for other insurance products (home and life)

American National offers customizable car insurance coverage, including gap insurance. You’ll also get flexible billing options and a top-notch customer service team. The company generally offers low rates, especially to drivers who bundle their insurance policies. However, their other insurance products do not receive the same praise as their auto insurance. 

IMT Insurance

Average Annual Premium: $1,631

  • Pros: Great customer reviews, customizable home and auto policies (without higher prices), personalized service
  • Cons: Poor reviews for the mobile app, higher rates for drivers with at-fault accidents, only available in select Midwestern states

This Iowa-based company boasts high customer satisfaction ratings and low insurance premiums. IMT relies on a team of independent insurance agents to care for its customers. In practice, that leads to highly-personalized customer care. The company works with several subsidiaries to provide policies, so don’t be surprised if your policy has one listed on it. 

On the downside, IMT Insurance is only available in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Their mobile app is clunky and lacks user-centered design. 

Western National Insurance Company 

Average Annual Premium: $1,854

  • Pros: “Penalty-free” promise, lots of discount options, well rated by the BBB and A.M. Best
  • Cons: Limited availability, few options for customizing your policy

This regional insurer is well-known for offering affordable rates to drivers with or without a DUI. Western National offers many discount opportunities to help you pay even less. Their claims and customer service teams are easy to contact. And its “penalty-free” promise means the company won’t raise your rates after your first claim. 

On the downside, Western National doesn’t offer many options for tailored policies. And as a regional insurer, they’re only available in a handful of states. Currently, you can purchase policies in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Compare Rates to Find the Cheapest Premium

CIG Insurance 

Average Annual Premium: $1,884

  • Pros: Has an A+ rating from the BBB, offers several insurance products for bundling
  • Cons: Issues with the website and mobile app, limited coverage area

The Capital Insurance Group provides personalized service through its network of local agents. In addition to low rates, it offers steep discounts, especially when bundling insurance products. Bundling options include homeowners, renters, business and agricultural insurance policies 

But, CIG operates in just five states— Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. And, based on several customer reviews, the website and mobile app are glitchy. 

American Family Insurance 

Average Annual Premium: $1,902

  • Pros: Plenty of coverage options, bundling opportunities, and discount programs. Good claims satisfaction
  • Cons: Lower customer satisfaction score, limited availability

American Family Insurance offers extensive coverage options for auto, home, and other insurance products. The company also provides a highly rated website and mobile app, plus a stellar customer service team. It boasts one of the lowest NAIC complaint ratings in the country, which is impressive. 

AmFam is an excellent option if you can get it. And that’s a big if, as it’s only available in 19 states clustered in and around the Midwest. 

COUNTRY Financial 

Average Annual Premium – $1,985

  • Pros: Rare coverage options and many bundling options
  • Cons: Limited availability

Here’s another regional insurer that offers affordable DUI insurance, but only in 19 states (and again, mainly in the Midwest!)  But drivers can find significant savings and excellent customer service where it’s available. COUNTRY Financial offers specialized coverage options, like new car replacement and trip interruption coverage.  

As an insurance company started by Farmers Insurance, COUNTRY offers insurance products (and bundling discounts) tailored to farmers via crop, farm, and ranch insurance. 

West Bend Mutual Insurance 

Average Annual Premium: $2,033

  • Pros: Unique discount programs, owned by policyholders, cash back savings for being claims free
  • Cons: Limited availability

With West Bend Mutual Insurance company, you can expect personalized customer service. You might also receive unique discounts, such as the generation discount that rewards you if your parents (or adult children) also have policies with the company. The company offers standard bundling discounts for purchasing its other (well-reviewed) insurance products.

However, West Bend Mutual only provides coverage in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. But for those who can get it, they’re an excellent option. 

Compare Rates to See if You Can Lower Your Insurance Premium

Cheap Car Insurance Companies by State for Drivers With a DUI

Where you live has a massive effect on your car insurance rates. Below you’ll find the most affordable auto insurer by state and the average rate they offer drivers with a DUI. 

Quotes are based on a driver with a 2016 Honda Accord. 

State Carrier Avg. Cost
AK Umialik Insurance Company $1,303
AL COUNTRY Financial $1,555
AR Southern Farm Bureau Insurance $1,304
AZ Root Insurance $689
CA Integon National Insurance Company $1,327
CO American National Insurance Company $1,278
CT State Farm $1,454
DC State Farm $1,885
DE Atlantic States Insurance Company $1,938
FL State Farm $2,409
GA State Farm $1,992
HI State Farm 689
IA State Farm $806
ID American National Insurance Company $831
IL State Farm $1,353
IN Indiana Farmers Insurance $1,017
KS State Farm $1,352
KY State Farm $1,360
LA Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance $2,467
MA State Farm $1,051
MD Erie Insurance $2,218
ME Concord Group Insurance $1,045
MI Progressive $2,594
MN State Farm $1,433
MO State Farm $1,422
MS Direct Auto Insurance $1,307
MT State Farm $994
NC Integon National Insurance Company $1,862
ND State Farm $1,196
NE EMC Insurance $895
NH Concord Group Insurance $1,255
NJ NJM Insurance Group $1,812
NM State Farm $1,231
NV State Farm $1,480
NY Chubb Insurance $4,193
OH State Farm $922
OK Progressive Insurance $1,764
OR State Farm $1,512
PA State Farm $1,729
RI State Farm $993
SC American National Insurance Company $996
SD American Family Insurance $1,326
TN Progressive Insurance $1,507
TX Houston General Insurance Exchange $1,770
UT ACCC Insurance Company $1,325
VA State Farm $1,142
VT State Farm $962
WA State Farm $1,072
WI Integrity Insurance $708
WV State Farm $1,040
WY State Farm $1,074

How do DUIs Affect Your Car Insurance? 

A DUI can have long-standing effects on your car insurance policies. How you’ll be affected will be unique, but you can expect one or all of the following complications. 

Rate Increases

The most obvious change after a DUI is your rate increase. Some drivers see their rates double, while others may experience moderate increases. Each depends on the driver, their car, the insurance company, and the coverage terms of the insurance policy. 

Dropped Coverage

Sometimes, insurance companies cancel an insurance policy after a driver gets a DUI. They typically need to provide written notice 14 to 30 days before cancellation. That gives the driver some time to find another policy. 

Alternatively, an insurance company may raise your rates during the remainder of your current policy.

Then, at the end of your term, the insurer may issue a notice of non-renewal. It means the insurer isn’t offering you another policy. However, they may provide you with one in a few years. So, you’ll need to shop for insurance elsewhere.

Special Insurance Filing: SR-22, FR-22, and FR-19

In some states and for some drivers — especially those with multiple offenses — a judge may order them to file a proof of insurance document with the DMV, such as an FR-22, FR-19, SR-22 form, or a combination of the forms. 

Your insurance company files your proof of insurance on your behalf. So, you’ll need to call your insurance company to set that up if you must submit one. If your insurer isn’t aware of the DUI, your proof of insurance filing will certainly tip them off. They may choose then to raise your rates or even cancel your policy. 

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance After a DUI

The price of a DUI sign

There are a few critical steps you can take to reduce your car insurance costs after a DUI.  Combine all or several of the following suggestions to further lower your premium. 

Maintain a Clean Record

Even though a DUI is a significant mark on your driving record, not all is lost. Maintaining a clean record going forward is the fastest way to lower your rates overall. That means obeying the rules of the road. It may be helpful to take a defensive driving course to refresh your driving skills and (possibly) earn a discount from your provider.

Exhaust Your Discount Options

After a DUI is a great time to review your policy to ensure you’re receiving all of the discounts you qualify for.  

You should also check out programs you can enroll in, especially telematics programs. Depending on the company, these discount programs can offer significant savings between 10 and 20 percent. They reward you based on your driving which is a great incentive to practice good driving habits. 

Compare Car Insurance Rates

Comparison shopping remains one of the best ways to ensure you pay low premiums. You should compare quotes and policies from at least three insurers and make it a practice to compare often (at least every six months). You’ll find that insurance premiums change quickly and vary widely depending on the company.

Every insurance company has its own rules about how it deals with risk. For example, one company may penalize drivers for a DUI longer than another. So, today’s cheapest car insurance company may change tomorrow.

An easy way to compare rates quickly is to use our auto insurance comparison tool. We’ll compare rates from 65+ of the top insurance companies and provide you with a list of the cheapest options based on your personal information. It’s simple and, best of all, free to use. You’ll find it the easiest way to get affordable high-risk insurance now and in the future. 

See How Much You Can Save on Your Auto Insurance

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?

On average, a DUI increases your car insurance rates for three to five years. But just because rates go down doesn’t mean the DUI falls off your driving record. In most places, a DUI on your history will bar you from receiving the Good Driver discount and other benefits for people with clean records.  

Each state has its own rules regarding driving records, so you should always consult your state laws for the most accurate information. Some states don’t specify how long a DUI remains on your record.

State Years on Driving Record
AK Lifetime
AL 5
AR Not Specified
AZ Lifetime
CA 10
CO 7
CT 7
DC Lifetime
DE 5
FL 75
GA Not Specified
HI Not Specified
IA 12
ID Not Specified
IL Lifetime
IN Not Specified
KS Lifetime
KY 5
LA Not Specified
MA Not Specified
MD 3
ME Lifetime
MI Lifetime
MN Lifetime
MO 10
MS 10
MT Lifetime
NC 7
ND Not Specified
NE 5
NH Not Specified
NJ 10
NM 55
NV Lifetime
NY 15
OH Not Specified
OK Not Specified
OR Not Specified
PA 10
RI Not Specified
SC Not Specified
SD Not Specified
TN 10
TX Lifetime
UT 10
VA 11
VT Not Specified
WA Lifetime
WI Lifetime
WV Not Specified
WY Lifetime

FAQ About Cheap DUI Car Insurance

Which company has the cheapest DUI insurance?

According to our data, Concord Group Insurance, American National Insurance Company and IMT Insurance tend to offer the most affordable DUI insurance rates. But, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cheapest company. Prices differ widely depending on where you live, the car you drive, your driving record, your auto coverage options, and several other factors. The best way to know which company will offer you the most affordable car insurance policy is to compare quotes from multiple insurers. 

How much is insurance after a DUI?

The average driver with a DUI spends around $1,395 a year on car insurance. But costs range from state to state. You can expect your car insurance costs to increase anywhere from 75 to 100 percent after a DUI. That means a driver who previously paid $100 monthly for car insurance will now pay $175 to $200 for insurance. 

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