Infinity Insurance Company

Why choose Infinity Auto Insurance?

  • Eligible drivers can sign up for a free DriverClub® membership from Infinity Insurance, which gives you, your family, and even your friends access to a 24/7 roadside assistance network, nationwide and in any car – even if you’re just a passenger
  • Log in to your secure online account to view your details and manage your policy
  • There are real brick and mortar stores across the US so that you can speak to an agent face to face

Did you know...?

  • Infinity Insurance sponsors Read Conmigo, a bilingual literacy program, distributing over 1 million books since its inception
  • Their headquarters are in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Infinity Insurance (IPCC) went public on the stock exchange (NASDAQ) in 2003
  • Versión en Español
  • Customer Service: 800-782-1020
  • Claims: 800-334-1661
  • Roadside Assistance: 855-697-4611

Since serving their first customer in 1955, Infinity Insurance has continued to grow, now boasting over 60 years of experience in the insurance business and still going strong. They have partnered with more than 12,500 independent agents, conducting regular follow-up procedures to ensure that their customers are totally happy.

A.M. Best has given Infinity Insurance an A rating (excellent) based on their financial strength. They are one of the top 50 insurers in the US, specializing in ‘non-standard’ drivers. If you have a history of accidents, tickets or a DUI then Infinity Insurance can help.

Infinity Insurance is a fully bilingual company, even their app and website are available in Spanish. Whether it’s sales, customer service or claims, a Spanish or English speaking representative is always available. Making a claim can be stressful and time consuming, but Infinity’s 24-hour free claims line makes things easy. Instead of spending big dollars on advertising and cartoonish spokespeople, they make big investments in communities where their customers live. That way, service is right around the corner when and where you need it.

Constantly investing in the latest technology, Infinity Insurance allows you to interact with them how and when you want. Contact them via email, phone or live chat options. Policyholders can also submit claims information, make a payment and get their ID card on their free app for Android and iPhone users. They even have Facebook, Twitter pages in addition to a YouTube channel.

Infinity Auto Insurance Reviews:

“I have had excellent customer service and they have great response time to claims.”

“The coverage was immediate! I got a plan with roadside assistance and I used it the very same day unfortunately. I really appreciate the speedy assistance and I was taken care of like a V.I.P once the towing company arrived.”

“We have had nothing but the very best service from Infinity Insurance. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding insurance coverage, attention to detail, and truly excellent customer service. Thank you!”

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