How to Save Money on Car Insurance

These days, saving money is on just about everyone’s mind.  We all want fewer and cheaper bills wherever possible and one easy target is your car insurance premium. “How do I save money on my car insurance?” you ask? Let us give you a hand with that.

Could My Car Insurance Premium Be Lower?

save money on car insuranceThere’s no shortage of commercials out there telling you about how you’re not getting the best deal on car insurance. Oddly enough, they may be right. The best place to start is by getting a free car insurance quote from a trustworthy website. Make sure you are getting the best deal and, if not, read up on how to switch insurance companies. If you do have a great current rate, good for you! Let’s move on to other ways to save.

Double-Check Your Discounts

There’s no shortage of discounts offered by insurance companies. From membership in a wide variety of groups, associations, and clubs to discounts for employees of certain companies, safe drivers, and age groups, odds are you’ll qualify for a few. You can check your insurance company’s website or speak with your insurance agent to find out which discounts you qualify for.

Get More Discounts on Car Insurance

Another great way to get the most out of available discounts is to take a driver’s education or driving safety course (kind of like the ones you’d take if you get a speeding ticket – only we recommend leaving the speeding ticket out of it). These courses show your insurance company that you are committed to being a safe driver, which reduces your risk – and your premium. Typically, all you need is to provide proof that you’ve taken the course.

Most insurers also offer a discount for anti-theft equipment. If your car doesn’t have such a device, we recommend installing one (take a moment to weigh the cost of the device against the potential savings. You can expect to save between 5 and 10% off of your premium with a typical device, or up to 30% for more complex devices). We found a great guide to help you select a vehicle anti-theft device at

There’s also a number of car insurance discounts available to drivers, many of which aren’t common knowledge. A little digging and you may be able to uncover some additional savings.

The Simple Solution

Be a safe driver. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Most car insurance companies offer discounts to their customers who avoid accidents for a certain period of time. After you meet the minimum safe driving time requirement you’ll qualify for the discount. Some insurers even increase the discount over time as you continue to prove you’re a safe driver.

Another way to save is by shopping around. Different insurers want different kinds of customers. The formulas they use to evaluate risk are different and you might save a lot of money by finding an insurer that is better suited to taking on the unique risk you present as a driver to an insurance company. Even safe drivers present a certain amount of risk, don’t worry–it’s all part of the process. Start your car insurance comparison now and find out if you could be saving money by switching auto insurance providers now.

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