Progressive Flo Actress Stephanie Courtney’s Other Roles

Actress Stephanie Courtney has garnered a great deal of attention for herself by playing Progressive Flo, a car insurance spokeswoman for Progressive, a direct auto insurance company. Many people aren’t aware of Stephanie Courtney’s other acting credentials. The Progressive Flo actress has been in a number of TV shows and films. Have you seen her?

Where Progressive Flo Actress Stephanie Courtney Got Her Start

Stephanie Courtney had been in the acting business for ten years prior to landing her most well-known role as Progressive Flo. She starred in a production of The Crucible while attending college at Binghamton University, playing the role of Elizabeth Proctor. This taste of acting awoke her passion for the art and she resolved to be an actor. Following college she worked as an evening secretary at Smith Barney in New York City, while studying acting at night at the Neighborhood Playhouse.  She would later move to Los Angeles, CA where she would join the improvisational sketch comedy group The Groundlings in 2004. In between Stephanie Courtney acted in a number of commercials for brands such as Budweiser, General Mills, Skittles, and SC Johnson Glade, to name a few. Undoubtedly, this history of commercial acting helped Stephanie Courtney land her current iconic role as Progressive Flo.

Stephanie Courtney: Where do I know her from?

Progressive Flo actress Stephanie Courtney has been hard at work for fifteen years. She has appeared on a number of popular TV shows and movies as well a number of indie performances and short films. Among her most notable television appearances, Stephanie Courtney has appeared in Everybody Loves Raymond, Mad Men, and she even appeared in a couple of episodes of Cavemen, a show based on Progressive competitor GEICO’s cavemen spokespeople. Stephanie Courtney has also appeared in the movie Blades of Glory, which starred comedian Will Ferrell. Her full credits can be seen on her Wikipedia or IMDB page.

Progressive Flo takes Stephanie Courtney to the top

Stephanie Courtney is a talented comedienne and actress and those skills shouldn’t be discounted, but what’s really taken her to the top is her role as Flo from Progressive. The insurance company churns out new commercials regularly, as the insurance spokeswoman is their most popular character. A true testament to her ability to portray the perky insurance saleswoman, Progressive Flo’s Facebook page has over five million likes and loads of daily engagement. As the actress’ popularity grows, it will be interesting to see if she can land roles in more film and TV spots or whether her ongoing gig as Progressive Flo turns film casting professionals off.

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