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by Nick Versaw Updated October 13th, 2021

Jeep is another company that was swallowed by the Stellantis merger in 2021, although the brand remains under the Chrysler umbrella. The Jeep selection consists solely of sport utility vehicles, including crossovers and off-road options. There is one pickup truck available under the Jeep brand and design, the Gladiator. Before 1940, this performance SUV was only available for use by the United States Army. The term "jeep" was still military jargon and wasn't branded as an official model yet. The first Jeep branded model for civilian use hit the market in 1945. The Jeep was a precursor to the later manufactured Humvee.

Regardless of a Jeep's durability, you still need an insurance company you can trust. Select your Jeep model from the vehicle list below, and enjoy insurance breakdowns to help you select an agency that offers reliability for an affordable monthly premium.

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