What You Need to Get Free Car Insurance Quotes

Updated October 5, 2021

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There’s nothing better than getting something for free. This applies to everything in life, including car insurance quotes. There’s no reason you should pay to find out if one policy is better for your needs than another. Thankfully, there are simple ways to get free car insurance quotes specific to your driving needs and background.

I’m sure you can appreciate spending less on essential items, one of which is car insurance. However, you can ensure you aren’t paying more for coverage than you need to by getting free quotes. This article will walk you through the steps to find free car insurance quotes, something your bank account is sure to appreciate.

What Are Car Insurance Quotes?

Before we get into finding cheap car insurance quotes, let’s delve into what quotes are.

A car insurance quote offers an estimate of how much you need to pay for the car insurance coverage you want. These quotes are based on factors like your vehicle, driving history, number of miles you drive, your age, location, gender, and much more.

A car insurance quote is an auto insurer’s cost estimate for you. This estimate provides you with information about what you would pay for auto insurance every month. You should get quotes from several insurance companies to get the best price.

How To Get Free Car Insurance Quotes?

There are several ways to get free car insurance quotes. You can speak with an insurance agent in person, call them on the phone, or search through various quotes online. Because there are several options, it might seem challenging to decide which is best to choose.

Free car insurance quotes are easiest to find online, but you can also choose whatever method is more comfortable for you. However, unless you work with a comparison service, you should realize that you may not always see every possible policy. Not knowing your options could lead to choosing more expensive coverage or missing out on preferable opportunities.

Pros and Cons of Getting Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

With several options for getting vehicle insurance quotes, you might wonder why you should choose to do so online. Below are several benefits and disadvantages of choosing this method. In addition, it will give you the information you need to decide whether this is the correct method for you.


The quickest method of getting auto insurance quotes is online. There’s no need for you to visit insurance company offices that might be minutes or hours away from your home. As long as you have access to the Internet and a device to browse, you’re ready right now. All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire and see the available quotes.

In addition, an online form can give you insight into how you can negotiate with an insurance company. Most of the questions asked are the same ones that an insurance agent would ask you. So even if you later go to an insurance company location, you can prepare using online forms. You’ll have an idea of what documents you need and what questions they might ask you.

The final perk of online auto insurance quotes is that you can see offerings from several insurers. The websites work with many companies, even including smaller ones that you may not be aware of. The setup gives you a better idea of all the options you have available before you make a serious decision by choosing an auto insurance policy.


Of course, online auto insurance quotes aren’t perfect. The numbers provided are estimates rather than final prices. You’ll need to go through the rest of the process on the website or contact an insurance company on your own time to get the price you pay. In addition, questions can vary between forms, and prices may differ slightly from what you expect.

The other major disadvantage is that some forms can be confusing. If you don’t choose the best website for car insurance quotes, you might find missing information and discounts. For example, some websites won’t ask you questions about whether you have safety devices installed in your vehicle or whether you’ve gone through a defensive driving course.

What Goes Into Your Car Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance providers take several things into account when choosing your price. While you likely want a quick and easy quote, having several pieces of information will ensure the price you get is similar to what you will pay if you choose a specific policy.


Demographics are things like gender, age, and marital status that you will often see on the forms for car insurance quotes. However, detailed data is required to determine your level of risk based on fundamental things about you. For example, younger people and male drivers tend to be involved in more accidents.


The type of coverage you want will also play a massive part in the cost of car insurance. For example, someone who wants only liability coverage will pay less than someone who adds on collision, comprehensive, and roadside assistance.

Driving Record

Your personal driving history is also essential. Those with a clean record are more likely to get inexpensive car insurance quotes. On the other hand, several at-fault accidents will cause insurance premiums to increase. So while your past doesn’t determine your future, it gives insurers an idea of what to expect.


When they ask you about mileage, this also comes down to risk. Those who drive more extended periods and increased distances are more likely to be involved in an accident. If your annual mileage is higher than average, this will often cause your premiums to rise.

Vehicle Details

Insurance companies look at the car you own to see how safe it is to drive and whether it offers protection to all occupants. They also use this information to see how much damage the car could cause in an accident. Vehicles that do more damage or are less safe will often have more expensive insurance.


Your location also affects car insurance quotes. For example, if you live in an urban area, you can pay more than those in rural locations. The price difference is mainly because theft, accidents, and vandalism are more common in places with additional people.

Credit History

Many insurance companies use your credit history to determine what price you pay in premiums. Poor credit is associated with more risk and can double the price you pay from some insurance providers.

Car Insurance History

Your past insurance history gives information about your driving habits. It indicates accidents you have been in and gives an idea of what to expect from you. The cleaner your insurance history is, the more likely your auto insurance quotes will be lower.

What Information Do You Need To Get a Free Car Insurance Quote?

Man using tablet to get free car insurance quotes

The amount of information you need to provide for free car insurance quotes will vary based on the provider of the quotes. In most cases, they will ask you what car you have, the model you drive, and the model year. In addition, you’ll need to indicate whether you lease or own the vehicle and how long you have had it in your possession.

Beyond that, the comparison website will ask additional questions to ensure you get reliable car insurance quotes. For example, you may need to indicate what you use the car for, how much mileage you go through in an average year, and where you park the vehicle when not in use.

Information about your car isn’t all that is needed. Your personal information is also essential to have. You’ll provide information about your marital status, gender, birth date, and name to get a series of car insurance quotes that may meet your needs.

How To Choose the Right Coverage for Your Free Car Insurance Quotes

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right car insurance quotes for your vehicle. A lot of it comes down to the type of insurance you want. Below is some information about the most common insurance policies, as well as a list of additional coverage you might wish to have.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers you when you are in a car accident that you caused. It covers any property damage or medical bills resulting from the accident.  Most states require liability insurance at a certain level. Even if it isn’t, it’s crucial to have. It offers protection in a situation where you are at fault for an accident.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage comes into play if you are in an accident and your vehicle is damaged or totaled. In addition, if you took out a loan on the car, collision coverage is often required. However, it can be helpful in many other situations. For example, if the vehicle is older and you plan to replace it, you might go without it.

Comprehensive Coverage

If something besides an accident causes damage or injuries, comprehensive coverage is in place to cover you. For example, this can be used when you hit an animal, experience bad weather, or realize someone stole your car. Comprehensive coverage is helpful if you have the budget to pay for it. In addition, it can make it more likely that a stolen vehicle is found.

Special Types of Coverage

You can add other coverage options to many policies. For instance, rental car coverage offers you transportation if you are in an accident and cannot use your car. In addition, GAP coverage helps pay the auto loan if your vehicle is stolen or total and you owe more than the policy offers.

You should also consider underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. This option covers expenses if the person you are in an accident with has no insurance. It also helps ensure you get the amount you deserve if the other driver’s insurance policy doesn’t cover all the damages you experienced.

Roadside assistance is another add-on for car insurance policies. If you have a flat tire, engine problems, or lock a key in the car, this ensures you have someone who will come out and help you. While these types of add-on policies aren’t always available, many of them are helpful if you don’t mind paying for having them.

How To Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes

We’ve talked about various ways to find car insurance quotes, and you’re welcome to use any of them to get your new policy. However, when you want the least expensive option, comparing policies is an absolute must.

Talking to a single person who represents one company isn’t the best option. While you’ll find out about one insurance company and its offerings, that doesn’t mean that cheaper options are available elsewhere. Comparison shopping is crucial when you want to save money.

If a company nearby offers insurance comparisons, you can choose to visit or call them. However, most of these services are online. Therefore, firing up your computer and visiting one of the top websites for auto insurance comparisons will help you save money on your new policy.

How To Choose the Best Car Insurance Quote for You

Everyone is different, so your insurance needs are going to be unique from the next person. Therefore, to choose the best car insurance quotes, you need to consider what matters to you.

Do you know what kind of coverage you want? Are there any particular policies you absolutely need to have? What can you afford to pay each month in premiums? These are only three questions that will get you started on determining your priorities.

Once you know what you want, you can look at policies that offer those things. Compare the extras, the prices, and other essential factors to narrow down the options. You’ll likely end up with a single name that stands out from the rest. Sign up, and you can enjoy inexpensive auto insurance starting today.

Why You Should Get Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

There are all sorts of excellent reasons to choose online car insurance quotes. These quotes are provided quickly and don’t require you to visit several locations in person. As long as you have the internet, quotes are available at all times of the day.

In addition, these quotes often come from several insurance providers, which makes comparing them a cinch. You may even answer questions similar to what an insurance company would ask to get an ideal quote for your specific situation.

With online car insurance quotes, you will find a variety of insurers. It’s a great way to see all the insurers who can sell policies in your area, including large corporations and smaller regional and local insurance providers.

Free Car Insurance Quotes FAQs

What’s a good car insurance rate?

This question is challenging to answer because it depends on many factors. Your location, age, gender, and past driving history will all come into play. However, the average cost per year is $1,592, so anything under that is pretty good.

What’s the best way to get car insurance quotes?

The top way to get car insurance quotes is by firing up the Internet and visiting websites that specialize in this sort of thing. Shop around and look for deals that meet your specific needs.

What’s the best car insurance quote site?

When you need car insurance quotes, Compare.com can help. All you do is enter your zip code to compare companies, lock in a price, and enjoy inexpensive vehicle insurance.

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