How to Buy Cheap Auto Insurance Online in 15 Minutes

Learning about car insurance

OK, OK, we get it. You’re not interested in saving money on car insurance by plugging telematics into your car, or by taking a defensive driving course, or by calling five different companies. You don’t have time for that. You need to buy cheap auto insurance, and you need it Right. Now.

The best way to do it? Getting a bunch of free quotes fast on Let’s do this.

Wait: How does know who has the cheapest auto insurance?

There is no single company that offers the cheapest car insurance for every person. Each car insurance company has its own ways of judging risk and setting rates, so one company’s quote could be hundreds of dollars less — or more — than another’s. So simply asking “Who has the cheapest car insurance?” won’t get you anywhere. You need to run the numbers for yourself and compare them.

You can trust to give you the most accurate and most affordable car insurance quotes because we’re impartial (we don’t favor one insurer over another) and we’re free (we’ll never charge you to compare quotes). It’s also the quickest way to get multiple quotes, because entering and re-entering your info on car insurers’ sites will take hours.

Step 1: Enter some basic info on

Start on our auto insurance comparison page. Enter your ZIP code and hit “Start Comparing.” In some states, a little box will pop up that asks, “Want to save time?” If you say “Yes,” may be able to speed up the process by finding your info for you. Then you just have to enter some basic info about things like:

  • Where you live
  • The car you drive
  • Your marriage and employment status
  • Your current car insurance

Shop for Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes in Just Minutes!

See, that didn’t take long!

Step 2: Choose the coverage you want for cheap auto insurance.

It’s easy to be confused by coverage limits. How much bodily injury coverage do you need? What about collision/comprehensive? Don’t get overwhelmed. If your goal is to find the most affordable car insurance, you may decide to opt for state minimum coverage. This is the least (i.e. cheapest) auto insurance you can carry in your state and still drive legally.

If your car is anywhere above total beater status, you should probably opt for collision/comprehensive coverage. To lower your premium, you can choose a higher deductible (if you can afford a higher out-of-pocket payment). And skip extras like rental car coverage and towing. While these are good to have, they’ll increase your insurance costs.

Step 3: Compare quotes to see who has the cheapest car insurance.

In about 30 seconds, you’ll see several quotes pop up from different insurance companies. The very cheapest car insurance quotes may not be the best ones for you, however. Take a few minutes to compare what’s offered. If one insurer includes free windshield repairs with no deductible, that’s a nice perk. Or you may feel more comfortable with a big-name insurer instead of a small, regional one. However, there are plenty of reasons to go with a smaller insurance company.

Also, when you’re comparing cheap auto insurance online, it’s important to look at how much you can save by paying up front. One company, for example, might offer a quote of $62 per month plus a $62 down payment to pay as you go vs. $56 per month if you pay up front. Six bucks extra per month is no big deal, you think…. But when you do the math, you pay just $676 per year up front vs. $806 to pay as you go. Here’s our guide to what to look for in the cheapest car insurance.

Step 4: Buy cheap car insurance online.

who has the cheapest car insuranceOnce you’ve found the quote and coverage you’re comfortable with, go for it! Some companies let you check out online just by clicking the button next to your quote. Others ask you to call an advisor — just click the green button to get in touch. A rep for the insurance company will be able to see your quote and confirm your rates.

Now you have cheap auto insurance! We told you it was easy. But don’t stop there. The best way to keep your rates low is to shop around every 6-12 months and see if you can find a better deal. You may also want to increase your coverage if you need more protection for your car and your assets. Drive safe!

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