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Looking for car insurance for your Genesis? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our latest guide below on everything you need to know about car insurance for Genesis cars and SUVs.

Updated January 31, 2022

Genesis Motors, a luxury division of Hyundai Motor Group, has offered top-notch vehicle options since 2015. Since then, drivers have enjoyed the high-quality models that Genesis has released. 

Genesis drivers have a proven taste for luxury that shines through in their choice of vehicle. But does this high-end vehicle translate into high car insurance premiums? The short answer is yes. As a Genesis driver, you’ll likely pay quite a bit more than the average driver to insure your vehicle. 

Although car insurance costs can add up quickly with any vehicle, you can snap up the best rate by comparing different premiums with us. In just a few minutes, you can whittle down your options to the best available deal. 

Today, we will take a closer look at average car insurance rates for Genesis vehicles based on the model. Additionally, you’ll see a breakdown of which companies offer the best average rates for Genesis drivers. Here’s what you need to know about Genesis car insurance. 

Cost of Genesis Insurance

On average, US drivers pay $106 per month for car insurance. That’s a cost that drivers simply cannot avoid because most states require you to maintain car insurance. 

But if you drive a Genesis, you should expect to pay considerably higher car insurance costs. The average cost to insure a Genesis vehicle is $177 per month. That’s 66% more than the average car insurance cost!

As with all car insurance rates, the exact amount you’ll pay to insure your Genesis will depend on your driving record, background location. But driving a Genesis will likely put your car insurance premium on the more expensive side.

It is important to realize that you’ll need to factor this expense into your budget as a Genesis driver. If you want to determine what car insurance rate you can unlock, take a minute to quickly compare your options with us!

Genesis Car Insurance Rates by Model

Although the average cost to insure a Genesis is $177 per month, the model you drive can dramatically affect the price. The average cost will vary, but you should generally expect to pay a bit more for the pricier vehicles on this list.

Here’s a breakdown of the average car insurance costs for Genesis models. 


The Genesis G80 is a spacious sedan with all of the luxurious bells and whistles you would expect. In fact, the vehicle offers such a high-quality driving experience that it won first place in Initial Quality among Upper Midsize Premium Cars by J.D. Power. 

In terms of car insurance rates, the G80 offers the most affordable price point on this list, with an average cost of $149 per month. Although that is significantly higher than the average for all vehicles, it is well below the average cost to insure a Genesis. 


Genesis’ G70 is another four-door car. The model is hitting the market with a limited production Launch Edition this year. You’ll find lots of power behind this stylish ride. Plus, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the fact that the G70 is an IIHS Top Safety Pick+. 

Drivers with a Genesis G70 should expect to pay an average of $193 per month for car insurance. 


The Genesis G90 is the most expensive vehicle to insure on this list. That’s not necessarily surprising when you realize that this vehicle’s MSRP starts at $74,950. After all, a more expensive vehicle will typically require more expensive insurance.

On average, you should expect to pay $249 per month for car insurance when driving a G90. That cost will add up quickly! But you may decide that the luxurious sedan is worth the price tag. 


Drivers looking for a luxury SUV will not be disappointed with the GV80. The capable SUV has all-road options that will allow you to take your luxurious drive further. Plus, drive with ease knowing that your vehicle has high-quality safety features as an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ winner. 

If you find yourself driving a GV80, you should expect to pay an average of $209 per month for car insurance. 


As the 2022 Motor Trend SUV of the year, you can expect great things from the GV70. You’ll find a suite of safety features that pair well with this SUV’s luxury finishes. Beyond that, there are fun perks like a fingerprint reader that allows you to start your vehicle. 

If you decide to drive this high-tech vehicle, you should expect to pay $187 per month for car insurance. 

Genesis Features That Impact Insurance Cost

When choosing a vehicle, there are lots of things to consider. You want the vehicle to meet all of your needs. But picking the right safety features can have a big impact on your car insurance costs. Typically, your premiums will go down when you have more safety features on the vehicle. 

Here are some safety features to consider when shopping for your Genesis:

  • Safe exit assist. When you are ready to start your journey, the Safe exit assist will use radar to detect any vehicles or pedestrians in your blind spots. 
  • Reverse parking collision-avoidance assist. When backing out, your Genesis will help you avoid colliding with any pedestrians or obstacles in your path. 
  • Blind spot collision avoidance assist. When changing lanes, your Genesis will warn you if there is an approaching vehicle. Plus, the vehicle may put on the brakes if appropriate. 
  • Evasive steering assist. With the help of omnidirectional sensors, the vehicle will help you avoid collisions with any objects in your lane. 

In addition to these features, your driving record will have an impact on your car insurance rates. By choosing safe driving practices, you may be able to lower your car insurance costs. 

FAQs About Genesis Car Insurance

Are Genesis cars more expensive to insure?

On average, Genesis vehicles are more expensive to insure. The average cost to insure a Genesis is $177 per month. That’s considerably higher than the average cost of $106 per month to insure a vehicle in the US.

However, the model you drive will impact your costs. For example, you’ll pay an average of $100 more per month for a G90 over a G80. 

Does Genesis have their own car insurance?

No, Genesis is a car manufacturer. The company doesn’t offer car insurance. However, you may have access to complimentary maintenance, roadside assistance, and the Genesis Service Valet when you purchase or lease a new vehicle. 

How much does Genesis insurance cost?

The average cost to insure a Genesis is $177 per month. However, the model you drive will significantly impact your costs. For example, you’ll pay an average of $149 per month to insure a G80. But you’ll pay an average of $249 per month to insure a G90. That’s a big price difference!

Additionally, your unique driving record and location will impact your rates. The best way to find out what your car insurance costs will be is to use our handy comparison tool to find the best rate for you and your vehicle quickly. 

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