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Updated January 31, 2022

The Cadillac brand launched in 1902, before being acquired in 1907 by General Motors. They’re known as a luxury automobile manufacturer that utilizes premium materials, including exotic natural wood, hand-stitched leather, and carbon fiber accents in every vehicle. 

If you own a Cadillac or are considering purchasing one, it is important that you consider the cost of insurance. You’ll want to have a quality insurance plan to ensure that your vehicle is covered in case of an accident or emergency. While you may expect to shell out exorbitant amounts of money for Cadillac auto insurance, the reality is that there are affordable options available.

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Cost of Cadillac Insurance

So, how much does Cadillac insurance cost? Given that these are luxury automobiles, you might expect to pay more for Cadillac insurance when compared to more economical vehicles. In reality, the average car insurance rate across all vehicles is $106 per month, and Cadillac vehicles cost $105 per month to insure. This means the cost of Cadillac insurance isn’t much different than what you’d pay to insure any other vehicle on the road. 

Of course, your individual costs can vary based upon your demographics, driving record, as well as the model you drive, but in general, insurance rates for Cadillac vehicles are reasonable. 

While the overall insurance rates for Cadillacs are in line with average rates, your insurance cost can increase significantly and may even be quite costly if you have a poor driving record.

Cadillac Car Insurance Rates by Model

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There are variations in the cost of Cadillac insurance, based upon the model you drive. The STS boasts the lowest insurance rates, costing just $88 per month to insure, on average. While the ATS is the most expensive Cadillac model to insure, at an average of $145 per month.

See the breakdown of Cadillac car insurance rates by model below:


The CTS has come and gone over the years since it was first released in 2003. The latest generation was discontinued in 2019. But, there are still many CTS vehicles on the road and this model remains popular. Drivers enjoy the distinct style, powerful engine and stylish interior. The average insurance for the Cadillac CTS costs $112 per month, making insurance premiums comparable to the typical rate across all vehicles. 


Available in three different trim levels, the Escalade is a luxury SUV in the Cadillac line. It offers a V8 engine and the option to upgrade to a sport version that comes with a premium performance package. Even with all of these features, the average cost of Escalade insurance is just $109 per month.


This crossover-style SUV was discontinued in 2016, but they’re still on the road, and known for having a spacious interior and many sporting a rear entertainment system.  You can insure one for an average of $114 per month. 


The DTS is a spacious luxury sedan produced by Cadillac from 2006-2011. It offers all of the high end luxury features you want with plenty of interior space and optimized performance. The average monthly insurance cost for this model is just $99, making it one of the cheapest Cadillac vehicles to insure. 


Manufactured from 2013 to 2019, the ATS is a compact luxury sedan known for its speed and handling. It is the most expensive Cadillac model to insure, with the average monthly premium running at $145. 


The Cadillac STS was in production from 2005-2011. This was a Cadillac model drivers loved due to its smooth highway ride, handling and acceleration. The STS is the cheapest model to insure, at just $88 per month. 

The figures above are just averages, so they can give you a general idea of what you can expect to spend each month to insure various Cadillac models. For an individualized quote, or to learn how much it will cost to insure Cadillac’s newer models, such as the CT4, CT5, and XT4, visit or enter your zip code below and we’ll give you a free quote from 60+ insurance companies in minutes. 

Cadillac Car Insurance Rates by Insurance Company

While the average Cadillac costs $105 per month to insure, monthly insurance premiums can vary widely depending upon the insurance company you choose. For example, Commonwealth Casualty offers Cadillac auto insurance for just $58 per month, which is only a little over half the typical cost of Cadillac car insurance. 

See below for a list of the 5 cheapest companies for Cadillac car insurance. 

Insurance Company Average Monthly Premium
Commonwealth Casualty $58
MetroMile $80
Gainsco $85
Mile Auto $89
Dairyland $91

Based upon the figures above, it’s clear that you can get low rates on Cadillac car insurance. All five of the companies listed above offer Cadillac car insurance that is cheaper than the average rate of $105 per month. Your individual rates may vary based on where you live and your driving record, but the companies listed above tend to offer the lowest rates. 

Commonwealth Casualty may offer the lowest rates for Cadillac car insurance, but one downfall of this company is that it currently only offers insurance to drivers in Arizona and Texas. MetroMile, which is the second cheapest auto insurance company for Cadillac vehicles, is a relatively new company, offered only in eight states. 

Gainsco, which has similar Cadillac auto insurance prices when compared to MetroMile, offers a wider coverage range, with availability in 11 states. Dairyland offers the widest coverage range out of all the options listed above, with availability in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. This company specializes in providing affordable insurance to people with less-than-perfect driving records. 

Cadillac Features That Impact Insurance Cost

Cadillacs are luxury vehicles that come with large engines, which would, in theory, make them more expensive to insure when compared to other vehicles. In reality, Cadillac insurance generally isn’t any higher than the average rate across all vehicles.

It turns out that there are several features associated with Cadillac vehicles that make them less risky to insure, which lowers insurance costs. 

Theft and Safety Rating

For example, Cadillac vehicles aren’t often targeted in cases of theft, which reduces insurance premiums. In addition, automobiles made by Cadillac tend to earn high safety ratings, which further reduces insurance costs. 

Technology Features

While Cadillac insurance rates can be lower because of the high safety ratings of these vehicles, newer models are so technologically advanced that rates may be higher for these models when compared to the models noted above. The discontinued CTS and STS were both considerably cheap to insure, but the new CT5-V Series comes with a turbocharged engine and 360 horsepower, making this model more expensive to insure when compared to older Cadillac models. In addition, the new XT5 SUV comes with a turbocharged engine and Brembo performance front brakes, both of which increase the cost to ensure this model. 

Newer models may cost more, but some Cadillac drivers enjoy lower insurance rates, even with the new options in Cadillac’s line of vehicles. Consider the fact that the average driver who owns a Cadillac is 47 years old, according to a recent study. Cadillac vehicles tend to attract older drivers, who are seen as less of a risk by insurance companies. The older age of the average Cadillac driver can drive typical insurance rates down, but younger drivers are likely to pay more for Cadillac auto insurance. 

Cadillac Car Insurance Coverage Options

Cadillac insurance rates will vary depending upon the model of vehicle you choose, but they will also vary based upon the type of coverage you select. 

If you’re looking for the most economical Cadillac insurance plan, you might consider minimum liability coverage, which meets the legal requirements for auto insurance in most states and covers damages you cause to another person’s property or injuries you cause to someone else in an accident. Limited liability coverage is cheaper, but it will not cover damage to your Cadillac in the case of an accident. 

Opting for limited liability coverage can be risky, but it will also save you money. Consider the Cadillac SRX, for example. This vehicle costs $504 per year on average if you choose limited liability coverage. On the other hand, full coverage auto insurance for a Cadillac SRX jumps to $1,440 per year. This is equal to around $120 per month for full coverage, compared to $42 per month for liability insurance.

There are certainly cost savings associated with limited liability insurance, but full coverage provides you with collision insurance as well as comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance will cover damages to your vehicle in the case of an accident, whereas comprehensive coverage protects you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by a natural incident like a hail storm.

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Cadillac Car Insurance Rate Discount Options

If you’d like to save money on Cadillac car insurance but don’t want to take the risk that comes with only having limited liability insurance, there are discounts you may qualify for to reduce your costs. For instance, driving safely may earn you a good driver’s discounts. It is to your benefit to avoid accidents and speeding tickets.

You may also save money on Cadillac car insurance if you qualify for some of the other common auto insurance discounts:

  • Good student discounts, which typically require you to maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Discounts for bundling homeowners insurance and auto insurance with the same company
  • Loyalty discounts when you remain with an insurance company over a set period
  • Discounts for safe driving habits, requiring you to install a device in your vehicle to monitor your driving habits
  • Paperless payment discounts, which reward you for opting for online statements
  • Discounts for setting up automatic payment deductions through your bank account 

Sometimes, it can be helpful to inquire about discounts when you get an auto insurance quote, as insurance companies do not always advertise or automatically apply available discounts to your policy. 

FAQs About Cadillac Car Insurance

Beyond general information about Cadillac car insurance, it can be helpful to have answers to the commonly-asked questions below.

Are Cadillac cars more expensive to insure?

People tend to think that Cadillacs are incredibly expensive to insure, especially when compared to other vehicles. This is a reasonable assumption because Cadillac makes luxury vehicles using premium materials. Despite their luxurious features, Cadillac vehicles aren’t much more expensive to insure when compared to the typical automobile. This may be because Cadillac cars boast excellent safety ratings, as well as an older fan base. 

Does Cadillac have its own car insurance?

Cadillac is able to provide OnStar Insurance, which is owned by General Motors. This insurance utilizes technology embedded into vehicles to provide customers with personalized insurance rates based on how they drive. Drivers with safer behaviors will be given lower insurance premiums through OnStar. They also have the option to bundle their home and auto insurance to save money. 

How much does Cadillac insurance cost?

The cost of Cadillac auto insurance varies depending upon the type of Cadillac you drive, as well as personal factors, including your driving record and where you live. The average rate to insure a Cadillac is $105 per month, which is comparable to the average monthly auto insurance premium across all vehicles. Some models may cost more or less than this to insure. 

Keep in mind that the Cadillac car insurance rates discussed here are just averages, so they can give you an idea of what you can expect to pay each month to insure your vehicle. For a personalized quote, visit, and we’ll give you a Cadillac car insurance quote, free of charge, in just minutes. 

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