How Much is Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance?

Looking for car insurance for your Mercedes? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our latest guide below on everything you need to know about car insurance for Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs.

Updated March 9th, 2022

Founded in 1926, Mercedes Benz is a luxury automobile company with manufacturing plants in 17 countries across the globe. Its headquarters are in Stuttgart, Germany, but Mercedes Benz automobiles are distributed worldwide, and the company has offices in 93 locations internationally. 

As luxury automobiles, any vehicle made by Mercedes Benz will require quality car insurance. Here, you can gather information about the typical cost associated with insuring various models of Mercedes Benz and tips on how you can make your premiums  as affordable as possible – hint – compare your auto insurance rates today!

Average Cost to Insure a Mercedes Benz

The cost of insuring a Mercedes Benz automobile will vary based on what type of vehicle you drive, where you live, and your driving record. Recent reports show that the average yearly cost to insure a Mercedes Benz vehicle is $130/mo. Compare that to the average cost of $106/mo it costs to insure your typical car on the road and you’ll find Mercedes auto insurance costs 22% more! 

Now, don’t let that scare you off just yet. As you know, Mercedes is a luxury high performance vehicle, so it makes sense that you’d expect to pay more to insure it. 

Ultimately, to find the best rate for your Mercedes be sure to compare auto insurance rates between different companies because your rates will vary depending on numerous factors. 

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Mercedes Benz Car Insurance Rates by Model

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The average rate for Mercedes Benz car insurance differs between different models. Below are the average yearly insurance premium rates by model: 

Mercedes Benz A-220

The A-Class Mercedes is a new more affordable addition to the lineup that debuted in 2019. It’s a 5-seater sedan that competes with the BMW 2 Series and Audi A3. While the cost is lower than other Mercedes it doesn’t lack in technology, safety features or power. You can expect to pay $229/mo to insure this model. 

Mercedes Benz C-300 

The C-Class Mercedes is an iconic model that’s been on the market continuously since 1994. It’s a perfect luxury vehicle for small families that’s available as a convertible, coupe or sedan with 7 trim options. It was redesigned in 2015, but whether you have the older style or the newer version you can’t go wrong. Drivers of the C-Class can look forward to luxe cabin materials, strong acceleration and generous standard safety features. The average monthly insurance premium is $144.

Mercedes Benz CLA 250

The CLA 250 is a newer model that’s been around since 2017. Drivers love the sporty four-door coupe body style and standard turbo 4-cylinder engine. This is also one of the more affordable models with the base trim starting at just $33,000. You’ll pay around $191/mo to insure the CLA 250. 

Mercedes Benz E-300 

The Mercedes Benz E-Class has gone through several iterations since it debuted in 1992. The current model was redesigned as of 2017. Drivers can look forward to a standard 9-speed automatic transmission and connected-car features. The cabin features comfortable seating and high-quality materials you’d expect from Mercedes. And if you’re a power seeker, the turbo four-cylinder feels and sounds like a V-6 engine! $217 is the average monthly insurance premium for this model. 

Mercedes Benz GLE 350 

The GLE 350 is the perfect 5-seat mid-size luxury SUV for small families. It’s small enough to comfortably maneuver on the roads while having enough power to tow objects. It entered the market in 2017 and has been a fan favorite ever since. It’s available in both traditional SUV and 4-door coupe body styles. Drivers are a fan of the roomy backseat and clear visibility. Also, if you carry around a lot, the backseats fold to provide you with a flat extended cargo floor. Insurance for this model averages $152/mo. 

Mercedes Benz GLC 300

The Mercedes Benz GLC 300, a 5-seat compact luxury SUV debuted in 2017. It comes standard with a 9-speed automatic transmission and heated front row seats – talk about quality! Drivers love the interior space, cargo amenities, cabin quality and different driving modes. There are 3 trims available to fit your desires. The average auto insurance premium is $178/mo. 

Mercedes Benz GLA 250 

The GLA 250 5-seat subcompact SUV debuted in 2017. It’s available in front or all wheel drive along with 2 engine options. Drivers are drawn to the exterior design, technology, and high-quality interior. The AMG GLA 45 is available as a high-performance version if you want to take the GLA to the next level. You’ll pay around $167/mo for auto insurance. 

Mercedes Benz Car Insurance Rates by Insurance Company

Just as the rate for Mercedes Benz car insurance premiums will vary by model of vehicle, you will also see differences in rates depending on the auto insurance companies. 

These 5 auto insurance companies offer the most affordable premiums for Mercedes Benz drivers.

Insurance Company Average Monthly Premium
Dairyland $67
Mercury $86
MetroMile $92
Safe Auto $96
Direct Auto $102

Dairyland kicks off the list with the most affordable insurance premium for Mercedes drivers at just $67/mo. Then rates jump almost $20/mo to $86/mo with Mercury. MetroMile and Safe Auto inch closer to the $100/mo mark at $92/mo and $96/mo respectively. 

Finally, Direct Auto finishes the list of the most affordable auto insurance companies for Mercedes Drivers at $102/mo. 

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Mercedes Benz Features That Impact Your Insurance Rate

As with any type of car insurance, Mercedes Benz automobile insurance will vary in cost based upon driver information, such as their age, credit score, driving record, and claims history. The cost of insurance will also change based on where you live. Maine tends to offer the lowest rates for Mercedes Benz insurance, whereas people who live in Washington, DC, tend to have the highest insurance premiums. 

Vehicle Model

Beyond the factors noted above, the type of vehicle will also greatly impact how much you pay for auto insurance. In general, Mercedes Benz convertibles are more expensive to insure, whereas the GLC SUV and the Class A220 Sedan are cheaper in terms of auto insurance rates. 

Safety Features

Having specific features on your Mercedes Benz vehicle that will impact your auto insurance premiums. Adding an alarm system reduces the risk of theft and therefore lowers your insurance premiums. A Mercedes Benz is more likely to be stolen as a luxury vehicle, but an anti-theft alarm reduces this risk and makes your vehicle less costly to insure.

A telematics insurance plan can also reduce the rates you pay to insure your vehicle. This type of plan requires you to equip your Mercedes Benz with a device that tracks your driving behavior. If you display safe driving behaviors, your rates will go down. 

Finally, as luxury vehicles with leather interiors and large engines, Mercedes Benz automobiles are expensive to replace, and therefore expensive to insure. You’ll pay higher premiums for high-end models with larger engines and more horsepower. 

FAQs About Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

Are Mercedes Benz cars more expensive to insure?

Since they are luxury vehicles made with expensive materials and powerful engines, Mercedes Benz vehicles tend to be more expensive to insure when compared to more economical options, such as  Honda or Toyota. Higher-end vehicles will be more costly in terms of insurance premiums within the Mercedes Benz line. 

Does Mercedes Benz have their own car insurance?

Mercedes Benz has a program created in partnership with Liberty Mutual, called Mercedes Benz Financial Services. This program is exclusively for Mercedes Benz drivers, but it tends to be more costly than other insurance options. The benefit is that you can log in and view your insurance coverage or make changes using your Mercedes login information. If this isn’t important to you, you might consider going with another insurance company to reduce your costs. You can start by comparing cheap car insurance rates with Compare.

How much does Mercedes Benz insurance cost?

The cost of Mercedes Benz insurance depends upon the model of vehicle you select, as well as your driving record. Other factors, such as your age, claims history, and location will also impact the cost you pay for Mercedes insurance. The average annual cost to insure a Mercedes vehicle is $130/mo, but your individual rate may be more or less than this, depending on your insurance company and the model of Mercedes that you drive.

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