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Updated January 24, 2022

As the luxury counterpart of Toyota, Lexus offers a range of high end vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, coupes, and convertibles. Each vehicle in the Lexus line offers its own version of high end comfort. These vehicles are built with quality in mind, with manufacturing plants currently located in Japan, Kentucky and Ontario, Canada. 

If you drive a Lexus, it’s essential to choose quality insurance so you are covered in case of an accident or emergency. The law also requires insurance coverage, regardless of what vehicle you drive. Fortunately, it is possible to enjoy the luxury that a Lexus vehicle has to offer while still keeping your insurance costs reasonably affordable. 

Here, we compare Lexus car insurance rates for you by model and insurance company so that you can get the best deals on auto insurance. You may be surprised to learn that Lexus car insurance rates aren’t as high as what you might expect for luxury vehicles of this caliber. 

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Cost of Lexus Insurance

Since Lexus is a luxury automobile, you can expect to pay a little more to insure it than you would pay for a more basic or economical vehicle. The average monthly car insurance premium for all vehicles runs $106, whereas the average Lexus costs $111 per month to insure, which is a 4% increase. 

In the end, this premium is well worth it to ensure their luxury vehicle is properly protected. But, this is just an average for all Lexus vehicles. Keep reading to learn more about specific rates by model and insurance company.  

Lexus Car Insurance Rates by Model

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The $111 figure noted above is what you can expect to pay, on average, to insure a Lexus automobile. Your insurance rate may be slightly more or slightly less, depending upon what type of Lexus you drive. The Lexus RX tends to be the cheapest Lexus model to insure, at just under $100 per month, whereas the NX can run as high as $169 monthly, on average. 

The average rates for the various models of Lexus vehicles are as follows:

ES 350

The Lexus ES sedan has gone through many iterations over the years, but the newest version that’s been in production since 2007 is the ES 350. It’s a five-seat midsize luxury sedan. You’ll also be glad to know this is one of the most affordable Lexus vehicles on the market. The average monthly cost to insure an ES is $103.

There’s also a 2 door ES 250 and a hybrid 300h on the market.

RX 350

The RX SUV comes in several models – the RX350, 350L and 450hL (hybrid). Looking specifically at the RX350, it’s a great five-seat luxury SUV  that’s a great fit for small families. Most newer models come equipped with a touchscreen that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

This is one of the most affordable Lexus automobiles to insure, with an average monthly premium of $94. 

IS 350

The Lexus IS 350 is a five-seat sport sedan.  You can look forward to precise steering, strong breaks and reliability that you can’t beat.

You can expect to pay $133 in insurance for this model. 


Lexus discontinued production of the GS350 sedan in 2020, so you won’t find any brand new versions of this model at the Lexus dealership today, but there are tons of used models on the market. This model is known for its superb ride and handling, seat comfort and overall interior quality. Auto insurance for a Lexus GS350 costs an average of $117 per month. 

LS 500

The latest generation of Lexus LS began in 2018. With the LS 500, you can look forward to a powerful turbo V-6 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. The ride quality and steering capabilities are top notch as well. You will pay an average of $106 per month to insure an LS 500 sedan. 


The Lexus CT is a four-door hatchback hybrid vehicle that was in production from 2011-2017. As a hybrid, the CT boasts a 42 mpg combined fuel economy. The average monthly insurance rate for the CT is higher than most other Lexus models, at $131. 


The Lexus NX is a 203 horsepower SUV. Its average monthly insurance premium runs at $169.

The figures noted above for Lexus car insurance rates are averages. Your individual premium may be more or less, depending upon factors like your driving record and where you live. 

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Lexus Car Insurance Rates by Insurance Company

Just as Lexus car insurance rates can vary based upon the type of Lexus you drive, your premiums will also depend upon which company you utilize for insurance. Below are some of the cheapest insurance companies for those who drive a Lexus vehicle. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Commonwealth Casualty $63
MetroMile $84
Gainsco $87
Mercury $89
Dairyland $93

Commonwealth Casualty offers the most affordable insurance at $63/mo. You then see rates jump with MetroMile to $84/mo, followed by similar rates with Gainsco ($87/mo), Mercury ($89/mo) and Dairyland ($93/mo).

The companies above all offer lower rates than the average of $111 a month across all Lexus vehicles. Keep in mind that these are averages, and your individual rates will vary.

Lexus Features That Impact Insurance Cost

Lexus is a luxury automobile company, which means that its vehicles come equipped with features like in-dash touch screens, leather interiors, and other advanced technology. Lexus vehicles also tend to have large engines. What all of this means is that they are more costly to build when compared to other vehicles, as well as more costly to insure. 

Also, consider the fact that many Lexus vehicles boast high levels of horsepower and, in some cases, turbo-charged engines. This can make Lexus vehicles riskier to drive, which can also elevate insurance costs.

On the other hand, Lexus vehicles do come equipped with advanced safety features that can reduce the risk of an accident and keep costs lower than they would be otherwise. 

Pre-Collision System

For example, some models come with a pre-collision system that alerts drivers to oncoming traffic, as well as advanced features that slow the vehicle automatically when a pedestrian is detected. 

Trim Levels

Also, keep in mind that Lexus vehicles come in various trim levels. The base model may not offer as many safety features making it  more costly to insure when compared to higher trim levels. Investing in a more expensive vehicle with an advanced safety package can pay off in the form of lower insurance costs. 

Over the life of your automobile, you may save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums by choosing the model with additional safety features. 

Additional Features

Beyond state-of-the-art collision prevention features, Lexus vehicles may come equipped with 

  • Anti-theft devices
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Passive restraint systems like motorized seatbelts
  • Blind spot detection devices 
  • High-quality airbags included in Lexus vehicles. 

Safety features such as those noted above can reduce your Lexus car insurance premiums, as they make your vehicle less risky to insurers. You can also take steps to lower your premiums by maintaining a safe driving record and avoiding accidents that result in costly claims.

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FAQs About Lexus Car Insurance

Are Lexus cars more expensive to insure?

The Lexus vehicle is slightly more expensive to insure compared to others. The average monthly cost to insure a vehicle in the US is $106, but it’s $111/mo for a Lexus. 

That being said, rates can vary, and the safety features that come with Lexus can reduce insurance costs along with any discounts you might be eligible for. 

Does Lexus have their own car insurance?

Lexus does not have its own insurance company, but drivers who lease a vehicle through Lexus can be a part of the full-service lease program through Lexus Financial Services and Toyota Insurance Management Solutions. This lease program, called the Lexus Complete Lease, incorporates insurance and vehicle maintenance into the cost of the lease. We also help you compare insurance rates of 60+ companies to find the best premium for your Lexus at 

How much does Lexus insurance cost?

The cost of auto insurance for a Lexus will depend upon the model of Lexus you drive, as well as factors relating to you, such as your driving record, your age, and where you live. The average cost to insure a Lexus vehicle is $111 per month, but you may pay more or less depending on the factors listed above as well as the type of vehicle you drive.. 

In the end, Lexus car insurance rates may be slightly higher than the average for other vehicles, but you don’t have to pay astronomical car insurance rates to insure a luxury vehicle like a Lexus. In fact, some of the safety features that come standard on these vehicles can lower your insurance costs, making a Lexus relatively cheap to insure, even if it does come with luxury features and a large engine.

The best way to get a good rate on Lexus car insurance is to shop around and compare quotes from various insurance companies. Get free quotes for Lexus car insurance from today. 

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