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Updated February 23, 2022

Mitsubishi launched in the late 1800s as a shipping company and then transitioned to producing cargo ships. By 1917, the company produced its first automobile, the Mitsubishi Model-A, to the market.  More recently, the automobile manufacturer has introduced the Eclipse Cross, a technology-based crossover SUV. 

If you’re a Mitsubishi driver, it’s important to select a quality auto insurance provider. Not only is it required by law; it also keeps you and your vehicle protected in the case of an accident or emergency. Below we’re examining the cost to insure a Mitsubishi based on popular models and insurance companies. 

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Cost of Mitsubishi Car Insurance

The cost of Mitsubishi insurance will depend upon various factors, such as your age, the model of vehicle you drive, and how clean your driving record is. That being said, the average Mitsubishi car insurance rate is $107, which is very comparable to the average across all vehicles in the United States, which is $106. 

You can expect to pay about the same to insure a Mitsubishi as you would to insure any other vehicle on the road. Your individual costs may be more or less, but in general, Mitsubishi insurance rates are average.

Mitsubishi Car Insurance Rates by Model

The rate that you receive for Mitsubishi car insurance will vary based upon which model you drive. Below you’ll find a list of the average insurance rates for various Mitsubishi vehicles. 

Mitsubishi Outlander 

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a compact SUV that seats up to 7 and has an affordable price tag, with a starting MSRP of $26,095. The average cost of insurance for the Outlander is $139 per month, making this the most expensive Mitsubishi model to insure. 

Mitsubishi Eclipse 

Discontinued in 2012, the Mitsubishi Eclipse was a compact sports car. The company decided to stop production in order to focus on producing environmentally-friendly vehicles, but the Eclipse is still well loved and you’re sure to find one on the used market. If you’re behind the wheel of an Eclipse, you can expect your monthly premium to cost $80, on average. 

Mitsubishi Mirage 

The Mirage is a compact, budget friendly-vehicle that boasts 39 mpg combined and starts at just $14,645. The price to purchase the vehicle may not break the bank, but the insurance for a Mirage runs at an average of $130 per month, making it one of the more expensive models to insure. 

Mitsubishi Galant

Much like the Eclipse, the Galant was discontinued in 2012. It was known for being a reliable, mid-sized sedan. Insurance premiums for a Mitsubishi Galant cost an average of $91 per month. 

Mitsubishi Lancer 

The Lancer stayed around until 2017, but it was discontinued once Mitsubishi began to focus on SUVs and crossovers. The Lancer was also known for being a reliable mid-size vehicle, so you’re likely to find many on the road and on the used car market. Insurance for the Mitsubishi Lancer runs $106 per month, on average. 

Mitsubishi Montero 

Mitsubishi’s rugged SUV, the Montero, ended production in the United States 2021, but it’s still being sold overseas. If you have a Montero in your driveway or parking spot, you can expect to pay just $69 per month to insure it. 

Mitsubishi Endeavor 

The Endeavor was a mid-size Mitsubishi SUV that was discontinued in 2011.  The average monthly insurance premium for this model is $84. 

Mitsubishi Diamante 

While no longer in production, the Mitsubishi Diamante competed with vehicles like the ever popular Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Today, you’ll pay an average of $71 per month to insure a Diamante.

Keep in mind that the numbers noted above are just guidelines, and your individual rates will vary. Your vehicle’s model year will impact how much you pay to insure a particular Mitsubishi model. In 2022, as Mitsubishi has introduced newer vehicles, including the Outlander and Eclipse Cross, you may pay higher rates for Mitsubishi insurance than those posted here.

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Mitsubishi Car Insurance Rates by Insurance Company

Mitsubishi auto insurance rates can also vary based upon the insurance company. See the table below for a list of insurance companies with the lowest rates for Mitsubishi auto insurance. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Commonwealth Casualty $61
Gainsco $86
Dairyland $88
Lonestar $94
Metromile $99

Commonwealth Casualty offers the lowest rates for Mitsubishi car insurance, with the average monthly premium running at just $61.  While this company does come with the cheapest rate, not everyone will be able to take advantage of it, as Commonwealth Casualty only offers insurance to those in the state of Arizona.

Dairyland insurance has a wider coverage area than Commonwealth Casualty, as it is available in 22 states and averages $88/mo. This company also specializes in working with high-risk drivers and is a suitable option for affordable Mitsubishi car insurance if you have a less-than-optimal driving record. 

MetroMile offers the most expensive insurance on this list at almost $100/mo. 

Mitsubishi Features That Impact Insurance Cost

When an insurance company sets your insurance premium, they look at various factors associated with a vehicle to determine how much a driver should pay to insure it. When it comes to Mitsubishi vehicles, these cars tend to be rather affordable, meaning they are not particularly expensive to repair and replace. This keeps insurance rates lower. 

Mitsubishi also offers various trim levels for its vehicles. More economical trims that come with fewer add-ons will be cheaper to insure. 

Safety is another factor that determines the insurance premiums for a particular automobile. Mitsubishi vehicles tend to earn high safety ratings, meaning they look less risky to insurance companies. This can also lower insurance rates.

Also, keep in mind that where you live will impact how much you pay for Mitsubishi car insurance. Living in an area with higher crime ratings or more accidents will likely require you to pay more for auto insurance compared to a lower crime area.

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Mitsubishi Car Insurance Coverage Options

Mitsubishi insurance rates will vary depending upon your location and the model of vehicle you drive, but they will also vary based upon the type of coverage you select.

State Minimum Liability Coverage

If you’re looking for the most economical Mitsubishi insurance policy, you might consider state minimum liability coverage, which meets the legal requirements for auto insurance in most states and covers damages you cause to another person’s property, or injuries you cause to someone else in an accident. Limited liability coverage is cheaper, but it will not cover damage to your Mitsubishi in the case of an accident. Given that Mitsubishi vehicles may be expensive to replace, minimum liability coverage likely isn’t the best option. 

Full Coverage

There are certainly cost savings associated with limited liability insurance, but full coverage provides you with collision insurance as well as comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance will cover damages to your vehicle in the case of an accident, whereas comprehensive coverage protects you if your Mitsubishi is stolen or damaged by a natural incident like a hail storm.

If you want to protect your vehicle, your best option is to select a full coverage option that will cover the costs to repair or replace your Mitsubishi in the case of an accident. Otherwise, you may be left paying out-of-pocket for the entire cost to replace your vehicle. This can be especially costly if you drive a newer model Mitsubishi. If you want to cut costs, you might consider choosing an insurance plan with a higher deductible. 

Mitsubishi Auto Insurance Discounts 

To save money on Mitsubishi car insurance, you may want to see if you qualify for a discount to reduce your premium. For example, being a safe driver and avoiding accidents keep your rates low. A driver with a clean record will pay lower rates for Mitsubishi insurance when compared to someone who has a recent accident or DUI on their record. 

Your insurance rates for a Mitsubishi vehicle can also be lower with some of the following auto insurance discounts:

  • Loyalty Discount: Your auto insurance company may lower your rates if you stick with the same company over a set period.
  • Good Student Discount: Car insurance providers will often provide a discount to college and highschool students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: If you bundle your home and auto insurance with the same company, you’ll likely pay less for Mitsubishi insurance coverage due to a multi-policy discount
  • Safe Driving Discount: Some companies will offer lower car insurance rates for drivers who install a device in their car to track driving habits. Safe habits, such as accelerating and braking slowly, can help you save on your premium.
  • Payment Discount: You can also lower Mitsubishi auto insurance costs by agreeing to certain payment settings, such as setting up automatic billing and paperless statements.

Your individual Mitsubishi auto insurance discounts will vary based upon your insurance provider and your policy. It may be beneficial to call your auto insurance company directly to ask about available discounts, as they do not always advertise them or automatically apply them to your policy. When you contact your insurance agent to update your policy each year, it’s not a bad idea to review available discounts to determine if your eligibility has changed since your last policy began. 

But before you focus on discounts, be sure you’re not overpaying for auto insurance. You can use our auto insurance comparison tool to see whether you can cut your premium a bit. Enter your zip code below to get started. 

FAQs About Mitsubishi Car Insurance

If you’re browsing Mitsubishi car insurance rates, you may be interested in the following frequently asked questions:

Are Mitsubishi cars more expensive to insure?

Mitsubishi makes relatively affordable vehicles that are not particularly expensive to replace or repair when compared to others on the market. That being said, Mitsubishi car insurance is typically no more expensive than what you’d expect to pay for the average vehicle on the road. 

Does Mitsubishi have its own car insurance?

Mitsubishi does not offer their own car insurance, but they do provide complimentary roadside assistance for 5 years if you purchase a new vehicle. 

How much does Mitsubishi insurance cost?

The average Mitsubishi driver will pay $107 per month to insure their vehicle; however, your individual insurance rates will vary. You can expect to pay different amounts based upon the model of Mitsubishi you drive, as well as based upon your driving record and where you live. Mitsubishi car insurance rates can also vary greatly between different insurance companies. 

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