What if your Uber gets into an accident?

car crash in the city

Imagine that you’ve just entered your Uber. The driver seems pleasant. He offers you a water bottle and music station of your choice. You’ve practically arrived to your friend’s bachelorette party and just when you least expect it, your driver hits another vehicle. Your excitement deflates and a cloud of anxiety hangs high above your head. What now?

Getting into an accident while you’re taking an Uber is weird and confusing. It can be hard to know what to do next because there aren’t clear guidelines put in place. Luckily, you have these pointers to get you through this shocking scenario.

The first few moments after the Uber accident

“Remain calm and take note of any suspicious activity following the accident.”

Prioritize your safety because that’s the most important thing following the accident. If you need medical attention, call an ambulance. If you’re unscathed, you shouldn’t be afraid to take the initiative and jot down some useful information. This may feel unnatural because you’re not in your own vehicle. However, you can’t always rely on the other person to do the right thing.

According to Allstate, once an accident has occurred and you’ve determined that everyone is OK, exchange information, file a report and take photos of both vehicles and any glass that’s on the ground. Regardless of your driver’s reaction, you should follow these routine steps. Remain calm and take note of any suspicious activity following the accident.

Uber’s vague laws

Unfortunately, from a legal standpoint, the situation doesn’t get any easier. Many laws put in place pertain to taxis or other drivers. It may be tough to be sure where Uber drivers fall on that spectrum and exactly how much you’ll be able to hold them liable when it comes to paying for any damage down the road. For example, some people sue the other driver to receive damages for emotional trauma and physical injury.

Many cab companies are required to carry a policy coverage with a minimum of $250,000, according to Justia. However, Lexology.com confirmed that Uber provides commercial coverage for drivers at a rate that’s slightly higher than normal cabs. Still, this coverage might not cover damages to multiple people, and again, Ubers are not cabs.

Many of the legal kinks of ride sharing companies are still being ironed out. However, Lexology explained that passengers can ride comfortably knowing that they have some insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

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