American Family Insurance: All you need to know

Is AmFam the right car insurance company for your needs?

At a Glance

American Family Insurance

Headquarters: Madison, Wisconsin

Founded: 1927

Employees: 12,000+

Offices: 12,300+

Revenue: $12.2 billion (2019)

Key People: Jack Salzwedel (CEO)


Phone: 1-800-692-6326


Also known as AmFam, American Family Insurance was founded in 1927 and was originally created as solely an auto insurance company that marketed itself to farmers. Over the years, the company expanded its consumer base and product line, and changed its name to what it is now known by.

Now the tenth-largest insurance provider in the United States, American Family Insurance is a private mutual company that focuses on property, casualty, and auto insurance, while also offering commercial, life, health, and homeowners coverage, as well as investment and retirement planning products.

A Fortune 500 company, AmFam boasts an impressive range and variety of insurance products and caters to the average American family. American Family currently offers auto insurance policies in 19 U.S. states.

Despite its origin story and impressive record as the tenth-largest auto insurance carrier in the country, you may still find yourself asking, “Is American Family right for me?” Read on to find out.

American Family Auto Insurance Reviews

Review Platform Rating
Clearsurance 4/5 – 2,163 reviews
JD Power 4/5
Glassdoor 3.5/5 -1,067 reviews

Overall, American Family scored higher than average on most of the well-known customer satisfaction surveys and studies. Clearsurance rates American Family as 4-out-of-5 stars, which is a little better than the average auto insurance provider, and the Better Business Bureau ranks it as an A business, also placing it above the national average mark.

JD Power’s 2020 studies back up these results, giving American Family a score of 4-out-of-5. JD Power’s studies generally take into account the number of complaints that an average auto insurance company receives, particularly about its claims processes, which means that American Family has less complaints than the average carrier. This is not surprising news, given that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners also reported that, over the last three years, American Family had fewer than the expected number of complaints to state regulators, relative to its size.

It’s worth noting, then, that Glassdoor -- an internal reviewing system, which sources its data from employees of the company -- rated American Family a little lower, with a score of 3.5-out-of-5.

In general, however, when you add up the numbers, American Family certainly comes out on top, consistently ranking alongside, if not above, the other large auto insurance providers in the United States.

How much does American Family cost?

Now that you have a good idea of the history of the company, as well as how it stacks up against competitors on the top consumer satisfaction surveys, the next important thing to consider is the cost.

Can you afford to insure your vehicle using American Family auto insurance? Keep in mind that there are many factors that insurance companies consider when calculating your individual insurance rates, such as coverage levels, driving record, age, gender, marital status, and more.

However, you can still get a general sense of how much it might cost to insure your vehicle using American Family. Check out the chart below to get a breakdown by state.

State Average American Family Annual Premium Average State Annual Premium
Alaska $4,153.07 $3,421.51
Colorado $3,733.02 $3,876.39
Iowa $3,021.81 $2,981.28
Idaho $3,728.79 $2,979.09
Illinois $3,815.31 $3,305.48
Indiana $3,679.68 $3,414.97
Kansas $2,146.40 $3,279.62
Minnesota $3,521.29 $4,403.25
Missouri $3,286.90 $3,328.93
North Dakota $3,812.40 $4,165.84
Nebraska $2,215.13 $3,283.68
Nevada $5,441.18 $4,861.70
Ohio $1,515.17 $2,709.71
Oregon $3,527.28 $3,467.77
South Dakota $4,047.47 $3,982.27
Texas $4,848.72 $4,043.28
Utah $3,698.77 $3,611.89
Washington $3,713.02 $3,059.32
Wisconsin $1,513.27 $3,606.06

Don’t forget -- your own rates will vary greatly depending on your specific driver profile. That’s why it’s imperative to compare rates from as many auto insurance providers as possible. Want to know how American Family compares to more than 60 of the country’s top carriers? Enter your zip code to unlock your personalized rates.

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How much can I save with American Family?

American Family offers a great selection of discounts when compared to the average auto insurance company. You can earn discounts for being a good driver, having multiple policies with AmFam, driving safely, taking a defensive-driving course, and even for driving less often than most people.

Take a look at the list of available discounts offered by American Family below. You’ll be sure to find a discount (or three!) that you’re eligible for.

Discount Savings
Multi-vehicle If you insure more than one vehicle with American Family, you may qualify for a reduced premium.
Loyalty If you’re a loyal American Family customer, you can save on your car insurance. The amount you save depends on how long you’ve been a customer with AmFam.
Early Bird You could get a discount if you have an active policy with another carrier and receive a quote from American Family at least 7 days before the policy goes into effect.
Multi-product Save money when you protect more than one dream with American Family -- like bundling your auto and home policies.
Steer Into Savings Switch to American Family from one of their competitors, and you could save even more money each month.
Auto Safety Equipment If your vehicle is equipped with factory-installed air bags, those features will help you save.
Defensive Driver In certain states, you could get a discount if you are 55 years or older and complete an approved defensive driving course.
Good Driving If you have no accidents, violations, or claims on your record, you may be eligible for a reduced rate.
Low Mileage American Family customers who drive less than 7,500 miles per year can qualify for additional savings.
KnowYourDrive Enroll in KnowYourDrive and qualify for a program discount of up to 20%.
Good Student If you have good grades, it could help you save on your insurance premiums.
TeenSafeDriver This program is free to auto policyholders with a teenage driver, and you may earn a discount on your policy for enrolling.
Away at School If you or your child is a student who is under 25, more than 100 miles away at college and their car is parked at home, you can save.
Young Volunteer If you’re under 25 and complete 40 hours of volunteer work per year for a non-profit, you can save even more money on your auto policy.
Generational If your parent is an American Family customer, then you could save just by being related to him or her.
Auto Pay When you enroll in automatic funds transfer or electronic recurring payments, you qualify for a discount.
Customer Full Pay If you pay your policy in full at the time of purchase, the customer full pay discount will save you money.
Paperless Enroll in online billing and e-delivery of policy documents and save money.

 Where does American Family offer coverage?

Although American Family is the nation’s tenth-largest auto insurance provider, it currently only operates in 19 states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you’re in one of those 19 states, you can easily find a local agent or begin the process of receiving an insurance quote online. You can also call American Family by phone and locate an agent near you or start a policy.

Is American Family right for me?

Now that you know how much American Family auto insurance costs, as well as the huge selection of discounts available to you, the only question you might still be asking is, “Is American Family the right insurance provider for me?”

Whether or not you decide to go with American Family will ultimately come down to a few factors. Think about what you want and need from your policy, what kind of coverage is required by your state, and how much you want to pay each month for car insurance.

If you fall into any of the categories listed below, American Family is probably a great bet for you:

  • You’re looking to save money on your car insurance, and you’re eligible for quite a few of American Family’s outstanding discounts.
  • You either are a young driver or want to add a young driver to your policy, without your premium skyrocketing -- and you’re interested in American Family’s benefits for young drivers.
  • You want to insure your vehicle with a company that has a track record of customer satisfaction, as well as fewer customer complaints.
  • You live in one of the 19 states that American Family operates in, and you’re looking to partner with a provider that offers other types of insurance, such as home, renters, or life, that you can bundle with your auto insurance policy.

If none of these categories are a match for you, don’t worry! There are hundreds of other insurance companies out there, many of which are likely better suited to your unique needs.

Find the one that’s right for you by simply entering your ZIP code below!

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What else does American Family offer?

If you’re interested in other types of insurance, or you want to bundle your car insurance with other offers, American Family has plenty of options available. American Family has a wide range of insurance policies to suit a variety of needs, from farm and ranch coverage to classic car insurance! Check out the list below for a comprehensive look at the many policies offered by American Family.

Auto & Vehicle

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • RV & Camper
  • Boat
  • ATV
  • Snowmobile
  • Classic Car

Property & Business

  • Home
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Manufactured Home
  • Farm & Ranch
  • Business
  • Landlord

Other Insurance

American Family FAQs

  • How do I file a claim with American Family?
If you’re in an accident and you’re an American Family customer, there are a number of ways you can file a claim. You can file a claim by phone by calling 1-800-MYAMFAM (1-800-692-6326) or you can file and track your claim right from your phone using the MyAmFam app. You can also file your claim online with American Family’s online claim form, or by contacting your American Family Insurance agent.
  • How does American Family’s claims process work?
To file a claim, you’ll need to have the following information available: the date and time of the event, a brief description of what happened, any photos of damage done to your property, and the insurance and contact information of any other individuals involved. After you’ve filed a claim, an American Family claims representative will review the information you’ve provided and contact you within 1-2 business days to discuss the next steps in the claims process.
  • How do I cancel my American Family policy?
The easiest way to cancel your policy with American Family is to call your agent. If you’re not sure how to reach yours, you can find them using American Family’s online agent locator. American Family’s customer care center is also available 24/7, and they can either help direct you to your agent or submit a cancellation request form on your behalf.
  • Does American Family offer coverage in my state?
It depends. American Family only offers coverage in 19 states nationwide: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.
  • Does American Family have a mobile app?
Yes, American Family offers a mobile app called MyAmFam. It is available for download on both the Google Play and Apple App store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can instantly access your account, manage payments, file claims, and even check on a claim’s status.
  • Does American Family have Spanish offerings?
Yes, American Family offers coverage and customer service to Spanish-speaking customers. When you’re searching for an agent online, simply request an agent who is fluent in your language of choice.

American Family in the community

American Family has dedicated itself to protecting dreams for over 90 years and is proud to support both their customers and communities. From bringing people together at DreamBank to sponsoring large-scale charity events like the American Family Insurance Golf Championship, American Family truly does support many community-building initiatives across their 19-state footprint. One of their standout concepts is DreamBank, “an inspirational community destination and digital experience, dedicated to the pursuit of dreams.” DreamBank offers information, education, and motivation to individuals in pursuit of their dreams -- whatever those dreams might entail.

American Family also commits to living out their mission through corporate responsibility. Some of these efforts include the American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation, unique community investment opportunities, and an industry-leading corporate sustainability plan.

You may know American Family from…

American Family logo and slogan

You may be familiar with American Family’s logo, which has the company name featured in blue lettering with a red roof, like that of a house, pictured overhead. Or perhaps you’ve heard of their slogan, which reads, “Insure Carefully. Dream Fearlessly.” Either way, American Family’s advertising seeks to cement their value message to customers: that they’re a safe, reliable, family- and community-oriented business that wants to protect and grow their customers’ dreams.

American Family on Social Media

American Family can be found on many of the popular social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

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