Kemper Seguros de Auto

¿Por qué escoger Kemper Seguros de Auto?

  • Response claims service with claims representatives ready to help you 24/7
  • Save the planet – Go paperless! Set up an account to view your policy information electronically
  • Useful reminders: You can sign up to receive payment reminders by email or text message

¿Sabías que...

  • Reliable and affordable car insurance for your customers
  • Renowned company – AM The best classification is A- (excellent)
  • Kemper employs 6,000 associates dedicated to providing exceptional service
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  • Customer Service: 800-456-1919
  • Claims: 888-252-2799
  • Roadside Assistance: 877-506-4222

Descuentos Disponibles de Kemper

  • Sin papel: ¡Salve el medio ambiente y ahorre dinero al mismo tiempo!
  • Multi-vehículo: Asegure más de un vehículo con Kemper Specialty y obtenga un descuento
  • Bolsas de Aire: Los coches con Bolsas de Aire instaladas son más seguros, así que se le recompensa con una prima más barata
  • Dispositivos antirrobo: ¿Tiene su vehículo un rastreador? A continuación, aprovechar un precio más bajo
  • Conductor seguro: Si puede probar que no ha tenido accidentes o reclamaciones, entonces podría obtener una prima con descuento
  • Casado o unión civil: ¿Encontró su único amor verdadero? Ahora encuentre una segunda vez en el precio que pagará por su seguro
  • Conductor maduro: Los conductores mayores tienen más experiencia y merecen un descuento

It has unique insurance needs. From minimum limits to higher limits with special features – it is covered with Kemper Specialty. If you have defects in your driving record or if your focus is to meet the minimum state requirements with basic coverage, Kemper Specialty covers you. If you have a violation or two in your driving record, but still want the additional security that comes with higher limits, you are protected.

The right insurance for you must meet your needs and come from a provider you can trust. No one plans to be in an accident. In the unfortunate event that happens, rest assured. Four out of five Kemper Specialty customers involved in a claim would recommend the company to a friend. And when accidents occur, you can also be sure that you have coverage backed by a financially sound company.

Insurance must be easy. That is why Kemper offers an EZ Pay service, which allows you to pay by bank account, credit card or direct bill. You can also subscribe to useful reminders. Kemper will send you a quick text or email reminder if your policy is in danger of cancellation. Each message will even include a link so you can make a payment directly from your smartphone. And what about all that paper? With Kemper, you have the option of setting up a paperless policy account and receiving all your policy correspondence electronically.

Do you need roadside assistance? Kemper customers can choose to add roadside assistance. If you have a flat tire, stay locked out of your car or need to be towed to the nearest garage – your roadside assistance coverage means that help around the clock is just a phone call away.

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