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Updated January 27th, 2022

As the luxury counterpart of Nissan, Infiniti offers premium vehicles that boast high performance, advanced technology, and elegant interiors. The automobile manufacturer has a rich history within the luxury industry, beginning in 1987 when a group formed within Nissan with a vision to develop a new line of luxury vehicles. In 1989, Infiniti was launched in the United States, and it has only grown from there. Infiniti vehicles have not been around as long as those made by competitors like Mercedes and BMW, but Infiniti has made its mark in the luxury automobile industry. 

Today, Infiniti has a complete line of luxury SUVs, crossovers, sedans, and coupes. The automobile manufacturer specializes in performance and technology, and its makers are always looking to the future for new innovations. If you own an Infiniti or are in the market to buy one, it’s important to consider insurance costs. Here, you can compare Infiniti car insurance rates, so you can find a premium that is affordable for you. 

Cost of Infiniti Insurance

Infiniti sells luxury vehicles, which means the automobiles in its lineup are made with big engines and expensive materials. This can make them more costly to replace and therefore more costly to insure. The average monthly insurance premium for all cars regardless of the brand is $106. For Infiniti automobiles, the average monthly premium jumps to $136, which is 28% more than the average across all vehicles.

You can expect to pay a little more to insure an Infiniti than you would pay for more economical automobiles, but cost of Infiniti insurance will vary, based upon the model of vehicle you drive, as well as other factors, including your demographics, location and driving record. 

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Infiniti Car Insurance Rates by Model

Rates for Infiniti car insurance will vary depending on the model. Top-of-the-line models are more costly to make and therefore more expensive to insure, whereas entry-level models tend to come with lower insurance premiums.


The G35 was a highly-celebrated Infiniti model, available as both a sedan and a coupe. It has been discontinued, but these vehicles are reliable and remain on the road. The average premium for the G35 is $108 per month. 


Developed as a replacement for the G35, the G37 was known for its power and style. At $154 per month, the average insurance premium for this vehicle is significantly higher than for the G35. The G37 has also been discontinued and was replaced by vehicles in the Infiniti Q line. 


In the present-day version of the Infiniti G35 and G37, the Q50 comes with a twin-turbo engine and 300 horsepower, whereas the Red Sport version comes equipped with 400 horsepower. It also comes with safety features like intelligent distance control. The average monthly premium for a Q50 is $222. 


The FX35 was a reliable crossover SUV that is no longer in production. The monthly premium is $118, on average, for this model.


Infiniti’s M35 was a luxury sedan, which was later replaced by the Q70, an Infiniti model known for its power. The Q70 is no longer in the Infiniti line of vehicles, so many who prefer this style select the Q50. The M35, which is no longer made, costs an average of $117 per month to insure, making it much cheaper in comparison to the Q50. 


The I30 is an older Infiniti model, which was phased out nearly two decades ago. It was a mid-sized sedan with a 4-cylinder transmission and a little over 200 horsepower. The average monthly insurance rate for this vehicle is just $91, but the I30, being an older vehicle, does not boast the same premium features that newer models of Infiniti vehicles offer. 


The Infiniti QX60 is a modern-day luxury SUV, and it has enough space to seat 7, making it ideal for road trips, even with a large family. It comes packed with technological features, such as a wireless phone charging mat, and a Wi-Fi hotspot in the cabin. It will cost you an average of $157 a month to insure your QX60.

Infiniti car insurance rates range from a low of $91 per month for the I30, to a high of $222 per month for the Q50. Remember that the figures above are just estimates of what you can expect to pay, on average, to insure various Infiniti models. Individual rates will vary.

Consider, for example, that your rates for a specific Infiniti model can vary substantially based on your age. A 2020 Infiniti Q50 costs $330 per month to insure if you are 21-years-old, compared to $185 per month for drivers who are 40. Your driving record can also significantly impact your insurance rates. The same Infiniti Q50 can cost $576 more per year to insure if you have just a few minor traffic incidents on your record, whereas a DUI can increase your yearly insurance premium by over $2,000.

Your cost to insure a specific Infiniti model will also vary depending upon where you live. The Infiniti Q50 costs $4,230 per year, equal to $352.50 per month in Miami, Florida, but the rate in Virginia Beach, Virginia is $1,430 per year, which is equivalent to $119 per month. 

Both of these rates vary significantly from the average monthly Q50 premium of $222, demonstrating just how much your location can affect your Infiniti car insurance rates. 

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Infiniti Car Insurance Rates by Insurance Company

Just as Infiniti car insurance rates vary based upon the vehicle model, they will vary amongst different auto insurance companies. The insurance companies below tend to offer the lowest insurance premiums, on average, for an Infiniti vehicle. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Commonwealth Casualty $71
Mercury $82
Gainsco $105
MetroMile $110
Dairyland  $111

All of the insurance companies above offer Infiniti auto insurance rates that are lower than the average premium of $136 per month. Commonwealth Casualty provides the cheapest rate, at just $71 per month. Your exact rates may be more or less than what is noted above, depending on your demographics, where you live, what model of Infiniti you drive, and your driving record among other factors. 

Infiniti Features That Impact Insurance Cost

Infiniti produces luxury vehicles, which come with features that can elevate insurance costs. For instance, Infiniti automobiles are made with luxury materials, and they come equipped with larger engines. These factors can increase insurance costs. Not only are Infiniti parts expensive to replace; they may have to be ordered from overseas, which makes everything more expensive. 

While the luxury features of Infiniti vehicles can make them more costly to replace and insure, these vehicles also come equipped with advanced safety features, which can reduce insurance premiums and offset some of the costs associated with insuring a luxury vehicle made from expensive materials. You can think of it as a balancing act. On the one hand, costly features can add more to your Infiniti insurance premium, but the advanced safety features on these vehicles can balance this out and keep insurance costs reasonable if you qualify for discounted insurance because of them. 

Finally, cars that are commonly targeted for theft can be more expensive to insure. Fortunately, Infiniti vehicles are not stolen often, which can keep Infiniti insurance costs down. You can reduce your insurance costs further by putting an anti-theft device on your Infiniti. 

FAQs About Infiniti Car Insurance

Are Infiniti cars more expensive to insure?

The average monthly premium for an Infiniti vehicle is $136, which is 28% above the average monthly insurance premium across all vehicles. This means that an Infiniti is likely to be more expensive to insure when compared to the typical vehicle. Since Infiniti makes luxury vehicles that are expensive to repair and replace, insurance costs will be higher. On the other hand, the advanced safety features that come with Infiniti automobiles prevent insurance costs from being exorbitantly high. 

Does Infiniti have its own car insurance?

Infiniti does not offer its own car insurance, but the automobile maker does partner with Liberty Mutual, which provides Infiniti Elite Insurance customized for Infiniti owners. This insurance program may offer savings on Infiniti insurance premiums, but rates will vary from state to state. Infiniti also offers extended protection plans to cover mechanical issues and general maintenance on newer Infiniti vehicles. 

How much does Infiniti insurance cost?

Infiniti insurance premiums cost an average of $136 per month, but your rate may be more or less than this figure. Cheaper Infiniti models will be less expensive to insure, whereas more expensive models will come with higher monthly rates. Your driving record can also impact Infiniti car insurance rates. If you have a safe driving record, your rates may be lower than the average, but with multiple accidents or tickets, your monthly Infiniti insurance premiums could be significantly higher than the average. 

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