Metromile Company

  • Customer Service: 888-244-1702
  • Claims: 888-215-9176
  • Roadside Assistance: 888-215-9176

Metromile offers a revolutionary kind of car insurance for low-mileage drivers (under 200 miles per week). With pay-per-mile insurance, your monthly bill is based on the miles driven. That means that the less you drive, the more you will save. The key to pay-per-mile insurance is the Metromile Pulse, a device that easily plugs into your car to accurately measure mileage. Unlike other usage-based programs, the Pulse doesn’t monitor your braking or speed – just your mileage.

Why choose Metromile?

  • You can contact them 24/7 to report a claim or to get roadside assistance
  • When you file a claim, a dedicated customer service representative will be with you every step of the way
  • Any miles driven over 150 miles per day (250 miles in WA) will be free and you will still be covered the entire time

Did you know...?

  • On average, Metromile customers save an estimated $500 a year
  • Never lose your car again! Their free app tells you where you parked your car and has even been used to recover stolen cars
  • Their app also has useful features like street sweeping alerts (in select cities) and the ability to contact Metromile’s in-house mechanic

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Based on a survey of 100 California Residents. Average savings determined via a comparison of their selected policy against their self-reported annual premium.