Aspire Insurance

Why choose Aspire Insurance?

  • Policyholders can make secure online payments through their personalized portal
  • E-signatures and automatic payments are available to get you covered as quickly as possible
  • They are fully registered with the California Department of Insurance

Did you know...?

  • Aspire is a paperless company, minimizing their carbon footprint
  • Bilingual service and claims representatives are available
  • Their headquarters are based in California
  • Customer Service: 877-789-4742

What is Aspire Auto Insurance?

Aspire General’s executive management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance industry. Originally founded in 1980, they now boast more than 35 years in the business solely serving California drivers. Aspire’s group of companies manages the entire insurance experience all the way from buying a policy through to billing, customer service, and even their in-house claims team.

Their mission is to make the claims process as easy as possible. You can report your claim 24/7 using their online claims report form. The form tells you exactly what kind of information they need and even lets you upload photos and documents. Once submitted, an adjuster is assigned to your claim and helps you through the process.

Aspire General Insurance knows a thing or two about working with drivers deemed ‘difficult to insure’. They understand that just because you may have a checkered record, you shouldn’t have to pay excessively high premiums. If you’re a non-standard, price-conscious driver who doesn’t want to compromise on service, Aspire is here for you.

Once you’re ready to buy, you can choose from a range of payment options including monthly payment plans to best fit your budget. You can also choose from various down payment amounts depending on what suits you.

How Does Aspire Auto Insurance Work?

Now that you know Aspire Auto is willing to work with drivers who have a spotty record, how does their auto insurance work? Let’s dive right in and find out. 

Aspire Auto Insurance Payments

Aspire Auto makes it easy for customers to pay for their insurance premiums. Drivers can opt to pay via credit card, debit card, make online payments, or enroll in automatic payments. In addition, you can choose whether you want to pay for your premium in full or split your premium amount into monthly installments. 

Aspire Auto Insurance Rate Increases

While Aspire doesn’t specifically mention reasons for rate increases, but here are some common circumstances that might lead to a jump in your monthly premium:

  • You changed addresses: Changing your zip code can cause insurance rates to rise if your new area has a higher theft rate, more traffic or drivers tend to file more expensive claims in general
  • You got divorced: On average, married couples pay less for car insurance than single drivers, so getting a divorce can cause your premiums to rise. 
  • You filed a claim: Once you file a claim, you’re considered a higher risk to your insurance company. This can lead to an increase in your rates.
  • You lost a discount: To enjoy certain discounts, you must meet specific criteria. If you no longer meet the discount requirements, you’ll see a jump in rates. For instance, college students whose grades dip below a B average might lose their good student discount. 

If you’re hit with a rate increase that’s more than what you want to pay, be sure to compare your options find the right balance between coverage and affordability.

Aspire Auto Insurance Claims

Drivers insured by Aspire can file claims in two ways:

  1. Call 855-231-1727 and report your claim over the phone. 
  2. Use their online claims report form. The form is quite detailed and tells you everything you need to submit for them to begin processing your claim. 

Once your claim is submitted, you’re assigned a claims adjuster to resolve your claim and answer any questions you might have.

Aspire Auto Insurance Discounts

Although Aspire offers fewer discounts compared to their competition, they do have some options for drivers hoping to save money. 

  • Anti-theft device discount: Having tech installed in your vehicle that deters thieves or helps recover your vehicle if it’s stolen can help reduce your premiums 
  • Good driver discount: If you’re accident and claim free for three years, you qualify for the good driver discount  
  • Mature driver discount: Experienced drivers are rewarded with a discount on their auto insurance rate
  • Multi-car discount: Insure more than one vehicle with Aspire and get an easy multi-car discount
  • Good student discount: If you’re in high school or college with an impressive GPA, you can get a discount from Aspire 
  • Safety features discount: Most modern cars already come with anti-lock brakes and other basic safety features, these can lead to a no-brainer savings!
  • Alcohol awareness discount: Drivers who complete a state-approved alcohol awareness program are eligible for this discount, as long as you don’t have an alcohol or drug-related violation on your record. 

Aspire Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Aspire Auto offers customers two tiers of coverage options: Savings and Advantage. While they differ slightly in limits, both tiers provide these types of coverage: 

  • Property damage liability coverage: Coverage for any costs resulting from damaging another person’s property with your vehicle.
  • Bodily injury liability coverage: Covers any damages in an accident where you are at fault, and it results in injury or death to another individual. 
  • Medical expense coverage: Coverage for medical expenses resulting in injuries sustained by your passengers or yourself while driving
  • Under-insured and uninsured motorist coverage: Coverage for medical expenses due to injuries by another driver without insurance or a driver who doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for all the damages
  • Collision coverage: Coverage paying for the cost of damage to your vehicle when you are in an at-fault accident
  • Comprehensive coverage: Coverage for expenses incurred to a damaged car by other means than an accident. This includes theft, vandalism, wind, fire, severe weather, etc. 

Additional coverage options from Aspire General include the following:

  • Named non-owner coverage: Covers a named driver of your car who doesn’t own a vehicle. 
  • Roadside service: Get roadside assistance for an extra $5 per month.
  • Rental reimbursement: If you need a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired after a covered accident, Aspire will cover $20 a day for 20 days or $30 a day for 30 days. The exact terms of your reimbursement depending on your policy. 
  • Optional towing and labor: This towing and labor coverage reimburses the policyholder $50 per disablement of the insured vehicle, up to $200.
  • Stereo and sound system coverage: Manufacture installed sound systems in your vehicle are covered as part of your collision and comprehensive insurance. This policy  has a $500 limit.

Aspire Auto Insurance Cost

Although insurance costs vary between drivers, here are some numbers to help you see how much you might pay for auto insurance with Aspire General.

How much is auto insurance for teen drivers?

Teen drivers can expect to pay a $95/mo premium for auto insurance. 

How much is auto insurance for retired drivers?

Retired drivers will pay a rate of $37/mo.

How much is insurance for women vs. men?

The average insurance rate for women insured by Aspire General is $47/mo, while the average rate for men is slightly higher at $52/mo. 

How much is insurance for married drivers?

On average, married drivers insured by Aspire will pay $44/mo for auto insurance. 

How much is insurance for unmarried drivers?

Non-married drivers pay $6/mo more than their married friends at $50/mo. 

How much is insurance for drivers with a ticket on their record?

Drivers with a ticket on their record will pay a monthly premium of $77/mo.

How much is insurance for drivers with multiple tickets on their record?

Drivers with multiple tickets on their record pay a monthly premium of $90.

How much is insurance for drivers with an accident on their record?

Drivers with a single accident on their record can expect to pay $61/mo for car insurance.

How much is insurance for drivers with multiple accidents on their record?

If you have multiple accidents on your record, you will pay $72/mo for auto insurance. 

Want a better idea of how much you should be paying for auto insurance? Enter your zip code below and we’ll compare the rates of over 60 auto insurance carriers to find you the most affordable option for you.

Where is Aspire Auto Insurance Available?

Aspire Auto insurance is only available in California

Aspire Auto Insurance Customer Reviews

Review Platform Rating
Clearsurance 1.69/5 – 9 reviews
AM Best  B+

Aspire Insurance was awarded 1.7 stars on the consumer review site Clearsurance. While some customers praised its roadside assistance program and the ease of claim filing, others mentioned it was difficult to get in touch with agents, and customer service was not great. 

Despite the negative reviews on Clearsurance, Aspire was awarded a B+ by the Better Business Bureau and AM Best. 

Pros and Cons of Aspire Auto Insurance

So who should spring for Aspire Auto insurance? To help you decide if Aspire is a good fit for you, check out a few pros and cons. 

Pros of Aspire

  • Bilingual services: Aspire offers online bilingual services and claims representatives for Spanish-speaking customers. 
  • Online portal: Their easy-to-use online portal allows customers to pay their bills online and manage their policies.

Cons of Aspire

  • Limited availability: Unfortunately, Aspire is only available in one state: California. 
  • No app available: Although Aspire General has an online portal, they don’t have an app for mobile users. 

FAQs About Aspire Auto Insurance

Does Aspire Auto Insurance have a mobile app?

No, Aspire General insurance does not have a mobile app. However, they have an online portal for customers to manage their policies. 

How do I file a claim with Aspire Auto Insurance?

You can call the claims department at 855-231-1727 or file a claim online with their claim report form.

How do I cancel my Aspire Auto insurance policy?

You’ll need to fill out the policy cancellation request to cancel your Aspire Auto insurance policy. Customers will either be refunded or need to pay any outstanding balance to process the cancellation. 

Does Aspire Auto insurance offer coverage in my state?

Aspire Auto insurance only offers coverage in California. 

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